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Jersey Shore cast to guest host Sirius XM Hits 1 Weekend Countdown

Jersey Shore cast
Fist pump! The members of MTV's hit show Jersey Shore will co-host Sirius XM Hits 1's Weekend Countdown beginning this Saturday, July 24th.

You'll hear Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D and Vinny share some juicy behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the upcoming Season 2 of the show.

Moments from the upcoming Jersey Shore season that they'll talk about include:
  • Snooki and JWoww comparing the men in Miami to the men from the Jersey Shore and offering dating advice
  • Pauly D and Vinny discussing the importance of confidence and sharing stories about celebrity fans
The Weekend Countdown with the cast of Jersey Shore will air Saturday, July 24th at 11am ET on Sirius XM Hits 1 (Sirius channel 1, XM channel 2) and throughout the weekend.

Season 2 of Jersey Shore premieres July 29th at 10pm ET on MTV.


And there goes whatever remaining credibility Sirius Hits 1 had as a channel.

It's a good thing I don't listen to this garbage.

listen to the cast from jersey shore talk about pathetic assholes the only thing that might be worse is the cast of real housewives of wherever or sarah pallin and kathie lee talking im not sure either way jersey shore is pathetic

Sirius Hits 1 had no credibility to begin with. It's a glorified Top 40 station with a morning zoo and everything. This is perfect for this channel. The fact these fake idiots are even considered celebrities shows that if it is on TV, people will watch.