Microsoft Zune to pack Satellite Radio?

Monday, July 17, 2006 at 2:12 PM

Zune with Sirius?Think Secret has spilled the beans on information regarding Microsoft's much talked about Zune player. The part I care about is that the device will possibly have satellite radio capabilities:

Details leaked to Think Secret by Microsoft insiders call for the device to pack a 400MHz DSP processor, far more powerful than what audio and video playback would demand. Along with Wi-Fi, Microsoft is said to be considering a satellite radio receiver option for the device, along with hard-tying it to the new Urge music service.

The wording of this is interesting. The first thing that comes to mind is the upcoming Sirius/Zing player due to the Wi-Fi capabilities. The Zing player also has "social networking" capabilities such as push-to-talk and the ability to share playlists (these are features rumored for the Zune). But Think Secret clearly states that the satellite radio receiver is in addition to Wi-Fi support and that it would be an option.

The Wi-Fi makes me lean towards Sirius if this rumor should ring true. But XM does have the XM Passport, which is just begging to be an add-on to nearly any CE device. Speculating on speculation? We sure are.

[Think Secret vis Sirius Backstage, Engadget



Never thought about the XM Passport option but that would be one of the most used devices with it.

When I first saw this article, I automatically downed the Sirius option because Microsoft is already a distribution partner with XM(It's built into XP Media Center Edition and is built into WMP9&10). Though it's not unlikely! I just don't see it happening with Sirius before XM.....if it ever does happen.

I wonder IF MSFT aligns with satellite radio, will Gates consider content into the equation and which provider could make a bigger splash?

Let's not forget how XMRO is available via WMP...

Yeah, yeah. Yet another iPod killer. Sounds like MS is going after their own failed partners. I also heard it's tied into the Xbox. All their attempts to horn in on the digital music arena have been failures. Why should this be any different? The X-Box still loses money and both it and Playstation 3 could be battling it out for second and third place if the rumors/buzz about Nintendo's Wii come to pass and it's as cool (and cheap, compared to the other two) as it sounds.

And let's face it, I just don't see too many people throwing away their iPods for some (probably) clunkily "designed" M$ iPod knockoff that's probably DRM'ed up the ass with Microsoft's own awful solution. This sounds like alot of hot air. I'd love it if Apple had some real competition for the iPod, as that would drive quicker development but I don't see why people are so exited about this upcoming paperweight. It will only canabilize their own tiny segment of the market.

Nintendo is dead, it always underperforms to Sony and Microsoft every few years.

I don't know why big companies like Microsoft and Dell can't get the design right. They always make stuff look so cheap.

The saving grace for this unit is all the wi-fi tech. If you can chat with it and raid other peoples libraries there will be a demand. Then again if apple comes out with the super IPOD forget it.

MikeHunt: Sorry, but you are pretty misinformed about the game console market if you think the Wii has any chance to be number 1. Nintendo's consoles control a bit of a niche market these days.

Both the PS3 and Xbox360 will lose money at first, at least based on the hardware, but production processes will absolutely improve over the life of the consoles and besides, the real point is to sell software and accessories. The attach rate is extremely good for the 360.

1. Not sure why the purported WiFi in the upcoming Sirius device would have anything to do with it; no connection, whatsoever.

2. More important is the smaller, more power efficient XM chipsets.

3. Unless/until the RIAA legislation is resolved, it is unlikely MSFT or anyone else is going to biting on this.

4. Contrary to popular belief, NEITHER satellite radio service has announced a substantial relationship with MSFT; however, XM has done more in that XM has been distributed as a link in WMP.

5. With XM Pass and XM's broader array of content offerings, XM would be the more likely candidate. Besides, does MSFT REALLY want to integrate an outdated codec like PAC into this device? Not likely.

Perhaps you should try to get beyond the fanboy perspective and look at history. Remember Atari, The NES, Sega, etc...? They all were #1 in their time. Each was eventually supplanted by better, newer systems.

Every new generation has a bit of a shakeup and the major players trade places. Sony and MS are putting out systems that are priced outrageously high compared to the Wii, which at least has a somewhat fresh approach to gaming in an industry that is having a hard time expanding it's (admittedly large) audience beyond it's core fanboy base.

You're actually right about one thing, both the Xbox and PS3 will lose millions for the next several years. MS has shown that they're willing to throw billions down the crapper in an effort to monopolize a market (so far, they've only been successful with Windows/Office). Sony's only willing to lose billions for the next several years because they're banking on Blu-Ray taking hold thru the PS3 over MS's competing HD format. Frankly, I hope both new formats fail as they're both saddled with nasty, anti-consumer DRM.

How many of these rumors about Sirius doing something incredible have come to fruition? Zero.

It's just the Sirius rumor mill grinding away.

the reason the wii is cheap is they are just marketing to their core group. most of the games in wii's line up are the same kids games they've been making for years. nintendo has just found a way to make a profit from a smaller portion of the market. the only people who think this is revolutionary are nintendo fans.

Nintendo still has fans? I thought they all grew up and got jobs by now.

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