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Opie & Anthony contract talks don't look hopeful

Opie and Anthony
Your mom's box? Talks between Sirius XM Radio Inc. and Opie & Anthony on their pending contract renewal don't seem to be going anywhere, and the clock is running out.
Today's show had a distinct and telling feeling of frustration. And if you think that doesn't bode well for the future of O&A on satellite radio, you may be right. The tone of the show "spoke volumes" of the current state of the contract negotiations, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

This past weekend, Opie tweeted that the two parties are "still talking" and "trying to work something out" - a possible hopeful sign for some fans. But those discussions may not be all positive, unfortunately.

Opie & Anthony's contract is set to expire on October 1st.

Additionally, Jim Norton hinted towards possibly moving to the Los Angeles area. If that's not telling, I don't know what is.

Last we heard, the offer on the table to re-sign Opie & Anthony to Sirius XM was "significantly less" than the amount originally offered when they first signed on to XM Satellite Radio. And as far as we can tell, not much has changed.


Whatever. Stern is all that matters.


Do they have another option? Terrestrial's already dropped them. The "app" route may work for them but they won't make the money they are now for a while if ever.....

Looks like I have a cancellation call to make on Friday.

It's too bad that Sirius/XM wasted millions of dollars on the likes of Oprah, Martha Stewart, Jamie Foxx, etc. and seems disinterested in keeping shows with national followings (O&A, Bubba the Love Sponge, etc.) on board.

Stern is a has been

Opie & Anthony did not have a huge following. One reason why. Free radio dropped them as well. They just copied Howard Stern.

They are probably the ones bashing SIRIUS XM here. LoL!

Why pay them when about 3 people listen to them.

I think it's all over unfortunately. There really is nowhere else to go to broadcast this format unless they want to do it for practically free with an online. I guess it boils down to how much they really want to continue a career in radio. I wish it would come out why Sirius XM is giving them such a low offer.


I will be making that call too on Friday... Been paying 50.00 every 3 months for XM in my car and on the old LapTop. Since 2004...
Ty Sirius, I will listen to them online for FREE soon just like Joe Rogan.

Come on Sirius XM do the right thing and keep O and A on the air and treat them with the respect they deserve. The majority of us only have satellite because of 202 The Virus.
If they get canned we should all cancel our subscriptions

I've had SatRad since 04...loved it and got my first radio for free(an XM roady) an the O&A announcement at Hard Rock. Since the merger the quality of SatRad has gone done (that's another story). I still enjoy O&A and it looks like this will come to an end. Don't know why this pleases Stern Fans? To all O&A fans..it's been a blast and thanks to RYAN and Orbitcast for all the coverage.

Yes, only three people listen to them. And all they do is copy Stern. Way to make an uninformed, sweeping overgeneralization about something you're obviously opposed to before you read the article. Sirius better do the right thing here or they're going to have a lot of cancellations.

I can't believe that Opie, Anthony and Jimmy are still not being treated like the way they deserve yet by the sattelite radio world. I believe they have started a new genre of talk radio that is open and real and truthful, not only with what's going on in the world that affects us, but also with themselves and thier personal life. What they are is ORIGINAL and THOUGHT PROVOKING, I personally will smash my Sirius XM radio if they are not renewed, and make a video of it and post it on every site that has to do with O&A or Sirius XM. They are the only reason that I listen.They are not offensive or rude, it's comedy, .....If you can't laugh at the messed up stuff in this world, then you don't deserve to be able to laugh at the nice stuff either, they go hand in hand( this coming from a single mother of a lil girl with Down Syndrome) If I don't find thier comedy offensive why should anyone else. So lets get over the lame excuses and reasons of not renewing their contracts and treat these Genius's like they deserve to be treated........loyal O&A female listener, Eleze Gentry

Looks like i'll be making a call on Friday as well

Do the right thing xm or I will cancel.

Listen to Stern? FU.z

tony copied me, i invented commenting on the internet

I love the Who-Who-Howard fans chiming in, the need to validate Howie.

Please get a new joke. We get it.. OA only have 3 listeners. Yet sirius has stern bubba and two stations hundreds of millions paid in howard pay and advertising. Yet xm still has more subscribers. Hey tony.. explain that one

I think they would do well with their own podcast/netcast network, like twit.tv. I hope that they come to an agreement and that O&A get paid what they deserve. Maybe instead of a raise, they could just get their old studio on 57th St back?

I don't think that anyone here has any real "inside" information at this point. This is all based on speculation. Let's wait until Friday to see what really happens. I think the purpose of this post was to generate site traffic. Last update of this kind was tweeted by Opie and received over 300 comments which far exceeds the norm. Comments usually consist of 75% from O&A fans concerned that the show will be dropped, and 25% from Howard fans bashing the show and it's fans with inaccurate statements of how the show has been nothing but a failure.

I am sure that if there is any validity to this posting, it will get tweeted by Opie, or someone from the O&A show.


Get over it already. We get it, Howard has more listeners. But the comparison really isn't a fair one to make. It has been proven here several times that both people ripped each other off (back in the 80s and 90s, this was easy, you could rip someone off in Iowa and nobody in NY would know it!). Some of Howards bit's aren't even his, and some of his callers are bought from several different companies. He uses prep services, etc to come up with bits.

Yes, ONA don't have the same type of following that Stern had, and there are several reasons behind that:

1. Howard has been continuously employed, didn't have to sit out for years due to getting fired (well, at least once he joined CBS

2. ONA are ALWAYS going to play second fiddle to Howard when they work for the same company. Meaning they are always going to get promoted less, etc.

and since this next one gets brought up CONSTANTLY:

3. By the time they returned to FM radio, it was in an environment that had already been destroyed. Because of past blunders in hot talk radio, they weren't allowed to do or say ANYTHING. Words and bits that were completely acceptable 10 years ago are no longer. Because everyone can sue over the tiniest infraction and we have lost all personal responsibility in this country, radio companies ran scared.

4. And in addition while they were on FM radio, they were competing against themselves. Unfortunately what this means is that everyone who was a P1 listener ALREADY had a subscription and was listening on the better platform. This killed the ratings from day one, because you BUILD off your passionate base to bring in people who aren't so passionate.

The bottom line is this, if Sirius thought they weren't worth renewing, they wouldn't have done it two years ago, and they wouldn't have even made an offer this year. But, they did. The problem is that NOBODY is getting the same cash they got 5-6 years ago when both companies were spending each other out of business. If you think Howard is getting anywhere NEAR what he signed for in 2004 you are kidding yourselves. And who really wants to take a pay cut, especially as subscriber numbers are at all time highs? I know if my company (which is very profitable) approached me and asked me to take a pay cut to keep working for them, I'd have to think twice about keeping MY job too. The argument I will make here is that Opie and Anthony actually have MORE fans than when they started with XM (as damaged goods). The same can't honestly be said about Howard, because he LEFT on the top, and not everyone followed. His popularity honestly did peak in 1998, and any look at historical listener numbers will tell you that.

And speaking strictly of failure in a market, remember that Howard was dropped in several markets himself. I live in Minneapolis, and he completely flopped here, against someone who has been doing his show since before he was.

Well put Dan.

I Just cancelled my subscription to XM and I don't plan on renewing even if the boyz are re-signed.

Hope that was worth it, Melvin.

Don't get me wrong, I will CONTINUE listening to the show, but no money of mine will go to the company that treats O&A like this.

PERFECT, Dan. You hit the nail on the head all around

If they were funny, I would say keep them, But they aren't so for the 10 that will cancel subs, I say let them go.

If I have to choose between listening to Hoo Hoo or listening to nothing, I'll be calling to cancel next week.


Second time of death 12:01 am 10/1.

We all know the first time of death.

Have fun in your basement you tranny losers!

It's completely obvious what is going on at S/Xm. They are dumping all of their high priced talent to save money. As an O&A (and little jimmy) Fan who also enjoys HS, it's obvious that the company has management problems. XM sold out to basically cover their debt even though they had more subs than Sirius did at the time. The fact that they couldn't help pay Dave from Ron and Fez an extra however much he wanted (im sure it was much less than HS), and the fact that they let Ron's show tank with no producer and a co-host that can't get out of his own way (love ya fez but you need to take a sabbatical to get some serious treatment) is a sure fire signal that they are planning on dumping the 202 station as well as Stern's station and probably going towards more music. Music is cheaper to run: just hit the play button and the computer does the rest.

O&A should explore terrestrial radio again as well as taking their show to a paid subscription service on the internet. Howie already seems posturing to do the same.

Making the call Friday! So long Sirius XM...

Guess I'm calling XM on Friday.
XM...you Bastards!!!

I'm not a fan but the fact is that it's bad for SiriusXM to be losing exclusive content. Whether you like them or not it's good for the company and the subscribers to have exclusive talk content.

I can't stand Jason Ellis but there is a segment of the population that really likes him. If that keeps them subscribing and allows SiriusXM to work on other aspects of their product it's good for me.

I hope that Bubba, Stern, and O&A can all have fair deals worked out. Unfortunately IMO the only one that will be left is Stern.

This couldn't have been said any better. Stern HAD his day, but he doesn't have the same passion for radio that O&A have. He only has the greed for money. He is delusional, as are his fans.

The one thing that O&A bring to the table that nobody else in radio does is honest, controversial talk on all the taboo subjects that the general public wants to hear but is afraid to admit.

Sirius has no idea what they are losing. The most interesting and funny show anywhere, and millions of subscribers along with them.

If O and A don't continue, I'll be dropping two subscriptions. To hell with Sirius XM.

I personally hope O&A do leave Sirius/XM. They've been stifled for too long by corporate rules after the merge/move.

The future of radio is in the mobile industry anyway. Satellite Radio will soon be history. As mobile networks grow and mature car radios will begin to be network-enabled to receive audio online. I give it 5-10 years.

However currently our modern phones can serve as receivers while driving. There's no real need to a Sat recvr if you have a Sirius/XM online app.

Opie and Anthony could be pioneers in bringing an online network of shows together that I know us fans would pay our Sirius/XM subs to. They could pull the capital together to make it happen where smaller podcasters have not been able to get it done.

I know some will say this is retarded, but I called XM and filed a concern because on their site they say if you have a complaint or a concern please call this number. So I did. I told them that if Opie and Anthony are resigned by Friday then I'm cancelling my account on Friday. I pay a year in advance because they tell me I have too(fairly new customer since 2007). Anyway, so I pay my 300+ a year. My contract isn't up until March 2011 so I'm going to be getting a big refund check I guess. Anyway, just for shits and giggles if you guys really do love the show call and file a concern or complaint. Maybe if they see that they will be losing income and raising expenses they will fold and give a little on the contract for the boys cause the quarter is up on Thursday and if everyone pulls their accounts then by December they will have an extremly tough time trying to explain why Income is significantly lower then the previous quarter.

I know it's a hail mary, but what else can we do. No offense to the other shows, but honestly I pay 300+ a year for one channel. That's insane, but I love the show that much. They have gotten me through a divorce and depression so it's worth it to me, but if they are gone I will go back to listening to my local sports talk that make decent jokes, but not as good as O and A and jimmy. Sorry Sirius/XM the other shows aren't that important to me. I know that's crazy to think, but if the guys aren't their I'm gone. I will appreciate the fat refund check though LOL.

How much money are we talking about what were they offered 1 million a year or 75,000

can't say keep them if they are not resonable

My subscription ran out a couple of weeks ago and I haven't renewed yet. I was waiting to see what happened. Personally, I would throw some cash down to listen to them on the internet and have the ability to download podcasts. They're the only reason I really had XM Sirius anyway. They'll land on their feet. They always do...

Well, if they don't get re-signed, my hubby would allow me to cancel our 2 subscriptions!

I hope they leave Sirius and do an Internet radio show so I can listen again. I dropped my Sirius/XM sub once the merger went through. I miss the boys and I think they'd do just fine with a Podcast.

Looks like I will be calling in and cancelling on Friday if they can Opie and Anthony. They should have kept East Side Dave and now they are getting rid of all of their talk radio personalities, I'm not pleased and will happily cancel both my accounts.

Looks like the Virus that was taking over America caught AIDS!

The Virus caught Aids and is dying!

I even have my wife thinking O&A and little Jimmy are the funniest poeple on radio,
but there in no chance I stay with out O&A.
not a chance!!!!!!!!

bye bye xm, i like howie but not that much, o and a are the only reason i subscribe, this stinks

Well said Dan....

Fridy morning will be a call to XM. I will miss the satellite thing, but will miss O and A most.

Anonymous> Whatever. Stern is all that matters.

Too bad he'll be gone by the end of the year too.

Tony > Why pay them when about 3 people listen to them.

On the poll on this very site, 2177 O&A fans weighed in that they'd trash their radios if O&A were canceled and a mere 76 (assumedly Stern fans) weighed in that they'll be glad that O&A are gone. Telling, very telling.

I've been a subscriber since January 2002 and have had multiple radios on my account most of that time, a lot of them friends that I wanted to check out the service and they got hooked. If I cancel on Friday, that's $20 less a month I have to pay, and money I'd gladly put towards on online pay O&A service that, while it wouldn't offer the variety that Sirius/XM provides, if they stock up a channel that runs live programming for a majority of the day, that'd be worth paying for for me.

O&A, R&F, Lazlow, Sam & Dave, Dr. Steve, Bitch Mgt, Uninformed, smodcasts is a great, easy start.

Mel- Wake up and sign your talent...I am a frustrated Sirius listener. I can listen to my ipod for music. I don't have XM for your baseball package which still pisses me off. The only reason I keep Sirius is for O and A and Howard. Like many others chimed in, I am done if you cut loose your talk radio talent. Ridiculous that this is seeming more like a reality.

I cancelled my sub and got a refund when they where suspended and I will do it again.

I'm canceling my Sirius Satellite Radio subscription this friday if Opie and Anthony leave.

Sirius wants them to stay. Thats clear because the show has a huge following with very dedicated listeners. Sirius does not want to lose millions of subscribers. It looks more so to be a money issue, where as Sirius doesnt want to pay Opie and Anthony, and Jim Norton what they are worth.

They are the hottest thing in radio without a doubt. The most exciting, funny, interactive, and long lasting show to come to radio since Stern. Thats a fact. Stern fans may not like it, but there is no other show like the Opie and Anthony show in radio. Even Jay Leno thinks thinks its the best show in radio.

So it is clear that the Opie and Anthony show is unique and successful, having stayed relevant, interesting and funny for so long... even when competing directly with Howard Stern... They've managed to hold their own, continually grow their audience and bring plenty of money to whoever employs them. XM built their company around them. Sirius built their company around Stern. Both shows brought in millions of listeners to each company. When the merger took place, you would think that Sirius would recognize just how much Opie and Anthony brought to their subscriber base.

Opie and Anthony are a success. Stern may be Coke, but Opie and Anthony are Pepsi... and I only want pepsi.

So pay them... or lose them and their audience.

Saxgod > I know some will say this is retarded, but I called XM and filed a concern because on their site they say if you have a complaint or a concern please call this number. So I did. I told them that if Opie and Anthony are resigned by Friday then I'm cancelling my account on Friday.

Thanks Sax! I absolutely just did that! I spoke to "Sam" who didn't understand what I was talking about and didn't know anything about the channel. But he talked to the "technical department" and will be forwarding me an email (probably form written) with an update on the situation.

Zero point zero - just kidding, but all kidding aside they may lose a few thousand subs, but that's it. Anyhow I hope they sign them because I'd hate for them to lose any subs or decent content. Really, what negotiating leverage do O & A have ? I know... 0.0 !


Come on Sirius. You'll really look like silly geese if you don't renew "the most popular show in the history of satellite radio". Pay the work horses. Pay them

I know you are half kidding, but you speak half truths as well. In the long term, losing Opie and Anthony won't really hurt the company, but again, that is in the long term.

In the short term, Sirius XM has to wonder how many subs they will lose. No, it probably won't be millions. Tens of thousands, maybe even a few hundred thousand. And to replace each one of those subs, who have likely turned into pure profit centers as of right now (think about it, I've been subscribing for 6 years, my radio is 3 years old at this point, and the last time I called customer service for ANYTHING was 2 years ago). Now, how much is it going to cost to replace each subscriber? Is it currently around $90? So now lets say that you have to keep said subscriber for 9 months JUST TO BREAK EVEN on the loss. To get that subscriber back to profit, you have to keep them for almost a year and thats just talking about lost subscriber revenue. Lost ad revenue is another story. And then there's the bad PR by 100k former subs. If it's 100K subs at an average of $10 per month, thats at least a million dollars PER MONTH the company is losing, 12 million a year. If Opie and Anthony are half that, they are probably worth it (because there are likely 10 times the amount in "I won't cancel because of ONA, but I won't be as happy and will be one step closer").

Then again, because this is all speculation, they could lose more than 10 or 100k fans. Who really knows? Plus the lost Audible.com revenue, and the lost shareholder confidence that they will actually succeed in renewing Howard, the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, and all the other content.

I'm fairly confident that if Sirius loses Howard, they'd likely lose AT LEAST a million subs, since Sirius pretty much banked on Howard Stern (and XM did NOT bank on Opie and Anthony).

I'm also fairly certain that MLB will be gone at the end of the contract of 2012, since MLB will likely not come down much in price. If that happens, I'm sure a few more million will be gone.

Combine that with a price increase which is all but guaranteed in August of 2011 along with a lineup change (remember, they are REQUIRED to keep the same number of channels as were on each service at the time of the merger for 3 years) and this company could be set up to fail. Of course, it could become more successful than anyone ever dreamed as well, but only time will tell.

Either way, if Opie and Anthony are not there on Friday morning, I'll be spending $20 less a month. Some may call this drastic, some may call me stupid for paying that much for one channel. Before the merger, there were plenty of reasons to enjoy XM. Now, alot has changed. There was no Slacker, Pandora was just starting, there was no such thing as mobile streaming, the comedy channel was much better, BPM was MUCH better, I had channels like Squizz, The Move, The System, X Country, Fine Tuning, and the list goes on for miles. I also no longer spend an hour and a half in my car every day (down to 14 minutes a day), and when I'm at the office or at home I have thousands of stations to choose from.

I only kept the sub post merger to show my support for ONA, and I will no longer need to do that October 1st. I'm guessing that I'm not alone.

If October comes and the boys are gone I shall be cancelling my subscription again... Sirius/XM are losing a lot more subscribers then they think... maybe they should look back to May of 2007 when we cancelled last time... they offered me a YEAR free if I didn't cancel but I ignored them... I shall ignore them again and cancel at 6am friday morning if I don't hear ecstasy of gold

Yeah, if this was 1993.


You're wrong. They have a pretty big following and they aren't copying Howard Stern. I switched from XM to SIRI over five years ago to listen to Howard. I hadn't ever had the opportunity to hear him on the radio, but i'd heard much about him and watched him on E! and saw his movie.

He really doesn't have "IT" anymore...i mean jesus...they drag topics out WAY passed what they should. It seems like 10% of his show these days is how he should or shouldn't write a foward for BabbaBoeys book or some other guys book. I can't count how many fuckin times i've heard the same boring topic.

I switched to hear Howard five years ago, but i then added the best of XM and got O&A with little Jim Norton and now I listen to them both equally. I normally get more laugh my ass off moments from O&A.

So shove your opinion up your ass...i'm a realist and they both have big followings...Howard has more listeners for sure, but he is not a god and i wish everyone would stop stroking his tiny peter...

I've been listening to O & A since they were on WAAF in Boston. These guys are great. Sirius XM is out of their minds if they don't renew their contract..... and if they don't, neither will I (Sorry Ron and Fez, still love ya)

It is gonna be great after the merger.

There will be more choice. Ala Carte (remember that one)? Dual capable receivers. LOWER PRICES. God, it will be great.

There is nothing like competition.

tony is a queer

Stern is a has been and that can't be denied anymore. Having said that, O&A are also has beens though. Anthony does nothing but rant about guns, race issues, or how much he hates our President. Opie seems to be only concerned with showing how hip and relevant he is. It doesn't help that free FM and satellite are both more regulated than they should be.

If Sirius is trying to free up cash anywhere they can, I wonder how many are really listening. Obviously it isn't enough for them to make a more reasonable offer. I agree that it's dumb to waste money on brand names like Oprah and get next to nothing in return.

I love how Stern fans say stuff like .... good they suck anyway.

I would think they would be more annoyed at the other crap that has no audience or the celebrities that get a channel named after them but don't do any radio.

I will not happy if O&A leave, but it is not the reason I will cancel my subscription. I feel since Sirius took over my beloved XM, it is not as good as it used to be. I have never been a Stern fan, and never felt compelled to get the best of Sirius package. Since this takeover, I have not been very happy with the music programs, because the DJs are always talking over the music, which I can get on radio, that I can get for free. My relationship with XM will soon be coming to an end.

I added an XM receiver in my car in late 2007, specifically so I could have O&A, as well as the music channels. I had NO ipod at the time, nor did the car have a navigation system.

Now 3 years later my car is equipped with both navigation and ipod / mp3 capability. I'm finding that I use SXM either for O&A or local traffic / weather.

I've recently taken the time to sample many of the other channels, and honestly much of it is just garbage IMO--i.e. on line psychics taking calls from people who are sufficiently disturbed to believe that a stranger can "see things" about them, or "Ron & Fez"--a program that just screams "we are here because there's nothing else available for this time slot".

I don't spend enough time in my car any longer to justify the cost of SXM. Take away O&A (and little Jimmy) and the fun is gone.

if O&A are gone so am I. I havent been happy since the merger, so many good channels are gone or the programming of my favorite channels changed. BPM used to be good. I miss ethel. Sirius/XM is slowly becoming what they were advertising they would never be....Terrestrial Radio

I agree completely.. Wasn't it Mel who said he wanted original content and not want to share with regular radio when the boys were on both shortly after the merger?? Why would he let any of his on air talent go? It's a contradiction of sorts for him to say one thing and then screw around with the shows he has.. If O&A don't re-sign will they just run repeats (worst ofs) until they fill the channel with something else?? Or will the channel go "dark" (off)?.. I vote for the channel to be shut off, because if it remains on then someone will get the idea that the boys will be back when in fact I think Mel never wanted to keep them in the first place.. And SXM will continue to make money off their channel.. When Howie said he thought they should be paid less after losing the FM gig that was pure crap.. I'd like to see him go back now and try to do his show..

Kiss my subscription good-bye. Gonna smash my satellite radio and buy a new MP3 player. Maybe even send the pieces to Mel. May all you assholes at Sirius choke on a big AIDS-infested dick.

Bye Inno. It has been great knowing you and listing all these years. The laughter was nonstop through O&A.
Hello Pandora on IPhone (free). You wont be as funny, but you will be there. I had a relationship with XM for 6 years, but ill be with you on Monday. I know they will call and give me a discount to come back in a week or two, but im with you now Pandora. Unless Opie & Anthony rise again!

Honestly I think you are mistaken. I dont think Sirius XM has any single content or person that is necessary for them to function with their current model. If I had things My way :

Etheir Fire O&A or try to merge them with howard and bubba with all three working a part time gig on a single channel or maybe even 2 channels.

Get rid of certain channels like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Shade 45 (there is already hip hop nation and the heat that play same music), Foxhole, all these channels that sirius is Shelling out millions for and in return get nothing, I mean I'd be shocked is sirius is even BREAKING EVEN on these stations with respect to how much they cost and how much these personallities are on their own stations to how many subs they are gaining or maintaining because of these channels.

There are still some merging to do with channels, some music categories have 5-6 channels that play all similar if not the same music, take country for an example, whats the point ? anyway...

Sports - I dont know that any of the sports are worth their current contracts. I mean if they are willing to renegotiate their current cost down atleast 25% of current prices, then they arent worth it. I dont think MLB is worth 60 Million a year.. I doubt they'd lose more than a couple hundred thousand subs is MLB Left, so lets see :

12*15*250k subs = 45 million bucks a year... so for the contract to be even show a profit they need to reneg the contract to less than 40 million a year... will more than 250k cancel ? maybe, but u know what ? they can make that up and more in a single quarter while saving 60 million a year... I mean and these 250k are people that ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY listen to the MLB channel, and got SIRIUS XM service for that only channel, not someone people that got it and listen to MLB, but only a portion of their time while listening to other programming. I think 250k is being generous.

i could go on and on...trust me..

Now I will agree with one thing, the quality of the music channels has dimished a bit since they merged, so If i was running the company, I'd reinvest a portion of the savings on the reneg contracts in the music channels to get more/better dj's and deeper playlists going.

I will cancel my subscription if they drop O&A, they make my commute bearable.

Do you even read the shit you spew?

If Howard is Coke, then O n A are Pepsi? That's a good comparison but RC Cola is more like it.

XM didn't build around o n a, they were part of the product offering along with good music, Oprah and MLB (among other things). Don't forget, o n a had a silver platter handed to them once Stern left. If they were the new faces of radio (rather appropriate considering their looks) then how come they couldn't save K Rock after DLR or improve any other market they were in? When Stern was on terrestrial radio, stations would add his show when they needed help. In nearly every market he entered he bolstered ratings into the top 5 of each market. o n a did the opposite, they brought ratings down, and I believe they were even worse than DLR was on his brief stint on KROCK. If you can't improve ratings afer DLR then you should look for new jobs, just like o n a should do after they get dropped from Sirius/XM.

Sirius built around Stern and once he signed they went from under a million to nearly eclipsing XM in subs. Poor decisions on XM's part by spending recklessly on no talents or personalities that don't bring in subs was a contributing factor.

If o n a were so big and such a huge draw, then how come Sirius consistantly added new subscribers after Stern made the move?

Hey Moron... even with Stern XM HAS MORE SUBS. you said it.. they built Sirius around Howard and they CANT BET XM. Even though Sirius is Parent Company. NO EXECUTIVES from XM made the cut.

The more of you that say your're leaving,,,the higher the stock price goes..good bye Stern, good bye Oprah, good bye O&A

If O&A do not get renewed...Why keep Sirius/XM?

I keep my account open just to hear them. If they don't come back...I'm shutting XM down and going with Slacker Radio. The thing is only $99.00 and you listen via wi-fi or just download content and play it back while driving. For $3.99 a month...I'll do that vs the $20 something I'm paying now for 1 sub & on-line access.

O&A makes XM worth it...without them...consider me gone!

In the long run I think it will hurt SXM, because this looks like they are turning away from original content. MLB, College Football, etc are very important. People working in there garage, or drivin across country will always tune in. OA, Bubba, Ron and Fez are all original content. I agree, Oprah, Martha, Shade 45, Foxhole.. aren't economical. The main demographic for radio has always been men. They will survive just based on subs in new cars. but if there isn't any original content to keep you. then after the trial they will drop the subs.

OA have not Listeners.. Screw them.. Really?

Look at this board alown. For September here are the personalities talked about and the number of comments in order

OA 73 Comments
Bubba 16 Comments
OA 330 Comments
OA 40 Comments
Stern 10 Comments
Bubba 10 Comments
Stern 7 Comments
OA 47 Comments
OA 56 Comments
Stern 53 Comments

Monthly total
OA 546 Comments
Bubba 26 Comments
Stern 70 Comments

Yep OA has no fans. No one cares.. Then how come more people care about OA then Stern or bubba combined x 5

No O&A = I cancel.

good riddaNCE don't let the door hit you morons in the ass

"Why pay them when about 3 people listen to them."
Then why did Jimmy get congratulated by Leno for being the most listened to show on Sirius/XM? Stern's ratings are obviously lower! If my show is rated higher than Stern's garbage (boo hoo hoo Robin) then the boys need paid.

just hire O&A on the terms of them being on Sirius side as well as XM side. Give them 25 million a year...maybe 30, and lose stern, save about 65-70 million a year from stern contract. we might lose 300k subs... Im thinking less maybe because some people will flock to o and a and stay for other content, but assumning 300k, they stand to make a profit. Also, please hire bubba full time...give him about the same as o and a...and get rid of howard, like that sirius saves money, and gets more fresh content that can GET NEW SUBS rather than just maintain a couple thousand people happy.. plus seems like for the past year all stern can talk about is how he is leaving...im starting to lose interest in the show.

Ed you truly are naive. It's not entirely possible that the same person may post under different names?

Not to mention that several people have posted several times to discuss the same comment.

Put down the bong and clear what's left of your mind and you'll see your numbers are not as big as you think.

Second the topics of Bubba and Stern will come up later as their contracts expire later in the year.

After October, you won't hear much about these two jokers and they'll fad back into obscurity.

I've been an XM Canada subscriber for, I think, 5 years now. When I was trying to pick between Sirius and XM I finally decided on XM for a few reasons. XM had a full time punk station (Fungus 53). They had exclusive NHL game broadcasts, and everyone I asked said they had better music. The only thing Sirus had to offer was Stern and while I listened to him as a teenager there was no real draw there.

Once I got the radio I decided to listen to O&A on my morning drive. Well, I got hooked of course.

Then the merger. Fungus went away, as did the Sirius Punk station only to be replaced by the ass-tastical 'Faction' (really? you're mixing Punk and Rap? Who's fucking idea was that?!?!).

The quality of the music channels went to complete shit (heeellllo repetition!). The only thing I had left was NHL Home Ice 204 and O&A. With O&A gone there's really nothing holding me there, I'm not paying money for Home Ice, it's just not enough.

I pay quarterly, my current sub runs out on Oct 11, if O&A aren't back Monday of next week I'll be calling up and telling them I'm not renewing and making sure they know why.

I bought XM because of O&A and will cancel if stupid XM/Sirius doesn't renew them. Didn't they learn their lesson last time when they suspended them and so many people cancelled. I am done.

Just spoke with the bro, he say they just signed 5 year contract. good news for FH Reliey.


As I recall, Sirius took over XM and if they didn't do it Sirius would've slammed the door on XM in a matter of time.

Again, o n a did not build XM you delusional idiot.

If O&A leave so do I. I got XM almost 5 years ago and stumbled onto them one morning. Haven't changed the radio DIAL since!!!!!!!!

Oprah came later. Get your facts straight.

Remember fellas' SIRIUS is calling the shots now NOT XM So it's the dumb ass shirts at SIRIUS that are trying to low ball O&A.


Excellent points in your posts, thanks.

I'm tempted to predict there will be an eleventh-hour agreement to keep O&A, but it's also true you have to look not at the number of people who may have signed up for them, but the number who would leave if they left. This is probably where Sirius XM feels they're somewhat expendable: As you said, XM didn't expect O&A to bail them out of the doldrums, as Stern did for Sirius, but just to offer a shock jock program of a somewhat similar ilk as an alternative to Stern.

It seems to me that a good option for Sirius XM would be to try to keep talent like Stern and O&A by paying them less but in exchange for this offering them more flexibility to also offer their shows in other places, such as on terrestrial radio or the internet. I think this could actually help Sirius XM because they would able to promote the satellite show as a "value-added" product, with such perks as fewer commercials, more time availability, uncensored language and content, etc. Increased exposure of the shows may even lead to more people subscribing to satellite radio to hear the upgraded versions. As it is now, these shows do not seem to be driving a lot of growth because they're not heard by enough people in enough places, so there's not much "buzz" about them.

Howie isn't worth the bulk of the programing dollars spent on him. Keep drinking the 1994 water, fuck face.

Without O&A there is no reason to keep a sub with watered down SIRI-XM.

The music sucks (too repetitive, too narrow of a playlist.)

Melvin can say he successfully destroyed another medium.

Bravo, you stupid greedy cocksucker. Enjoy your eternity in a pool of fire...

xcountry, I had to laugh at you parroting almost word for word what I told you applied to Stern (that how many subscribers would leave if Stern leaves is largely what will determine how much they will be willing to offer him to stay). The funny thing is, you seemed unable to recognize that simple fact when the subject was Stern, but I'm glad you've seen the light, because as you now recognize, that concept applies to O&A also.

As for your idea that Sirius should let their exclusive content also air their shows elsewhere on non-Sirius XM platforms... that would be a stupid thing for them to do. If people can get the content anywhere, it diminishes the need for a satellite radio subscription. That's slowly starting to happen with their music content, so satellite radio's best hope is to provide as much content as possible that can only be heard on satellite radio and nowhere else.

I personally think that O&A will continue on Sirius XM, even if the offer isn't that great, because after their recent failure on terrestrial radio they don't have a lot of lucrative options left that would be likely to even pay as much as a "less than fantastic" offer that they are probably getting from Sirius XM, and unlike Stern, I don't think O&A can afford to completely walk away from the business at this point in their careers.

rumor they signed for 5 years ?

Read it on KOAT forum under SIRI

Without O&A xm is useless (sorry RF but they can't support the virus alone). Think it was a fluke that RF did a morning show for a bit on xm stars? Sirius testing the market for an RF morning show since OA will definitely be done. I am canceling my car, home and xmp3 subs. Now if only I can get the GF to cancel...

Same joke twice, well done stupid. Rewording didn't make it any funnier.

I can't believe how F'n stupid O&A fans are.
Do any of you actually think before you speak?

Seriously, Most everything that is being bitched
about is innaccurate on some level.

If you want to blame anyone blame O&A. They turned
down their offer. They care about money not their fans.

Instead of threatening Sirius with cancelations, you fans should threaten O&A to not follow them to another platform if they don't take the deal they were offered. 

And for anyone who wants to say they are worth more money or worth more than Howard, do yourself a favor and go to Google.com/trends and type in Howard, Sirius and O&A and you will see how irrelevant  O&A really are.



has anyone considered that the lone reason they are trying to lowball O&A and Bubba is so they can justify lowballing Stern on his renewal? I think they might be content to let both shows go simply to go back to hoohoo and say, "look, Shock Jock radio isn't what it used to be. You are the king of a dying genre", and then offer him a significantly less amount of money to work 2 or 3 days a week.

Oh, and to the Stern head that want to bash O&A, that's all good. However, I find it interesting that you guys want to bash O&A for wanting more money, but are just so willing to accept a version of Howard Stern that works less and less, cares less and less about his show, and has been reduced to his wife's bitch. I listen to both shows, and clearly I'll take O&A's brand of humor over Stern's today. Cutting edge comedy, or commentary about Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, fake phony phone calls and Richard and Sal being gay? Seems like an easy choice to me.

And let's be clear here. Did O&A fail on their return to terrestrial radio? Yes, they did. Absolutely. They and the pests can claim anything they want (competing against themselves, different climate, etc.), but the reality is they failed. That said though, Stern was NOT #1 in every market when he bailed for Sirius. While he brought a lot of subs to Sirius, he failed in his bragging of bringing 10,000,000 subs to Sirius. He failed at creating two channels of entertaining "revolution" (Howard 101 is horrible, as is anything outside of HSS and Wrapup Show). Stern has found a way to use Stern Fans hardcore fandom to use them by getting them to accept shows conducted by free, unqualified talent (Intern Show), super cheap talent to fill time (Jay Thomas, Ferrell), and nonsensical "news" about nothing (News Department).

Bottom line - both shows have excelled at some things, and have failed at some things in their time on Satellite. Listening is a preference. All this said though, I'm glad I ended my association with this horrible company (SiriXM). I'm glad the pirates keep both shows alive in other mediums than satrad, because anymore, when you add in the downgrade of content, the upcharge of royalty fees (which is a scam - they were paying it from the beginning as part of your rate...then they aren't - total ripoff), and their willingness to let their talent do whatever they want without repercussion has proven to wreck what was once thought to be "the next wave".

I can't believe how F'n stupid wolf child is.
Do you actually think before you speak?

"If you want to blame anyone blame O&A. They turned
down their offer. They care about money not their fans."

howie gets 500 million, even if sirius gives him half that he wont take it, thats still a significantly large amount of money to walk away from TO DESERT FANS FOR CASH!!!!....STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!!! F'IN JACKASS!

hey dickhat... o&a were on satellite before stern...
choke on a bj.

Yeah at 100 Million a year, Fridays off, and four months of vacation, Howard is doing it for the fans and not the money.

You Sir, are a fool!

Me thinks you are the one who needs to think before they speak. As stated above me, Howard and his paycheck + 4 day work week + 12 weeks vacation + boring show = doing it for his fans? Aside from the fact Howie is way overpaid as it is... if Sirius offered him a miniscule fraction of what he is making now, do you think he should take it? Or if your job decided to cut your salary by more than half, would you be happy about it and stick around? The only inaccuracy is the shit that you are spewing. Ponderous how brainwashed one can be.

LOL. Sternicilin - cures any virus!

See Ya - or maybe not. Hello Podcasting!

Yet another failure in your disappointing careers.

Once again you STERN ASS HATS. Explain why Sirius has never had more subs then XM. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Howard Doesn't Matter. Good Content at a Reasonable Price. WNEW Contract was 30 million for 5 years. Thats 6 Million a year split Two ways. XM had to offer less then that. Now Sirius is trying to lower that number. Assume 5 Million.. Howard gets 100 Million.. What a bargin XM has more subs then Sirius and they saved 95 Million doing it.. OA are UNDER PAID by a Mile

Once again you STERN ASS HATS. Explain why Sirius has never had more subs then XM. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Howard Doesn't Matter. Good Content at a Reasonable Price. WNEW Contract was 30 million for 5 years. Thats 6 Million a year split Two ways. XM had to offer less then that. Now Sirius is trying to lower that number. Assume 5 Million.. Howard gets 100 Million.. What a bargin XM has more subs then Sirius and they saved 95 Million doing it.. OA are UNDER PAID by a Mile


How old are you?