New Pioneer AVIC-D3 Unveiled

Monday, January 8, 2007 at 9:08 AM
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Pioneer AVIC-D3
The new AVIC-D3 is Pioneer's latest phase in the evolution of their popular AVIC in-dash navigation systems.

Key features include: XM NavTraffic integration, voice prompting, telephone number search, and a bunch of entertainment features like support for both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, CD/DVD playback, iPod Direct, iPod video support and expanded Bluetooth capabilities including wireless audio streaming.

The AVIC-D3 fits into a standards double-din dash opening, and rocks a beautiful 6.1 inch display with eight built-in illumination colors, and the option to choose from 32,000 other color variations (allowing the unit to match pretty much any vehicle on the road).

Pioneer's AVIC-D3 provides mapping and routes for the entire United States and Canada, with detailed mapping and detailed lane information in 50 cities. Included in the system are about 12 million points of interest like ATMs, gas stations, hotels and restaurants, which can be overlaid directly onto the map. The system utilizes 59 brand icons for quick identification of familiar POIs.

With the optional traffic tuner, the GEX-P10XMT, and a XM NavTraffic subscription, you can receive real-time alert of current traffic incidents and traffic flow conditions, by overlaying the information onto the map screen with flashing lines and icons, and providing an alternative route around the obstruction.

XM and Sirius Satellite Radio are both available options in the AVIC-D3, and the front-panel mounted mini-jack A/V input allows the addition to other attached components such as camcorders, gaming devices or music players.

The Pioneer AVIC-D3 will MSRP for $1000, and is expected to be available in March.



Gee I wish I was rich.

Can't wait till i can get this is my new denali

Already have it preordered for my Scion.

Only 2 more days till release

I had a D3 installed in my 06 Porsche Boxter and the installer killed my subwoofer saying there were not enough channels (7total plus 1 sub W).

The D3 is OK - not GREAT! The screen does not always register your "picking" and can get distracting. I am still waiting for the IPOD connector that lets you navigate ipod and the bluetooth to arrive.

I give it a 5 out of 10.

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