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Kia UVO brings more Microsoft tech to vehicles, similar to Ford SYNC

Kia UVOThe 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off this week and, if you haven't noticed, more and more announcements from automakers have been infiltrating the show in recent years.

Kia was the first to beat the other auto manufacturers to the punch by unveiling details of their new UVO in-vehicle technology, powered by none-other-than Microsoft.

UVO (short for "Your Voice") uses Microsoft Embedded Auto software to let you rip MP3s, play digital music from your iPod and navigate your car's infotainment system using your voice.

Sound familiar? Sure it does. Ford unveiled SYNC back at CES nearly 3 years ago.
If you've ever used Ford SYNC, you know it's pretty cool and an amazing way to navigate your vehicle's menu system. Still there's some annoying quirks about the system that Kia's UVO seeks to improve upon using Microsoft next-generation voice-recognition technology.

Don't hold your breath. It's likely that Ford isn't far behind. And Ford SYNC is available for vehicles without a touch-screen, whereas it appears the UVO is only for screen equipped vehicles.

One key point that I don't think many people know: SYNC (and probably UVO as well) is further enhanced when you have Sirius Satellite Radio and Sirius Travel Link. Pretty much anything you need to access on your satellite radio is available via speech recognition.

But, as Jalopnik put it, "it's a war where only Microsoft ultimately wins because they'll now supply systems for manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia."

Pricing is yet unannounced, but Kia's UVO system will debut on the 2011 Kia Sorento. See below for a photo of what the 2011 Sorento's Sirius interface will look like.

2011 Kia Sorento with Sirius


And I believe Kia supplies all their new vehicles with a Sirius radio. They are ahead of the game and Toyota should take note of it if they want to continue to be the world's premiere auto manufacturer.

I'd be concerned about running any Microsoft products in my vehicle, oh boy.

Microsoft is superior to anything else, you Apple-fanboi CUNT!