Kevin Smith joins The Virus, show debuts this Saturday - Orbitcast

Kevin Smith joins The Virus, show debuts this Saturday

Kevin Smith
I know this may be "old news" to some folks - afterall Kevin Smith made the announcement on the air on The Opie & Anthony Show two days ago - but I figured some folks may not have seen it.

Kevin Smith will be bringing his popular SModcast program to The Virus, starting this Saturday.
The SModcast show will air weekly, with an exclusive satellite radio only episode being produced for Sirius XM each month by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (Smith's longtime producing partner and co-host).

Extending a popular podcast to satellite radio is an interesting trend that we're starting to see - case in point: Gary Vaynerchuk was signed to Sirius XM Radio just last month.

"I'm ecstatic to be a part of the Sirius XM family and hope folks find our SModcast program as funny as we do," said Kevin Smith. "I loved when The Virus promoted SModcast, back when we first launched the show because, every now and then, I'd be driving around listening to XM and catch SModcast on satellite radio."

Kevin Smith's SModcast program debuts on Sirius XM this Saturday, September 25th at 1pm ET on The Virus (XM channel 202 and Sirius channel 197 as part of the "Best of XM" package), with an original, never before heard episode, and will air weekly during that timeslot.

To celebrate the launch, Sirius XM will also air a SModcast marathon on Sunday, September 26th from 7am - midnight ET. The SModcast marathon will feature a replay of the new show as well as episodes from Smith's archives.

Folks have questioned whether this is an indicator of the future of Opie & Anthony's contract, and I doubt it has any relation at all. Content deals like this generally are made independently of each other, despite the fact that Kevin Smith is an old friend and frequent guest on Opie & Anthony's show.


ok so what will the virus channel be without its main attraction?

I don't see this as a big deal. Back in the day, Sirius broadcast many podcasts on Adam Curry's show, and even SModcast was previously on the Virus as part of its weekend lineup until a couple of years ago. This isn't threatening O&A...the weak contract offer from management is what's threatening O&A.

I know that podcasting hasn't been taken seriously but it's becoming viable. Adam Carolla and Kevin Smith are examples of people making it work. You think people paying $13 to listen to O&A on XM wouldn't just as soon pay $10 monthly for an uncensored podcast? I'd pay it. It could work.

Will this show be live?

I'd rather listen to Smith over anything else on that channel.

I think the OnA camp is making the situation as volatile as possible the closer they come to the contract expiration. They know they are one of the best talk programs on the platform, and one of the few programs doing full time work. Their bargaining position only becomes stronger the longer they wait to sign any deal Sirius gives them.
They have already gotten a new crop of interns, and signed a new program to the channel, AND I believe show guest Dr. Steve let slip they have a "What the F is that" bit planned for mid-October.
I'm not entirely convinced though, because Sirius has treated them very poorly behind the scenes and given them no support in putting on their show.
I think this will come down to the wire

Whoop-de-fucking-doo. This guy is a smug shithead who thinks he's George Lucas without the solitary achievement. Stick to signing current talent, Sirius - leave the rest until after.

I'd argue that Kevin Smith is infinitely more talented than George Lucas.

Kevin is a writer and director and has a very distinct style. George is a toy salesman making the same movie over and over yet it gets worse and worse.

>>> They have already gotten a new crop of interns, and signed a new program
>>> to the channel

Opie and Anthony have not now with Kevin Smith (or ever) "signed a program" to air on the channel.

I know that after the Stern/Sirius deal was originally announced (which included his ability to program up to 3 channels at Sirius as part of the deal), Opie and Anthony then tried to pretend to their gullible fans that they had a similar type deal at XM where they had a contractual authority to program "their" channel, but nothing could be further from reality. The XM channel was never theirs to program (or even name) despite the fact that the XM people responsible for programming XM 202 let O&A do a "talent search" on their show that involved choosing people to fill a single show/time slot on the channel during the weekend.

Given the fact that O&A aren't programming the channel that they are on, new shows being signed to air on XM202 shouldn't in any way be taken as a sign that O&A will continue on the Sirius/XM platform, and in fact if I were them, I'd be thinking just the opposite... that the more new content that Sirius signs for that channel, the less they need they will have for O&A to continue on the channel.

>>> ok so what will the virus channel be without its main attraction?

What would it be without O&A? Maybe the 40th most listened to XM channel instead of the 30th most listened to XM channel?

That would be my guess.... that is if XM 202 hasn't already dropped from being the 30th most listened to XM channel which it was back when Arbitron released their data that ranked the most listened to satellite radio channels.

Fred Hughes couldn't be more wrong.

Comments are coming in slow and few...I don't think that people gives a rat's ass!

But Freddy, XM has stated that 202 is their most listened to channel. So are you taking Arbitron numbers with their admittedly flawed methodology or are you taking it from the company that they work for?

You obviously don't like the show but that doesn't make you an authority on Howard's deal or O&As. Quite honestly, I doubt Howard knows or even cares about what else is on his channel. Why should he? And if he had any say over who was on do you really think he'd be okay with Bubba & Ferrell?

And maybe O&A have only 5,000 listeners but you have no idea what O&A make. Maybe it's only 20k each so they're more than worth it.

If you don't like the show, just say so but stating that XM adding 1 hour of programming a week to their channel on the weekend when they're not on decreases their value to the company is just stupid. By that logic you must think Jackie's show on Howard's channel is hurting Howard's value to the company too.

>>>But Freddy, XM has stated that 202 is their most listened to channel. So are
>>>you taking Arbitron numbers with their admittedly flawed methodology or are
>>>you taking it from the company that they work for?

You O&A "pests" are too much! "XM" has never said anything of the sort. The most you could say about that subject that is factual is that someone who now works for Oprah used to regularly blow smoke up O&A's (and their listener's) collective asses by making vague and virtually meaningless proclamations such as, "O&A are *ONE* *OF* the most listened to shows on XM". That statement is arguably true even when using the Arbitron data which showed them to be about the 30th most listened to channel, since at 30th, there are still many more stations that are less listened to than XM202. Lets face it, "one of the most popular" doesn't really mean anything specifically, even if it is technically true.

I know that the pests don't like what the real data says and would rather quote the nonsensical unsupported and intentionally vague statements made by an ex-employee of XM, but the fact is that even with it's sampling flaws, the Arbitron data still gave us a good idea of where O&A's popularity ranked among the other satellite programming. When you look at the data, there were really no surprises in the rankings, except to the gullible O&A listeners who believed the nonsense that was only heard on the O&A show., but which (not surprisingly) was never reported anywhere in any legitimate mainstream or trade press.

One thing is for sure... if it was a very popular show, the studio that the powers that be at Sirius XM gave them wouldn't just be one of the little glass booths that is just like what every other satellite radio show broadcasts from (excluding Stern's & Bubba's studios).

The plain facts are that O&A just aren't that big a draw on the radio. Their recent complete failure to rescue any of the numerous "ex-Stern" terrestrial radio stations from the ratings basement pretty conclusively demonstrated that reality.

BTW, sorry to also burst your bubble even further, but one does not have to be an insider or some kind "expert" on Stern's deal to know that he contractually has the authority to pick what is on his two channels, and know that he not only was instrumental in the process of picking Bubba and Ferrell to be on his channels but that he is also a big supporter and promoter of them both.

hey fred hughes, several months ago when mad dog russo was on o & a he said that the company showed him the number of listeners for each channel. mad dog asked if they could give him some of their listeners, he couldn't believe how much they have, and he said that it must be nice to be a top ten show.

why do you invest so much time into defending howard, does he pay your his bills? do you work for him? dude you are sad to waste so much of your life defending someone who could care less if you died tommorrow.

i started listening to howard in 1984, about a year before he went to satelite i stopped because he really started to suck. I have heard his show on satelite it is terrible. the same questions to guests and the stupid sybian, the hamptons and the name dropping. by the way mel karamazin on cnbc said that howard wasn't worth every penny.

It's true that Howard contractually has complete control over what's on his two channels (what happened to three, by the way?). Contractually. And that contract is being renegotiated.

If you think that Howard is going to walk away with as big a deal as he did last time, you're insane. Those days are over. He may be working less, but he's also going to be making less. And he'll have less control over what goes on those two channels.

Now that Sirius and XM are one, and both O&A's and Howard's contracts are coming up at exactly the same time, I'd look for more interaction (and cross-promotion) between Howard's channel(s) and the Virus. I cannot see Sirius management not wanting them to get the most for their money. No, you won't hear O&A on Howard or Howard on O&A...but I wouldn't rule anything else out.