NHL Playoffs start on XM next Wednesday - Orbitcast

NHL Playoffs start on XM next Wednesday

NHL on XMThe 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs will air live starting Wednesday, April 9th on XM channels 204 through 209.

Pierre McGuire is joining the XM team of hosts and analysts on NHL Home Ice (ch 204), which includes Hall of Famer Phil Esposito, Gary Green, Denis Potvin, Bill Clement, Jim Tatti, Scott Laughlin, Jamie Shalley, Bob McKenzie, Don LaGreca, and E.J. Hradek.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman hosts the show "NHL Hour" on NHL Home Ice. Commissioner Bettman and a rotation of NHL executives talk with fans across the U.S. and Canada on Thursdays 4-5 pm ET.

Esposito, who co-hosts the show "In the Slot" with Tatti weekdays 3-6 pm ET on NHL Home Ice, will announce his third annual Espo Awards on Monday, April 7th. Esposito will announce awards for the 2007-08 NHL season, such as Most Valuable Player, Coach of the Year, Top Rookie, Toughest Player and even Most Difficult Name to Pronounce. Each year, the awards are chosen by Esposito and his XM panel of hockey analysts.

Check out the full NHL schedule on XM here.


C-A-P-S! Caps! Caps! Caps!

if Gary Bettman gets his way the Flyers will not make the playoffs. so if that happens I will probably routing for the team that has the best player in the league since Gretzky. The one that a lot of TRUE Hockey fans call the Next One. Go Caps. Alex is the greatest player in the league.

F Bettman

the NHL is still around?

xm is still around?

Does anybody really care about NHL?

I guess by the posts in this thread its obvious nobody gives a shit. Goodbye XM and your irrelevant content. Sirius stealing NASCAR from you was the final nail in the coffin. With Howard, NFL, and NASCAR, Sirius = Your daddy and soon to be your boss.

Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup .

" Get in the fast lane grandma , the bingo game is ready to roll ..... "
( Mike Lange - Penguins radio announcer ) .

I like the NHL like it is. Only the people that understand the game watch and follow it. You can watch Basketball all you want. BTW, if you could when they do a post game interview could you transcribe it for the rest of us. At least when Ovechkin speaks he tries to speak English. I can understand what he is talking about. And he doesn't ask at the end of every sentence, "you know what I'm saying?"

By the way Anonymous there is only 1 post before yours that was anti NHL.

It would be nice if they do win the stanley cup or 2 right away. Then they will suck for the next 10years so bettman can rig the draft so they can get another overrated player.

But as it seems bettman is pulling so major referee strings so the Caps will probably beat the pens in 5, unless their 2 goon players, orpik and laraque go after Ovechkin. They might as well it wont get called as a penalty. Cindy hits like a girl and doesn't get a penalty.

so when will Home Ice start streaming on XMRO??

Capitals beating the Penguins ? Please , don't make me laugh .
Haven't you Capitals fans learned from past experiences ? When you come up against the Penguins in the playoffs , you're going to lose .

Well Bettmans pockets are not deep enough. Flyers make it in.

As for the Penquins comments. You are just upset because everyone outside pittsburgh knows who the best player in the league is right now and has been since they both came in the league. Alex doesn't complain about bullshit calls either.

Pittsburgh freezes cindys tears to make the playing surface.

Sidney Crosby is the best player in the league right now .

Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen an NHL game where Alex was NOT playing your home team. I have and he plays the most all around game.