New Brix Streamer GT3 & Streamer 3 (PHOTOS)

Friday, June 30, 2006 at 5:24 AM

The folks over at GSI got their hands on some new Sirius Plug-and-Play receiver photos. The first is of the upcoming Brix Streamer GT3 ST3TK1B, which is essentially Brix's version of the Sirius Starmate Replay. The second photo is of the Brix Streamer 3 SP3TK1B, which is the Brix version of the Sirius Sportster 4.

Streamer GT3: Brix Streamer GT3 ST3TK1BC

Streamer 3:
Brix Streamer SP3TK1B

It's important to note that these are meant to be middle-tier units, so the Replay functions will not be available in either unit. The display is also an Amber display, rather than the cool blue. This gives a clear upgrade path for the consumer.

Both units will be compatable with the same docking connector. That will allow you to snap the unit into the SUPV1 Sirius Universal Vehicle Kit, the SUPH1 (Universal Home Kit) and the SUBX1 (Universal Boombox). Very nice.

[Get Sirius Info

UPDATE: Looks the new units are expected to be available November 2006. Also from this page, there will be support for "'Smart' Docks & Accessories" which I hope means there will be some universal portable systems for future plug-and-play receivers.



Looks nicer than my Audiovox PNP3, but not enough to make me buy a new unit. Waiting on the Stilletto, though...

Nice looking units -- never liked the amber (reminds me of the old monochrome monitors -- the amber was the upgrade from the alien green -- I know, GEEZER alert)

well at least they are finally acknowledging that their radios are bricks/brix.

I use these same radios while fishing.

The website no longer has these radios listed, and removed the images. It was there this morning when I looked, but gone now.

I got a Sirius radio for just $30 at circuit city. The brand is called Sirius One, and all accessories are included except adapter.

I believe it's a close out brand, but at that price I couldn't pass it up. There were only 3 left.

I like the new radios personally. Though I would like to replace my current Sirius with one of these, I'd pass. Like MikeHunt said, I'm waiting for the live portable "Sirius Stiletto".

Looks like XM's first model..they are only 5 years behind.

nice, sign me up...

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