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One million Ford SYNC vehicles on the road by early 2009


2009 Lincoln MKS

Ford Motor Company released their sales figures for the Ford SYNC recently, and stated that the Microsoft-powered system is on track to reach 1 million sales in early 2009.

Ford SYNC topped 30,000 sales in 2007, with sales in the final quarter of 2007 averaging approximately 10,000 units per month, the company said. This makes it one of the fastest growing new products in the auto industry.

The company also confirmed that nearly every new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle will be available with Ford's SYNC system by year end. Approximately 85 percent of Ford's retail volume will be offered with SYNC connectivity.

During 2008, SYNC will be offered on the new 2009 Ford Flex and F-150; the 2009 Ford Escape; Escape Hybrid; and 2009 Ford Expedition. The 2009 Lincoln MKS - being launched later this year - will have SYNC as standard equipment (and will offer Sirius Travel Link as well). SYNC is being added to the 2009 Lincoln Navigator, as well as the 2009 Mariner and Mariner Hybrid.

"The average commute in America is now 30 minutes, and people want to maximize the time they spend behind in the car," said Jim Buczkowski, director of Electrical Systems Engineering at Ford. "Ford has delivered the plans and technologies to accommodate customers' entertainment and infotainment needs while allowing them to stay focused on driving."


Autoblog also mentioned that they have an 18-month exclusive on the product. After that I wonder who else might be picking this thing up?

Also of note, SYNC 2.0 will be shown at CES this year. Supposed to have some nice improevements to it.

I'm confused ... do all Ford SYNC vehicles come with Sirius Radio ?

I see SIRIUS Travel Link - but NO mention of the core functionality of Sirius SAT Radio?