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Jesse Jackson opposes Sirius, XM merger

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Jesse JacksonThe Reverend Jesse Jackson today at an FCC hearing on localism voiced his opinions on the potential competitive harms he feels could come to minorities should the Sirius-XM merger be approved.

"The proposed Sirius-XM merger would eliminate the potential of any meaningful competition in the satellite radio market, which would, in turn, permanently block the potential for diversity of ownership and control by minorities in the only medium capable of nationwide broadcasting," said Jackson.

Jackson continued, "I urge this commission to view this proposed transaction - as it is currently structured - not in the public interest. It will eliminate diversity of content and meaningful opportunities for minority partnership in media ownership. This cannot happen. This commission must uphold the statutes and regulations that promote content diversity and opportunities for media ownership by minorities."

"The commission should seize the opportunity presented by this transaction to make a difference that serves the best interests of all concerned: Sirius and XM in their objectives, the marketplace and diversified ownership and competition, and the public's right of access to benefit from varied programming that is appropriate and feasible," Jackson continued.

"The proposed transaction would result in the business combination of the two most significant and largest companies in satellite communications. In effect, this creates a monopoly, virtually making competition impossible and programming dangerously subject to the combined entity's self-interests and whim. This puts the public at a disadvantage. It has the potential of serious economic havoc on any business attempting to be a part of this marketplace and to the communities of which these businesses serve," said Jackson.

This is in direct opposition to the opinion of the NAACP, which came out in favor of the merger earlier this year, stating that a merged satellite radio company would "strengthen its commitment to diversity."

As we near the final stretch of this high profile merger, it looks like things are really starting to heat up.

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Sorry I just can't take this guy seriously. Him and Sharpton. On a side note I how it would be nice to see Darrell Hammon act it out on Stern or SNL.

So.. does Jesse have any local broadcasting investments? Just wondering if he and the NAACP have a divergent POV based on reasons other than principles..

I believe that an apocalypse is upon us. Jesse Jackson and I finally agree on some thing. Freaking amazing! You tell them Jesse! You said what I have been thinking from the start about this monopoly, errrr... I mean XM/Sirius merger.

Mr. shakedown himself comes out in opposition--Bet ya the NAB made a donation to his group

I can't stand Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. They both should meet a Texan with a pickup truck and a rope. But he is 100% correct.

I take it that he has revived his spirit and reconnected with his family? Way to go Jesse. I'm sure your baby's and their mommas will be proud of you.

"Civil rights activist and CNN talk show host Jesse Jackson is asking for forgiveness after acknowledging Thursday that he had an extramarital affair that resulted in the birth of a daughter now 20 months old."

"I will be taking some time off to revive my spirit and reconnect with my family before I return to my public ministry," the statement said.

Didn't Jesse Jackson have content that was carried on one of Sirius's channels? If I recall correctly, he did and it was dropped during a channel update several years ago. Maybe he's still bitter?

Was it this clown or Sharpton that got busted trying to buy crack?

I am counting the days till the merger confirmation is announced so we don't have to listen
to windbags like this one

Holy crap, who gives a rat's ass about Jesse Jackson anyway. I see the picture snd I can't stomach reading the post.

Not sure how satellite radio has anything to do with Jesse or Al or anyone other crazy anyway.

I say Blahh to you!

His hair sure is nappy in that pic

Can anyone say IDIOT? Both Jackson, and comment above.

Ryan - Does Orbitcast have a position or policy on how to deal with racist comments like the statement of Jeff above?

Why don't these morons give up ? This merger is going through .

It was a very slow news day here at Orbitcast............

Maybe Jesse should take his show off XM 152.

Yeah he won't do that.

Chico the policy is, "its just a post on a blog." Who really gives a shit? If that post really means something to you then you need to go back in your mama's womb cause the world is a tough place.

this man COMPLETELY lacks credibility. Advising people on marital affairs while committing one himself (with fruit). He needs to take his soapbox elsewhere.

this all ties into the tax breaks for station sales by the owners, the nab and some other groups are asking the congress to pass, the sad part of it is the simple fact most markets have to many station now to be supported by the available advertiser base...

when you look at the minority list for America many stations would be sold tax free with the old owners keeping all the profit tax free I for one am against that concept it would equate to a bailout of the radio industry.

its 2007 if you want to own a radio station go find the cash in the markets.. or wait a while to price multiplies drop further. and they will lots of really cheap radio assets are available.

the old broadcasters ruined radio and should not be allowed to pocket extra monies on stations sales based on the purchasers minority status. both jackson and the good old nab are just looking to work the systems for their own selfish gain.

Hey Chico put down the CRUTCH of racism and move on you freakin (insert racial slur here).

EVERYONE is discriminated on in one way or another yet only SOME classes use it as a CRUTCH.

Learn to move on and ignore you give people power when you make them believe a word gives you such pain and suffering.

Jesse Jackson is a ____________________. ___________ ___________ _________.

"They both should meet a Texan with a pickup truck and a rope."

Please do not advocate violence. This comment is very inappropriate.


How would the merger hurt the minorities? Is internet radio not capable of nation wide broadcasting? What about HD radio? Why would Sirius not want to make the minorities happy? If they didn't, the minorities can always cancel their subscribtion. Satellite radio is a luxury not a necessity. Plus wouldn't the merger make the service more affordable for the minorities. Jesse needs to reseach before he misleads his people. You also have to look at the future of media not just at the media today. Look at how fast technology is changing everyday. Its amazing all the things we have today that were not around 4 years ago.

Hoo Hoo, Robin. It looks like Jesse saw through all of our pandering to the minority groups. He knows we did this just to get their endorsements for the merger. Get Jesse on the phone and fix this quick! Hoo Hoo.

This spook should go back to Harlem or whatever gettho he is from and shove a watermellon up his ass.

This spook should go back to Harlem or whatever gettho he is from and shove a watermellon up his ass.

Jesse Jackson will have an opinion on anything that will get him some media coverage. If he thought he could get on television he would have an opinion on what the kindergarten class at a school down the street would have for a snack.

" the only medium capable of nationwide broadcasting,"

I didn't realize minorities were banned from owning cable stations. That's interesting.

Gosh oh golly Jesse, come in at the eleventh hour and praise thee to the lord that the merger shouldn't happen.. Wow... What power you have... Say hello to the merger... Who listens to this fossil...

Oh come on. Both sat rad companies are already minority owned, since white's are a minority. So what Jackson really means is that he's opposed to the ownership by whites per se, which makes him a racist.

Most of these comments are unfounded and ignorant. White people, you are not the only race that exists in this world.....and remember all good things come to an end and your reign will be over soon. How does a noose comment make it on here? I mean really, come on. Don't insult a whole race of people because you lack understanding. History tells of the European Male being the real terroist, and his name is Christopher Columbus. Read a book.