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Nuviphone: Garmin unveils a cellphone


Garmin nuviphone

Garmin has just announced what Engadget calls an "iPhone-like" smartphone - the nuviphone.

The smartphone is a quad-band HSDPA device, equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, full Web Browser, PIM, and - you guessed it - GPS functions. It'll run off of Garmin's own operating system with the user interface based on the current one Garmin's PNDs utilize. Oh, and that 3.5-inch LCD display? It's, of course, a full touchscreen.

Pricing and availability will reportedly be announced soon.

Now, if there's any gripe folks have had about satellite radio's retail strategy - it's been the lack of integration in PNDs and Cellphones. Well, now Garmin's gone and made those two, one and the same.



Sorry about that.... PND = Portable Navigation Device, aka a GPS.