NHL All-Star Game on XM this Sunday - Orbitcast

NHL All-Star Game on XM this Sunday


NHLThe NHL All-Star Game will air this Sunday, January 27th on XM Satellite Radio.

The eastern and western conferences will face off at 6pm ET on the NHL play-by-play XM channel 205. Plus, the hockey talk radio channel NHL Home Ice (ch 204) will be live from the game site at Phillips Arena in Atlanta through the weekend, and XM’s Top 20 on 20 (ch 20) will provide the music for the pre-game festivities.

The starting line-up for the two teams was chosen by fan balloting sponsored by XM.

And for the fans who want to hear the best of hockey’s minor leagues, XM will have live coverage of the all-star games for the American Hockey League and East Coast Hockey League. The ECHL All-Star Game kicks iff tomorrow, January 23rd, at 10pm ET on XM channel 206, and the AHL All-Star game is Monday, January 28th, at 7pm ET on XM channel 204.


Some requests for the Top 20 on 20 pre-game show: "Ice Ice Baby," "Blame Canada," and maybe "Where Did Our Love Go?"

Damn. My 3-mouth free sub that the dealer/GM wanted $200.00 for just expired last week.