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"Mandatory Metallica" returns to Satellite Radio

Mandatory Metallica
Metallica's own 24/7 music channel on Sirius XM Radio, Mandatory Metallica, will return to satellite radio starting on Saturday, March 14th at 6pm ET. The limited-run channel will have a lifespan of about one month on what's currently Liquid Metal (Sirius channel 27 and XM channel 42).

The launch of Mandatory Metallica coincides with the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the launch of Guitar Hero: Metallica.

Last August, XM listeners got to experience the first run of Mandatory Metallica, this time around both Sirius and XM listeners will have the chance to listen.

Mandatory Metallica will air virtually every Metallica song ever recorded, both new and old, plus rare live cuts from the band's personal archives. You'll also hear interviews with Metallica guitarist and singer James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo.

The channel additionally feature exclusive interviews with other artists sharing their personal insights about Metallica's influence on their music, including Linkin Park, Slipknot, Disturbed, Guns N' Roses, Chris Cornell, RUSH, Ashes Divide, Black Stone Cherry, Five Finger Death Punch, Atreyu, Cinderella, Mastodon, Judas Priest, Dragonforce, Triumph, Tesla and others.

Mandatory Metallica's return as a Sirius XM channel coincides with the launch Guitar Hero: Metallica on March 29th. Like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith before it, Guitar Hero: Metallica will feature 28 songs from Metallica's long-running career, as well as 21 other songs that influenced the band. Fans will have the chance to play guitar, drums, and sing vocals alongside Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and Robert Trujillo.

Metallica is also being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4th.


So when are they bringing back the Abba Channel again ?

Holy shit again?!? PLEASE SiriusXM, we would rather listen to Liquid Metal than Liquid Shit. It got old the first time around after about a week. Now another month and we lose Liquid Metal? Way to listen to the subscribers you fucking assholes.

Yeah just what we need. Replace the all metal channel with a band that's lost it's touch years ago. Prepare to hear many songs off St. Anger, Load, and Death Magnetic.

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside -- another single artist payola-fest.

Awesome. Great job Mel and company. Could you guys push SXM down the toliet any faster?

So we're replacing a channel that I actually like with a month long felch fest for Metallica?

Bad enough that TR sucks so badly, what happened to Satellite?

God, I hate single artist channels.

Can't they replace the Oprah Channel with this?

@Yarrr: It was taken over by the same pieces of shit who destroyed terrestrial radio. The sooner these idiots bankrupt the company and get replaced by people who actually know what the hell they're doing, the better.

Don't replace Oprah, she has listeners. Use the virus, that channel is void of anything interesting and listenership.

I've been with XM since the beginning, and loved how much cool new technology they would push out. I even loved it when they had a Mandatory Metallica weekend, but as I recall they had a channel set up for such shenanigans.

They've stopped innovating entirely. Where's the next generation Inno?

That's just hurtful and unnecessary, sir. Surely SiriXM has enough bandwidth to provide for a junk drawer channel.

Here we go again. Enough of this turning a channel into a commercial revenue stream by catering to one artist for a whole month to received a big payout from their label. Blech.

Ryan, is this the new Big annoucement?

yeah when I recieved my XM e-mail, I was like...AGAIN !! Listen I like Metallica just as much as the next person (at least from Load...back) but can't we just get a weekend ? Do we need a month ? I know SiriusXM gets paid for this nonsense, but come on.

I agree with one of the earlier posts, we need the FM centric management of Sirius shown the door. I really don't need to hear their between song chatter and useless unrelated to the channel cross promotion.

Christ, just put it on a seperate channel, please?
Every month, it gets harder and harder to sell myself on keeping my account.

Here's what I sent Sirius XM to their announcement of preempting Liquid Metal (or what's left of it) for a band that is no longer heavy enough, or relevant enough for the channel:

Great, no metal for a month. Smooth move.

I greatly enjoyed the metallica channel as a supplement last year, but preempting a format that metallica has abandoned long ago is DUMB. You should have taken off the boneyard instead. That's where they belong. Just like when the ACDC channel was up.

Metallica, as much as I love their old stuff, and appreciate the new, is just NOT that relevant anymore in today's metal environment. Go ahead... tell me I'm wrong.


At least its not The Bridge.

Single band music channels fucking suck. The music on satellite radio is SUCH a joke now.

Poor bashers seem a bit up-set with this news; Wow, I thought this dissing would end after ther merger and after its completed and successful financing, a la Liberty!

Again for the thousandth time, you should have bought into SDAR when you had a chance; Instead, you chose the "all-or-nothing route" and now you have nothing! Sorry!

This group is about the worst rock group ever.
Kill me now.

I think it should only be for a weekend too. I love Metallica,but come on. By the way Death Magnetic is a kick ass album. It's old school Metallica done right.

Why do you folks come here to Orbitcast to cry like little babies? If you don’t like what they are doing (or becoming), grow up a little and call 800-XM-RADIO and cancel your subscription. It will take about 10 minutes because the rep will keep twisting around (bad) offers – he will get a bonus if he is successful in delaying your cancelation – but he will finally concede and cancel your account. Don’t forget to ask for a refund on any remaining prepaid time – they won’t do this automatically. I had SIRIUS when they very first started and I didn’t like it (censored versions, dj’s walking on songs, songs ending walking on songs starting, poor to marginal sound quality, poor programming, very picky sat reception) and returned it in 30 days. A short time later I gave XM a chance and was happy with their offering – the issues mentioned above were not relevant with XM except for the marginal sound quality. Fast forward to November 08; the unannounced changes made to XM were not acceptable to me and after a 3 month cool down period I canceled my subscription (see above) and purchased a Slacker G2. I am happy again. If you follow my advice, maybe you can be happy again too!

I sold a substantial number of SIRI shares at the end of 2008 to take the loss, and have been waiting for a spark to catch before buying back in. Every counter-productive move like this makes me think that growth will never come, because this company is headed for inevitable disaster. Why??

- DARING SUBS TO CANCEL by gutting Liquid Metal, one of the most popular rock channels, with easily the most loyal and vocal listeners;

- USING THE SATELLITE AS AN IPOD by putting a single artist's songs in shuffle rotation. For Sinatra or Elvis it works. For a modern artist like Metallica, it's failure. Every fan has the discography on their ipod. At least the ipod has a skip button.

- PROMOTING GUITAR HERO which is more of a threat to Sirius than terrestrial radio ever was. Why celebrate a game that is vastly more popular than Sirius, and that guarantees subscribers will not be using Sirius while playing? Insanity.

I will refrain from the torrent of vulgarity that this idiotic move deserves. But this is a sign that things are badly, badly broken in rock programming at Sirius. Count me among the disgusted.

Position: NONE

Death Magnetic is garbage. Sure they're trying to go for their own sound but the songwriting is not there. They've lost their touch and now it's all about cashing in on their name.

Excuse me, while I drill your teeth.

Because we love SatRad and know it can be better. We bought in to satellite because we're fed up with terrestrial, and it makes us angry when we see the same assholes that ruined terrestrial move to satellite. Good for you, you've moved on to the Slacker, maybe one day I'll check it out, but I love talk radio, and it's on satellite.

So there, now I've dignified your shitty post with a response and feel like less of a man for it.

As it is on the iPhone. Wunderradio, Flycast, AOL Radio, iheartradio, and countless others. Now MLB Home and Away broadcasts will be available on MLB At Bat iPhone app starting april 2nd. What reason is there to subscribe to satellite radio again? Oh, right. All metallica, I have that too, on my iPod.

Hey dude, calm down. I liked XM radio for years before November 08 – I even recommended it to friends. But radical changes were made (at least on the XM side) and I don’t like it now. I proactively did something about it. Things change, and when it doesn’t work out for you anymore, a person should move on. Why do you think “… we love SatRad and know it can be better” - for you only? I assume the folks at SIRIUSXM think they are making it better – maybe one or two other people think so too. And just because you love something, that doesn’t mean you have to love it forever – think about personal relationships that have gone very, very bad. You end it and move on.
By the way, XM has zero bandwidth “left over” and I assume SIRIUS is the same (see the link). Every time a new channel is added, the other channels (pie slices if you will, the pie doesn’t get any bigger) get smaller – it’s now around 34Kbit for a music channel (even less for talk radio). In case you’re not aware: a minimum usable MP3 bit rate would be 96K and an acceptable bit rate would be 128K.

Page 1 of a Google search for "mandatory metallica" FM:

KNAC 105.5 FM 1992-95
103.9 The Bear WRBR
The Zone 89X
WJJO 94.1 FM
WBZX 99.7FM The Blitz
WRUF-FM 103.7
101.5.5 KFLY Oregon's Real Rock
KRQR 106.7 Z-Rock
Dallas 97.1 FM
Q106 FM Lansing
KRDJ-FM Rock 93.7
KQRC- 98.9 FM
KCAL-FM Eastern LA
KFLY Fly Rock
WKQZ-FM Z93 Saginaw
WLUP-FM 97.9
WIXV - I95
102.7 WEBN

Sirius XM is Dead.

I cancelled my subscription over this. I only really listened to that channel and I'm not paying for something my iPod already does.

"Mandatory Metallica will air virtually every Metallica song ever recorded, both new and old, plus rare live cuts from the band's personal archives. You'll also hear interviews with Metallica guitarist and singer James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo."

And that's just on Day One.

On Day Two you'll hear... oh, frak, you'll hear all the same sh!t from Day One again. Ditto Day Three. And so on and so on and so on into the middle of April.

"Page 1 of a Google search for 'mandatory metallica' FM:"

Dude, if you include "FM" as a search term, you're excluding SXM right from the start. Of COURSE it doesn't turn up.

I'd rather put up with another round of AC/DC Radio than this shit.

These single artist things are a fun idea, but they always run them for WAY too long!

It does turn up, but my point is that I don't need to pay a cent for something that's just 24 hour a day of the most generic typical FM as heard on every hack station in the country! They din't even change the name!

I can't even remember the last time I listened to XM's music. How many channels is XM going to get rid of to make room for SINGLE ARTIST CHANNELS!

I guess it would make more sense to just replace channels with single artist channels rather than have one channel dedicated to a single artists, and then rotate the artists out every so often.

The only thing worse than this, which I can avoid, is the fact that we'll have to hear the repetitive/annoying commercials again and again and again and again... Coldkay anyone?

Bring back Katie Brutal. Jose' is a douche who is only on the radio to talk about how cool he thinks he really is. And leave those damb kids at home in the Man Cave.

Bring back Katie Brutal. Jose' is a douche who is only on the radio to talk about how cool he thinks he really is. And leave those damb kids at home in the Man Cave.

I am very unhappy with the direction of SatRad, but the last thing I want to hear or see is some NAB shill spewing his shit. Denny go fuck off somewhere else. Your NAB propaganda is not welcome here.

They ruined Liquid Metal back in November when they made it Hard Attack. I honestly didn't think that it could get any worse, but SiriusXM has done it again! Way to go guys. You really know how to screw up a good thing.

I originally signed on to XM because the metal station was awesome and actually played metal. Sirius's metal station was lame and radio friendly. After the merge, they ruined liquid metal by playing the lame radio friendly dreck that Sirius was known for. They fired the very talented on air personalities (Katie Brutal, Ward Cleaver, Cool Guy) for these new hacks (i.e. Jose). I am really not surprised that they are taking the metal station even further into the depths of the abyss. They obviously don't care about their listeners and are trying as hard as possible to get every last subscriber to cancel their subscription.

well it's now 3:09 out here in california.the magic time has come and all hope of these dipshits at sirius doing the right thing have evaporated.I emailed jose-- who by the way is liquid metal program director.sirius sent me back a standard email thankin me for my input and saying how they really listen to their sybscribers.REALLY-well they didn't listen to me or all of the other disgruntled metalheads !!! by the way jose's email is jose@sirius-radio.com please inundate him and sirius !!!!

Day four? And I'm just dying... I'm leaving my radio off and learning to love the silence.

..!!! i

I guess I'll take the opportunity to inform you that your opinion is misguided. It's amazing how relevancy only seems to apply to the younger generation who seems incapable of writing a proper song and singing a proper song that makes people think. The fact is, true fans of metal are capable of looking past the short-sightedness of those claiming high record sales = selling out. You may not find them relevent, but obviously millions of fans who grew up listening to them disagree.

stfu mofo
they still have touch and u and ur mom r made of liqui shit
metallica is in tje record books and always will b