Nexus Audio T-2 AM/FM/XM Tuner

Sunday, November 5, 2006 at 7:08 AM
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T-2 Tuner
Geared toward the custom A/V market, the new Nexus Audio T-2 Tuner is both an XM Satellite Radio as well as an AM/FM tuner.

Housed in the "1U" chassis, the T-2 Dual Tuner is designed to communicate with the Nexus Audio C-6 A/V controllers through the "Feature" port connection. This in turn displays all of the tuner information, including channel name, artist and song title on the LCD displays on the K-8 or K-22 keypads.

Nexus Audio says they're the first Canadian manufacturer to receive approval to produce an XM-Ready tuner. 



It's important to note that this is not simply an "XM Ready" unit, but rather an "XM Radio" piece. Meaning that the entire chip set is integrated right into the unit, and you do not need to buy an external module in order to receive XM Satellite Radio. There are many companies making "XM Ready" pieces today, but Nexus Audio Systems is indeed the first Canadian company to offer an "XM Radio" unit. With it's RS232 connection it can be purchased as a 'stand alone' piece and integrated into any system, and does not necessarily have to be connected to the Nexus system. First units will be shipping by the end of the month. For more info see

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