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NY Post: Junior DOJ officials were given "last rights"


Mel Karmazin

Aside from having some of the most entertaining photos in mainstream media, the New York Post also has a source "familiar with the situation" that has provided the publication with a status update at the DOJ.

According to this source, junior staffers were given a final chance to make their case against merger approval - known as "last rights" - to Antitrust Division Chief Thomas Barnett, before he signs off on the deal.

The results of these "last rights" are unknown - but this is fairly consistent with what the analyst community sources have been hearing for some time now.

In early November, Cowen & Company issued a report stating that the Antitrust Chief would approve the merger, "despite a staff recommendation against the deal."

A few weeks later, Bear Stearns wrote that junior staffers at the DOJ are recommending blocking the merger, but that higher officer deputy officials likely disagree and that Barnett will rule along with the higher officials in approval of the deal.

That was several months ago, and if the Post's sources are correct, then the DOJ's tune hasn't changed. Only time will tell for sure though.

[New York Post via Orbitcast Forums]
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I like Mel's big head on this - very appropriate

...says Podcast Willy

I'd consider this report more reliable if it didn't have a typo in it.


I just hope that Mr. Barnett can take things in his hands and lead his agency to the future of radio. People will not have to buy two radios and pay two subscriptions in order to get the content from both SIRIUS and XM.
A-la-carte is great and competition will be intensified as the NAB people have indicated with their reaction to this merger.
This is a luxury involving 5% of the market with no profit for years. What antitrust are they talking about? Thanks God Mr. Barnett can make this right because it is very suspicious to see this deal stalled to death.

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orbitcast writer is gay, why screw everyone out of their money? you give false hope on this merger.

I'm sorry... what?!

How am I giving false hope on this merger? I'm reporting on an article written in the New York Post, which just might have a few more readers than Orbitcast.

I will say that I oppose the merger for one reason. After trying 6 times to get off of Sirius' advertising call list for a Sirius radio in a car I no longer own, it is nice to know that have another option when the current Sirius subscription runs out. Modules for either sat service are available for my car, and since even the Sirius Legal Dept has been unsucessful in getting me off the list, I am now going to both the FCC and my congressman (bloody silly reason to bother someone who has important things to do). I will pay whatever it costs to get the Sirius pulled out of my car at the end of this subscription. With the new IPODs, I wonder if I will even bother...

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