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Opie & Anthony Contract: As clock ticks, fans remain anxious

Opie and Anthony
There's less than two-weeks left on Opie & Anthony's contract with Sirius XM Radio Inc. and there's still no word whether the duo will continue on satellite radio. As the deadline looms, fans have become more and more anxious about the future of O&A.
The signs don't look encouraging either, with longtime cohorts of the show abruptly ending their affiliations with the satellite radio provider.

In June of this year, the executive producer of The Ron and Fez Show, Dave McDonald ("East Side Dave"), left Sirius XM after negotiations with the company fell flat despite fans organizing a Save Dave Twitter campaign.

While not directly tied to Opie & Anthony, the two shows have always held a tight relationship. And the loss of East Side Dave turned out to be a bellwether, resulting in Sirius XM terminating O&A program director Steve Carlesi just last week.

Fans aren't blind to the signs.

They've been bombarding Sirius XM's Facebook page with comments on completely unrelated topics, demanding that the satcaster renew O&A's contract.

Opie & Anthony Google SearchesAnd Google searches are elevated as well, serving as an indicator of the heightened interest of the future of Opie & Anthony. A look at the past 90-days (graph, pictured above) shows U.S. searches spiking for the month of September as the clock ticks towards the October 1st deadline.

Opie publicly called the latest offer from Sirius XM a "joke", which doesn't help comfort any fans (side note: I'm now getting dozens of emails asking for any news since writing the post).

With Sirius XM already in the limelight with Howard Stern's contract, it seems like a bad move on the company's behalf not to re-sign O&A. Afterall, Mel Karmazin himself pointed to previous contract renewals as a future indicator of being "confident" for Stern's renewal.

How would investors react if Sirius XM didn't seem willing to renew on-air talent with a highly loyal fan base like O&A? As SiriusBuzz points out, in a perfect world Sirius XM should renew both Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony.

The question is, does the company see it that way?


$$$ Start your bets. these renewals of contracts among SatRadio personalities and their fans could be use to make some money here! :) I bet $100.00 O&A will stay. ~ who wants to bet?

As an O&A fan, if they are not renewed, I will be cancelling my subscription!

Don't make O&A a decent offer and just sit back and enjoy the flood of subscription cancellations including 3 of my own.

It could just be wishful thinking, but I think that Sirius/XM will rise to the occasion in the 11th hour and present an offer to O&A that they will accept.

The East Side Dave situation is an entirely different animal. Sirius XM were not going to give in and pay him more when it was made so public on the air. I am sure that the company knew that if they caved in with him, that others would follow suite and try to strong arm the company into giving them more money. Dave was made an example of. I am not saying that he didn't deserve the raise, but at the end of the day Sirius XM is a publicly traded business and will operate as such.

It was also no secret that Steve C. was ready to move on from the O&A show. Ever since O&A came to XM it was clear that he didn't fit in the same as he did when they were on WNEW. Once Ben was let go, Steve was the only one left from the original O&A WNEW production crew. I think Steve was also bothered by the power given to the new guys Sam, Danny, Travis, E-Rock, and Derrek. And then there was the situation with the O&A's content and the Foundry Music web site. Steve was constantly the butt of a large percentage of the on air jokes. I would venture to guess that he went to Sirius XM management seeking more money that he felt he was entitled to and they just decided to let him go.

Really no one has any clue what the outcome will be until a final proposal and decision are made. Would I cancel my subscription to XM if they don't resign O&A? Absolutely. They are the reason I got XM in the first place. Any other programming that I enjoyed on XM was negatively effected by the merger, so there is really no other reason for me to continue paying for the service. For music, there are plenty of other alternatives. Will XM crumble if I cancel? I doubt it.

I think it is all a monetary chess game with Howie and O&A. Both shows are holding out for more money. I highly doubt that either show has been offered LESS money than was in the previous contract.

Both shows are doing the exact same thing ESD tried. However, I doubt anyone un-subbed when Dave left. If either show is not renewed Sirius will hemorrhage subs for a few months, and I don't think Sirius can afford that right now.

I will cancel if they don't re-up O&A. The music channels went to shit after the merger, so my unit stays on 202 and I listen to MP3's after R&F.

O&A have already re-signed. Opie [perhaps accidentally] gave it away earlier this week. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday, Opie mentioned being frustrated trying to deal with submitting an electronic signature. When Ant laughed at him, Opie reminded Ant that he'd have to "do one of these, too this week" and that apparently this was a new process.

Earlier in the show, Dr. Steve was on the show and mentioned that they'd be playing "What the Hell is That?" on OCtober 14th. Opie quickly tried to say "If we're still here", but, given Dr. Steve's slip-up (assuming it was a slip-up) and Opie's talking about a "electronic signature" and "new process" that both him and Ant had to go through, it seems pretty clear the gig is up.

I thought Opie was probably playing it up before, but now I'm 100% convinced. They've re-signed, no need to worry.

I'm sure Howard will do the same, if he hasn't already.

They should re-sign and be added to the Sirius lineup, as well. I enjoyed listening to their show when it was simulcast on Stars Too, but there's no way in hell Sirius is getting a penny out of me for their lame "Best of XM" package.

I came to Sirius for Howard, but I really enjoy O&A. If one or both leave I feel I will need to reevaluate my subscription.

If thy do not re-sign, I will cancel, as I did when they were suspended.

O&A will do the show from a basement...

SHUT IT, U Fing idiot.
Even I have done an electronic sign on a doc.

Just because Howard has to seek attention by bringing up he might not be back, don't think it's the same.

They have not resigned.

Do the right thing resign them!!!

I hope neither O&A or Stern get re-signed by satellite radio. It would be a good way to get rid of the garbage in our subscriber base (the less than 2% of the base who constantly whine and bitch, like those on Orbitcast), and a good way to cut costs significantly and focus on other aspects of the business like R&D.

Get rid of them both and Sirius-XM will prosper!

They don't re-sign, I cancel.

I bet they did resign as the shows have been good all week. The week before they took time off not so much.

I don't understand the purpose of your hostile comment. Unless someone with inside information posts here, everyone who weighs in on the likelihood of someone re-signing a contract is merely speculating, and the speculation by UncleMonkey is just as valid as that of anyone else. If not indicative of them having re-signed a contract, the on-air comments might suggest that they're trying to keep the ball in the air a little longer to keep people talking about it, which in itself is reasonable to point out.

One thing I'd be interested to read comments about is what people see as the future of big name, "personality" radio such as that of O&A and Stern. I think the days of this type of radio are numbered. These personalities are holdovers from the day when a single radio station or program could have extremely broad appeal, allowing drive time personalities to command very high ratings numbers and become the talk of a city or of the whole country. As the number of listening options has grown, the ability of a single show to develop this kind of a following is, I think, diminishing all the time. When Stern, O&A and other like them retire, I don't think they will be replaced by a new crop personalities like them.


I hope this is the case xcountry. I hope they are not replaced by a new crop personalities like them. and talking about renewing or not their contracts, I bealive Satan wants O&A and Howard to stay because O&A and Howard are an instrument of him (satan) to keep people's minds idled and far from concentrating in enhancing their lifetyle, comming uphigher to pure motives, pure thoughts, botton line is, we are to keep the avenues of our soul (what we see, listen, talk) clean, and listening to this type on radio content will aid for totally the opposite, so, if O&A and Howard stay Satan will be happy about it, God is in control of everything but God cannot force people to choose upon what they want to do (God cannot force Mel Karmazing, O&A and Howard to re-up contracts or not) nor can God force people to choose what they want to listen (elevated programming, or garbage programming) bealive it or not God and Satan and the salvation or lost of human souls between these two partys is behind everything that happenes in this world. there is a real war going between good and evil.

O&A suck there ratings suck! David lee roth had better ratings than they did! They will definetly will be dumped! No sense in pouring good money into bad programming! Amd yes howard will resign

tom, you are so right. We should take the money which could have been used to re-sign Howardf Stern and Opie and Anthony, then buy you some English lessons. Really dude, read what you sent in this morning. You non-English commenting idiot! And your are a super douche for listening to David Lee Roth, faggot.

Tom,you sir are a queer...thank you

I personally have never listened to O&A OR STERN i believe stern can carry his weight with the subs he brings in, not sure about O&A
But it seems that the only place that will tolerate O&A is satrad, but if there loosing $ for siriusxm then dumpem

Have no fear Opie and Anthony fans. They will end up taking whatever Sirius XM ends up offering and sign a new contract... because where are they going to go if they don't? Fresh off their recent failure on terrestrial radio, their options are pretty limited, and I doubt that they have the kind of money that they would need to completely walk away and retire from "The Opie and Anthony Radio Show".

I believe Sirius/xm will keep both o+a and Howard. But the shouldn't be on at the same time. With Bubba going to radioio maybe a merged channel should happen.

Hey dumb asses, the word "Resign" means to quit.

I bought an XM radio when they first signed O&A. I will cancel my 2 radios and online account if O&A are dropped.

This article provides no new info and nothing we didn't know before.
Thanks for this nothing article that lead us no where.

Is this Howard? that is the only person dumb enough to write that

If O&A leaves Sirius, I'm gone... and who is this 'Stern' they keep talking about? Didn't he used to do radio like 25 yrs ago? LoLoLoLoL

I'm right there with you man. Buh-bye SiriusXM, if the boys don't renew. That company totally went to shit after the "merger".

I miss E-Lo & pure XM. A lot.

SAME HERE, NO O and A no me!!!!!!

as will I

If O&A are smart, they will tell Mel to go F himself.
They (and Ronnie & Fezzy)could sell a Virus streaming show and/or podcasting for $5/mo; and, also have it ad supported. That means they could take in about 1/3rd of SiriusXM's $15/mo. revenue stream. Mel can't pay them that much.
They should go out on their own.

I will pull the plug on two subs if the boys leave. I can live without the rest of the channels, who does not have 4 or 5 mp3 players laying around by now?

i have 2 vehical subs and an xm2go. All will be canceled. Music is so accessible these days, that you dont even need a sat radio sub. I only listen for O&A and Ron and Fez. Although r&f isnt as good since daveymac left!

I have two vehical subs and an XM2GO. If O&A do not get a contract renewal, sirius xm will not get my 3 sub renewals. Music is so easy to come by now, specially for vehicals! The only reasons I see for even keeping sat radio in O&A and RON N FEZ! Which has lost some stock since daveymac left.

Howard was given half a billion dollars with his last contract. He is absolutely being offered much less you dolt.

Sooooo gone from Sirius XM if O&A don't re-sign....

You have a good idea, the only problem with it is they can't support it.

At $5 per month they should have $5k per month which is being very generous as it's more like $1,500 per month. WIth those BIG numbers I don't think they'll cover monthly utilities. Forget ad support, they couldn't generate ad revenue on regular radio.

So take the money you're being offered and STFU or make $5k a month.

My xm stays on 202 all day. If O and A leave theres no reason for me to have it.

Im so annoyed with sirius xm.I love the o and a show and if they take it away from me i will cancel my subs and never come back.Not only will i cancel but i have several friends that are ready to do the same thing if we cant get our o and a fix.If they cancel the show i hope it really hurts the company for not taking care of the only thing that makes satelite radio worth paying for,the on air talent.I never listen to music on satelite and could care less about the music channels.