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MLB on Sirius: Spring Training games unlikely, what about Regular Season games?

David OrtizWith the 2009 Spring Training season literally right around the corner, satellite radio subscribers have been anxiously waiting to find out if a deal will be announced between Major League Baseball and Sirius XM Radio Inc., in hopes that MLB games will air on the Sirius side of the service.

But baseball fans may need to wait a bit longer, according to an Orbitcast source.
In mid-December, subscribers to the "Best of XM" package were quietly greeted with a pleasant surprise: the MLB Home Plate channel suddenly began airing on Sirius. To many, this seemed like a prelude to an announcement that the play-by-play MLB games would be broadcasting on the "Best of XM" package.

MLB has been broadcasting exclusively on XM since the 2005 season.

But according to an Orbitcast source, the Sirius side of the service will not be getting any 2009 Spring Training games and even Regular Season MLB games on the "Best of XM" package seem unlikely at this time.

In early October 2008, representatives from Sirius XM told Orbitcast that while the company had not yet reached an agreement with the MLB, they "continue to be hopeful that the MLB will be part of the package in the future."

That hope remains alive, however, as Sirius XM and Major League Baseball continue to be in "heavy negotiations," our source says.

Less than two weeks ago, reports circulated that Sirius XM was trying to renegotiate pricey contracts, including with Major League Baseball. Mel Karmazin reportedly met with top MLB officials in New York, but there are no indications that talks went in Karmazin's favor.

The league's COO Tim Brosnan, who negotiates the MLB's television and radio deals, had only one comment to say on the matter: "We have a binding agreement that we intend to honor."

Let's see if that agreement can be modified before the regular season begins.



Who cares about MLB and all the steroid records the game is for kids to learn sportsmanship. Grow up and mow lawns you PR's that took over the game.

I don't know about anybody else but I think this is unfair, all the contracts and such should of transfered over with the merger. Anybody here feel the same way???

Maybe I've been living under a rock the past few months but aren't Sirius AND XM one company now? Why are there any problems with getting MLB to the Sirius exclusive listeners? I don't get it.

lets hope that MLB doesnt leave XM once the contract is up. The more I think of it, this could be the LAST contract between MLB and XM. I really hope that's not the cast.

"Mel Karmazin reportedly met with top MLB officials in New York, but there are no indications that talks went in Karmazin's favor."

ok, maybe this is a stupid question but i keep seeing this suggested... but i don't understand why MLB would acquiesce to such a thing. you have a contract in place to earn $x and the other party now wants to renegotiate to pay

.. and so then you threaten bankruptcy to force a renegotiation. so.. why don't i then just tell you to pound sand? i mean, you welched to pay $x; why would i trust you to then own up to your commitment to pay

maybe it's my general conservative nature seeing this as a fool's errand all the way around.. :)

actually i'm first as i am the "source". nice try though troutmouth, but you failed. :-)

I originally subscribed to Sirius, then when MLB sigend with XM, I purchased my XM. The only reason I ever subscribed to XM was for MLB. I listen to my Sirius when I want anything besides MLB. With dual subscriptions, it doesn't really matter to me what they decide.

First chance of the season to say :


Go Phillies !

F.U.C.K Baseball and the gazillion dollars to air it.... Baseball is a dying sport. No salary cap, steroids, cheating, lying. Who needs it? NOT ME!

"Baseball is a dying sport." Give us a break. By your litmus test, apparently they're all dying sports, for all the things you mentioned are, sadly, part of every one of them.

But as far as the question at hand, no, there's no reason MLB would agree to having their games aired on Sirius as well as XM without more money changing hands.

This illustrates why combining the services and eliminating most uniqueness was such a stupid idea. XM had MLB and it was a subscriber draw, just as Sirius had its own stuff that drew subscribers. Now they've painted themselves into a corner, creating the expectation that all subscribers of both services should get all the expensive premium programming of both, either free or as part of a "best of" package. If, instead, they had left the services separate, when the dual-service radios came out they'd have had the opportunity to sell dual subscriptions. I'd have signed up; there's enough stuff on Sirius I like to justify an extra subscription fee, but I did not want my XM programming replaced with Sirius's.

As things settle down they should try to distinguish between the two services. If they don't XM with best of Sirius is easily the best package.

Money for MLB should be saved to re-up Howard. I doubt anybody even listens to baseball on radio. Its so boring you might as well just listen to Cinemagic if you want to fall asleep. Or kill yourself. Put your money where it belongs Mel, not with the leftovers from the company you took over.

I'm glad that the NFL was more reasonable. I really enjoyed listening to the games on XM.

obviously anonymous you have never listened to a game or race via radio as it is the most colorful view of a playbyplay game. of course the announcer makes the world of difference. i'm a big race fan and mike bagley and dave moody from mrn are 2 of the best in the business and those 2 gentlemen keep you on the edge of your seat when they call a race.

Just goes to the point that baseball cares more about the dollar then actually reaching its fans.

Get rid of O, Martha, O & A, Ron and Fuz, and you have $$ for MLB.

SO there is no cheating in Football? ahhem, Bill Belicheck...No Steroids?? Get REAL. Lying? WaWaWaWa. How about every coach that deceives the weekly injury report - ala Ben Roethlisfatty in the SB.

Since your are apparently a moral compass when it comes to sports, here's a little refresher:

Ray Lewis
Chris Henry
Pacman Jones x 15
Plaxico Burress
Santonio Holmes
Jared Allen
Lawrence Phillips
Odell Thurman
Lance Briggs
Tank Johnson

I've tried to limit the list to rapist, drug dealers, DUI offenders, and murderers otherwise I'd be here all day.

I would agree that the NFL is a purely more popular sport than MLB based on number of fans, but get off of your Soapbox.

I think some money from SIRI to MLB is better then NO MONEY F#*K MLB go back to AM radio

So, you people think that if ABC company enters into a contract with MLB then merges with DEF company, that contract automatically extends to DEF company, too?

You people believe that? Doesn't MLB get to say anything about it? It is, after all, THEIR property.

Glad to see my decision to switch to XM this year has paid off. Now I get all the sports, plus Howard Stern. A win-win.

If MLB is not avsilable with BOXM, then this is totally bulls*** we got the NHL,NBA, Oprah, The Virus oh and yes the PGA, and XM got Howard, NFL Radio and such with the BOS. I don't know about anybody else but we are getting frickin Giped with the BOXM.

@ Anonymous |

There are always a few bad apples in the bunch. Football has 53 men per team, with 32 teams, plus practice squads. There are gonna be a few bad guy's. However Jose Conseco claims over half of ALL baseball players were juicing in the 70's, 80's and 90's all they way up to 2004. The freakin' congress is investigating baseball.. All of those treasured records were broken by monster -muscle heads with roid rage. Baseball is ruined, not to mention it is the most boring sport on the planet to listen to...

These comments are so ignorant it's amazing.

MLB and the NFL don't need satellite radio. They have numerous other contracts and sources of income that this will not be a significant loss. Satellite radio goes out of business they keep on truckin'.

Mel's threats to MLB were comical. MLB has a thriving internet business-they aleady provide their own internet audio feeds.

If satellite radio goes away, they already have another product ready for its customers.

Baseball provides up to 15 channels daily of product for satellite radio. That will be tough to easily switch over to Sirius, but I am sure its doable.

I want to keep baseball on satellite radio-its a great product. Satellite Radio needs baseball. Baseball does not need Satellite Radio.

A few bad apples! Wow - you are a rube Mrwirez. That list could go on for days. Darrent Williams was SHOT and KILLED, Tank Johnson's posse SHOT a civilian in Chicago and they discovered semi-automatic machine guns in his home, Matt Jones was arrrested slicing a bunch of blow in his car, Larry Johnson beats up women for fun, Mike Vick...oh well.

I'll take a 'roid head' that damages his OWN body any day of the week over gangster's who are a danger to the public in a variety of ways.

I agree that the NFL provides a more violent sport but don't act all houlier than thou. it's pathetic when you are flat out wrong.

Baseball will never recover from the steroid scandal and incredible greed that accompany it. The whole thing is a joke; the commissioner of the sport, Bud Selig, has the audacity to chastise the offenders who got caught while he shuns any responsibility. He, the owners, and all of baseball management turned their heads the other way because steroids equalled home runs, and home runs equalled money. It was the home run exploits of two juiced up, muscle bound freaks - Sosa and McGwire - that brought fans back to baseball after the disgraceful players strike in '94. Being the greedy pieces of shit that they are, nobody in the hierarchy of baseball, from the pussy Commissioner to the slobs that sell the $9 bottles of beer, had the balls to say a damn thing. Not that they had to; the players were looking like finalist in the Mr. Olympia contest! Some, like Barry Bonds, had heads the size of beach balls.

I say fuck you, baseball. The real fans can no longer afford to go to the games. Baseball ticket prices have risen 600% since the early 1990's, and God help you if you get the munchies once you are in the ball park; the prices of food and beverages are outrageously obscene, parking cost a small fortune, and the last game I went to in 2007 really opened my eyes to the insanity of it all. It was a Yankee playoff game - I made sure I ate before I went through the gate, because I knew they were going to rape and pillage me once inside. Parking was a mere $28, the two tickets were $100 each, my alcoholic shit for brains cousin was throwing down one $9 beer after another, and nobody sitting around me was even watching the game. The few real fans were relegated to the most distant, far reaches of the stadium, far removed from the arrogant, well to do assholes that surrounded me. The asshole adults and parents were hobnobbing about business deals, what country club they just joined, or gloating about junior getting into Law school. The spoiled rotten, pampered sensless kids appeared bored beyond belief, and all of them were either playing games or texting on their cell phones while the game was going on. This is the clientele that baseball caters to nowadays; they have basically said FUCK YOU to the real fans who can no longer afford the privilege of watching a bunch of overpaid, morally vapid grown men hit a ball with a stick.

If I was listening to a sporting event on the radio, and something really exciting happened, it would only piss me off that I didn't SEE IT ON TV!.I like sports as much as the next guy, but I want to see the action - not just hear it. It's like going to a strip joint - you can look all you want, but without any action, frustration sets in. Like Sinatra said, "All...or nothing at all." PS - If getting MLB on Sirius is really that much in demand, and would bring in a shit load of subs, then I take back everything I just said.

Yeah!!!! MEl FAILS again.... Fire him and put XM back as it's own company.

@ Steve O..
You hit the nail on the head... If people REALLY want baseball get XM or listen locally. Baseball sucks. The game I used to love is ruined because of the steroid use. Those broken records don't mean shit... Mr anonymous does not understand this..

Fuck baseball and Bud Selig..


I read your post - that's what stirred me up. If I hit the nail, it was only after you made one hell of a starter hole! I side with you 100% on this - the downfall of the national pastime, as the powers that be stuck their heads in the sand and acted like the cowards that they are. If anybody should burn at the stake, it's that Larry King looking wretch Selig.

It just goes to show how money corrupts. They would rather sacrifice the honor, integrity, and legacy of the game rather than take in a few less bucks. The fact that they treat the fans like crap only reinforces how unethical and immoral Selig and his cronies are.

Sorry, baseball. It wasn't your fault. You were great for a long time - looks like you dropped the soap at the worst possible time..... cause you've been FUCKED.

Eh, who cares? Satellite radio is dead to me now. MLB was the only reason to stick around, and guess what?

MLB At-Bat for the iPhone is going to have Gameday Audio this season, and you'll be able to pick either the home or away feed. Cha-ching.

First off MLB gets tons of money from xm its unfair the waythey treat them. MLB seems to be this cash hog which irritates me. ALso XM's deal was for like 10 years and they signed in 2005 I believe.

I whole-heartedly agree with Steve-O! And was it no surprise that Selig or one of his attorney's said in relation to Sirius-XM renegotiating their contract, that "we don't do that"! What a bunch of A-holes...signed the SDAR contract when "Sirius and XM were head-to-head in heated sub-acquisition and competition", so XM signs-them to a contract good through 2015! That's outrageous! Especially in light of today's economic climate!

May MLB collapse from within!

The answer is simple:

MLB signed with XM, not Sirius, and not the combined entity.

If SiriusXM wants to air MLB on the Sirius spectrum, they have to renegotiate the contract.

It's that simple.

...and Mrwires. My fathers old job was working security for 3 different NFL teams. Don't think steroid use is as bad in the NFL as it is in baseball? You are VERY naive my friend.

This company is so screwed.

+ Content will find other venues.
(like MLB on the iPhone)
+ Mel does a last minute deal to keep the
shareholders from voting
+ No improvements to BackseatTV
(even with DirectTV onboard)
+ Has to rely on a third party to bring SiriusXM
to the iPhone.

Trust me, Mel isn't doing us any favors.

The only option is closing the doors and saying good-bye. This dog got run over by his owner.

So, did the NFL, NHL, NBA and Nascar all re-negotiate to be on both sirius and XM ?

I doubt this, i think MLB are just being greedy/stubborn. Bud Selig and the Dodgers will not be getting $6 for a dodger dog or $8 for a beer from me this season.

The only difference between the NFL and MLB is that the NFL does a bettter job of hiding the steroids/HGH scandal. It's only a matter of time before some shunned former player sells-out former teammates/players to make a quick buck.

I could care less personally if MLB or NFL players shoot up during games. It's entertainment to me that has no bearing on my life, however, the MLB players are bad people but NFL players are exceptions to the rule is garbage.

Jamaal Anderson (loved the dirty bird)
Michael Irvin
Nate Newton
Steve Foley (Shootout w/ San Diego PD..nice)
Minnesota Vikings
Marshawn Lynch

MLB on satellite may not appeal to you but it is not dead. Go to any park on a saturday afternoon in June and you'll understand.

SatelliteRadioFan...what makes MLB any different than the NFL, NBA or NHL? They all had signed exclusive deals before the Merger but are now available on the combined entity.

The Chicago "Blacksox" scandal took place in 1919. That was 90 years ago. That should have killed baseball. It didn't, and neither will steroids or the next scandal that comes along whenever.

WHAAA! 'Roid heads make me sad. WHAAA! Please go fuck yourself.

This is, indeed, the long and short of it. The contract was for XM, not XM and Sirius. Anything the NFL agreed to was done in their own best interest, not to benefit satellite radio listeners or fans in general.

Everything said about the greed of many in baseball is true, but it's not a baseball issue. It's true of all the big sports -- and have you been to a concert lately? Me neither. Who can afford the ticket and the "extras" like refreshments and parking. It's also true of many radio and TV personalities, such as Howard Stern, who exact ridiculous salaries for almost no work. People say, "they're worth it, they bring in the listeners or viewers." Well, that's the same argument the athletes make about their salaries.

But the flaw in that logic, on all counts, is it neglects the fundamental economics of the industry in question. In the case of professional athletics, the teams run to public officials and demand billion-dollar stadiums and parks, and threaten to leave town if they don't get them. Politicians cave in, so taxpayers are stuck with the bill. The result is that the player's multimillion dollar salaries are, in part, publicly funded.

In the case of satellite radio, investors have essentially been left holding the bag while a few executives and personalities have milked this money-losing business for untold millions. And while the big paychecks for the few at the top continue to go out, the company has been near bankruptcy. If that were to happen, the creditors who put up the money to make the whole business possible will get stiffed.

The type of fundamental greed and dishonesty that's behind both of these situations is a big reason our whole economy is now a disaster. People say it's due to lack of regulation, and maybe that's so, but it's more due to lack of character and honesty.

One point of clarification: When I mentioned the NFL, I was referring to people's comments that those games were allowed on XM. I realize this conversation is about MLB, not the NFL.


You are right - baseball is just a microcosm of the greed and dishonesty (and lack of character) that persists, endures in all walks of life. Great summarization of how pervasive the problem really is!

I got sold on getting the XM package because of Baseball... the idea that I was once again sold a brown sack of shit is annoying.

Fire Mel. I could do a better job, by far.

The only thing XM had that was good was baseball. Now I have to subscribe to the best of xm to get basketball which I used to get with sirius. This whole merger is lame. Who care about Oprah or Dopie and Anfernie?

your an ass your an ass your an ass shut up just remember the number 27