NAB launches yet another anti-Sirius/XM merger ad

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 8:20 AM

Since MasterCard wasn't too happy over the NAB stealing their brand identity (ironic?), the NAB has put together a new anti-satellite radio ad campaign. Just in time for today's hearing, how convenient.

This time around, they're using quotes from Mel Karmazin to push their agenda. See below:

Anti-XM/Sirius Merger Ad 




As much as I can't stand the NAB, they are still right on this one. If FUBAR radio's (The merged company)definition of the market were applied to other industries, Ford would be a direct competitor with Huffy. It would be a a monopoly, unless you count Slacker as a SatRad company.

... and some said Karmazin isn't a liar.

I do hope he is called on to publicly explain the rather obvious gulf between these two remarks.

it's possible I'm naive, but I don't see an issue here.
So they want to merge; big deal. I don't subscribe, and until they force feed me satellite radio through my feeding tube I could really care less.
I can only see issues resulting from a merger of this type being used to create other monopolies.
But, I still don't subscribe, and I don't have to buy from a monopolistic company.

So somebody school me please! Just the facts.

I can't believe some of the comments I am reading on this issue. On one hand traditional radio says that they are not competing with Sat Radio. Then they go and produce such obvious attack ads.

That seems a lot like competition to me.

Or to look at it another way, wouldn't you say that NBC and ESPN are competitors? NBC is freely available over the air and ESPN requires cable. Seems pretty similar to me.

This whole ploy by the NAB is ridiculous. They are quite obviously competitors and therefore a monopoly does not exist.

Change is never easy. NAB is opposing a change with this merger that will benefit America-----this is not a monopoly. Other Radio Satellite companies can form and function-------this is about a merger of two companies.

These companies have worked hard to build these world-class American companies.

Does NAB want to stop progress. Time to move on and welcome the new technology and merger.

America needs all forms of communication-----let NAB do their job on the ground and leave the Satellite companies alone.


I am for the merger. Imagine if you had to subscribe to Directv for baseball coverage, Time Warner for car racing, and another for something else you like. That is what is happening here. You need Sirius for Nascar and XM for one sport, Sirius for the other. The merger would be a positive, and I believe they compete with free radio and that is what will keep the price in check.

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