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New Sirius Commercial: "Trunk"

SIRIUS Commercial - TrunkThere's another TV commercial spot by SIRIUS Satellite Radio that's been running, this one entitled 'Trunk' - you might have spotted it during this week's LOST (at least that's where I saw it). Well, now it's online or you can just click on the direct links here:

Windows Media Player: [Watch Commercial]
QuickTime: [Watch Commercial]

I'm not sure what I feel about the "best radio on radio" tag, but I do like the narrative guy (ala the Verizon Guy) who shows up out of no where. The explaination of the satellites not being so "mysterious" is interesting - attempts to simplify the technology - but I'm not so sure it expresses it directly enough that all viewers will understand that fact. Whatever the campaign message, it's great to see new ad spots again.

Thanks again candlebougie!