O&A Pests Protest Howard Stern Rally

Friday, December 16, 2005 at 10:05 AM

For you Opie & Anthony fans, there were a some 'protests' of the Sirius / Stern Farewell Rally at the entrances of the event. I'm sure you 'pests' will enjoy these pics.




Sorry, the camera flash fucked up this shot:

More photos on Foundry Music.

UPDATE: OK just a quick bit of commentary on this. I honestly didn't see as many pests as I expected - it definitely wasn't as much of a showing as when they invaded last year's Sirius / Stern Rally - but then again, this was a much different location than at Union Square. The police presence this time was ridiculous and very very restrictive. If you watched the Yahoo Webcast you'd see there were many more pests offsite when Howard was leaving on his bus.



Howard stern rocks.

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