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Thursday, November 2, 2006 at 6:58 AM
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Cingular and XMXM Satellite Radio has confirmed the reports that they are teaming up with Cingular to provide a limited number of XM music channels to Cingular subscribers.

Starting on November 6th, Cingular customers will be able to listen to XM Radio Mobile, XM's new mobile service providing 25 XM channels, for $8.99 a month. 

Channels will be browseable by genre, including The 70s, 80s and 90s decades channels, Top
20 on 20 (Top 20 Hits), Lucy (Classic Alternative Hits), The City (Hip-Hop/R&B Hits), XMU (Indie Rock), Bluesville (Blues), America (Classic Country Hits), and Viva (Latin Pop Hits). A full list of the 25 channels is supposedly available on Cingular's website, but I can't find it yet. UPDATE: Cingular will have more info on their website when the service launches on November 6th. A full list of the channels is available after the jump.

XM will also provide the "PAD data" that will let users see the song title, artist and album while listening on their handset. The XM Radio Mobile application was developed by MobiTV.


Pop, Hits & Dance

  • Top 20 on 20 – Top 20 Hits
  • XM Hitlist – Today’s Hit Music
  • Flight 26  – Modern Adult Hits
  • The Blend  – Adult Contemporary
  • BPM – Dance Hits


  • Ethel – New Alternative
  • Lucy – Classic Alternative Hits
  • XMU – College/Indie/Unsigned
  • Top Tracks – Early Classic Rock
  • Big Tracks – Later Classic Rock
  • XM Cafe – Adult Album Rock
  • The Loft – Singers & Songwriters


  • The 70s – 70s Hits
  • The 80s – 80s Hits
  • The 90s – 90s Hits


  • Highway 16 - New Country Hits
  • US Country – Superstar Hits of 80’s & 90’s
  • America – Classic Country

Hip Hop & Urban

  • The City  – Hip-Hop/R&B
  • Suite 62 – Adult R&B Hits
  • Soul Street – Classic Soul

Jazz & Blues

  • Real Jazz – Traditional Jazz
  • Bluesville – Blues


  • Viva – Latin Pop Hits
  • Fuego – Reggaeton Hits



I wonder if Jeff Burton's car will have XM on it for the last 3 races?

Still no complete list of channels available though.

Any word if Alltel will get the extra 5 channels?

BTW, Sprint has Sirius for somewhere around $5-7/mo.

hmm "the boys" are left off the service. hmmm. guess they are not a so important part of XM afterall.


Hmmm, "the boys" are the only talk station carried by Direct TV from the XM feed. Guess they are a little more important than you think. I don't see Hoo Hoo anywhere but at his tiny, aging audience over at Sirius.

:hmm "the boys" are left off the service. hmmm. guess they are not a so important part of XM afterall.


Imagine how howie must feel. he invented high speed data transfer over a cellular network and he isn't even broadcast over it.

9 bucks a month, when I can have an inno or other portable XM device for 12 bucks a month, and get all the channels. Just doesn't seem worth it to me

Wait you forgot to mention how they are on FREE FM..drivin those churn...umm i mean sub numbers higher.

if their not an important part of XM and nobody listens to them , then how would being on FREE FM effect XM's churn rate ?

You do realize that FM doesn't cover the entire world right? You realize the US is a huge area right? You do realize that millions of people have never heard the Hoo Hoo & Hole show right? And where are your figures that it's driving churn? In your head? Hoo Hoo told you? What are you going to say if Hoo Hoo ever gets the opportunity to go back to FM? Then I'm sure it will be a brilliant move. If you don't like O&A why are you so obsessed with them and desperate for Hoo Hoo to do better? For fans in many parts of the country Free FM isn't available. VAgina.

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