MLB All-Star Game live from NYC on XM - Orbitcast

MLB All-Star Game live from NYC on XM

MLB All-Star Game on XMXM Satellite Radio will be airing comprehensive coverage of the 2008 MLB All-Star Week, live from New York City, starting this Saturday, July 12th.

Fans across the nation will hear the 79th MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, the Home Run Derby, and exclusive radio coverage of the XM All-Star Futures Game.

XM's MLB Home Plate (ch 175) will be live at the All-Star FanFest at the Javits Center in Manhattan with Cal Ripken Jr. and his brother (and fellow major-league vet) Billy Ripken at the XM broadcast booth on July 12th, from 10-11 am ET. The Ripkens' guests will include the Yankees' Hall of Famer Whitey Ford.

The XM All Star Futures Game will air on Sunday, July 13th at 12:30pm ET on XM channel 175. On Monday, July 14th tune in to the State Farm Home Run Derby at 8pm ET on XM channel 176. Then on Tuesday, July 15th hear the 79th MLB All-Star Game at 8pm ET on XM channel 176.

MLB Home Plate's on-air team will host shows throughout the week - from July 12th-16th - at FanFest, Yankee Stadium and at XM's studios at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

This year's Midsummer Classic will be the fourth and final All-Star Game played at Yankee Stadium as the team prepares to open a new stadium in 2009. Pre-game ceremonies at the "House That Ruth Built" will include the largest gathering of baseball stars on one field at the same time.



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