NAB runs new anti-Sirius/XM merger ad (and MasterCard is not happy about it)

Monday, March 19, 2007 at 9:39 AM

NABThe NAB's new anti-Sirius/XM merger ad - which parodies the MasterCard "priceless" campaign - has reportedly brought the complaint of copyright infringement from MasterCard.

The ad features a big "credit card" with XM-Sirius over MasterCard's familiar red and orange circles.

Underneath it the ad copy reads:

Howard Stern = $500 million for five years
Major League Baseball = $650 million for eleven years
National Football League = $220 million for seven years
Oprah Winfrey = $55 million for three years
Martha Stewart = $30 million for four years

Asking for a government bailout after making bad business decisions... PRICELESS.

In an NAB memo, the NAB's EVP/Marketing & Communications and Regulatory Affairs Michelle Lehman wrote that the ad "has already garnered a buzz on Capitol Hill and some earned media hits -- reporters really got a kick out of it!" (like OMG!) Lehman added that "MasterCard was not so amused" and NAB assured them that "the ad would go no further."

[Radio Online]

(I'm trying to find the ad, if anyone has it please email me.)
UPDATE: Well that was fast. Check out the NAB "Priceless" ad after the jump. (Thanks Tim!)

NAB "Priceless" Ad



While I'm as anti-satrad-merger as anyone can get, I'm not quite sure I get the "government bailout" angle. XM/SIRI are not asking for a "government bailout" in the sense of the DCX bailout, right?

The parody is cute, but isn't it misleading to characterize what XM/SIRI are after as a "bailout"?

Yea i dont agree either, but the nab got spnked by master card...HAHAHAHA

NAB = dead medium grasping at straws.

Why not develop more captivating format instead of wasting time on smear ads?

huh, it almost seems that nab is afraid of satellite competition with free radio. I thought they weren't worried about this flawed business? does this mean there is competition with the merged company? idiots.

You hit the nail on the head FaFaFluFly. NAB is now spending more money to fight this competition which they've said is flawed. :P Ok. EVERYONE in radio that I listen to admits that they own XM and Sirius for different reasons and also listen to broadcast radio. It's called variety and options -- what people want. The XM/Siri merger should be allowed also -- they're still competing with regular OTA radio and there technically ARE other competitors to Sirius and XM (just not in US/Canada). It's called tech advancements. anyway, no time to go on. great blog on the subject - glad i found it.

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