New Sirius InV Plug-and-Play Receiver

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 at 8:03 PM

Sirius InV
Introducing the Sirius InV SV2-TK1. It actually hasn't been officially announced by Sirius yet, but here's the full details and info on it anyway. The Sirius InV appears to be the next generation of the Sirius One SV1 serving as Sirius' bargin-priced unit.

Regardless of price it features a 3-line display (artist, title, channel), 10 channel presets, one-touch Jump Button, parental controls, 100-channel built in wireless FM transmitter and a real time clock.

The Sirius InV actually looks similar to the new Sirius Stratus, but unlike the Stratus the InV will not support Sirius' new universal docking architecture (you'll need to plug in the wires like the old-school Sirius plug-and-play receivers).

The Sirius InV SV2-TK1 will MSRP for $49.99.



It looks so much like the Stratus, I'd call it a twin.

Not bad for $49.

What dumbass would pay sirius monthly service fees AND pay for this thing, which won't connect to anything. A complete waste. I'm sure sirius will be a joke in a few as their biz is doomed.

Drop the hardware angle, provide internet radio feed subscriptions to any mp3 player, and be done with hardware crap.

I don't drive that far so what do i know?

Drop the hardware? Are you joking? Do you not understand the concept of "satellite radio"? About the only thing that is "doomed" are those lame pod cast radio shows.

Sat radio rules! Get with the times buddy. Terrestrial radio's days are numbered!

I'm hooked on sirius, I drive mostly all day and am never bored, and I listen to what I want, not what somebodyelse thinks I should

This is what I don't get about the InV. It DOES NOT COME WITH A REMOTE. WHAT?

This new InV radio is advertised as remote capable with an optional remote. Yeah! Right! Try to find the elusive remote! Even Sirius doesn't have it on their website!

I had an old Starmate remote, works GREAT on the InV radio. You can buy starmate remotes on ebay cheap.

Some people just do not get it. This radio is a perfect solution for those of us who drive smaller vehicles where space is premium. A simple bar style is all we need, who cares about the rest of the junk.

look nice just got one to give the wife but i think she will get my sportster and I will take this slim version for myself

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