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Opie & Anthony Program Director Steve Carlesi terminated by Sirius XM

Steve Carlesi
Steve Carlesi, Program Director of The Opie & Anthony Show, was let go by Sirius XM Radio Inc. according to a report by FMQB.

Carlesi confirmed that his position was terminated on his Facebook page.
Carlesi (commonly known as "Steve C" on the show) wrote the following Facebook status update late Monday:

"The ride was a lot of fun for a lot of years. However, it's time to get off the ride and move on to another. Cryptic enough?"

Steve C later added jokingly that the update wasn't very cryptic at all, and confirmed to his near 5,000 Facebook friends that his position was indeed terminated.

"I was not replaced," he added. "While I'm not thrilled, it was as amicable a departure as could be." 

Carlesi noted that there is no "bad blood" at all, and that he had spoken with Opie, Anthony and Jim Norton about his departure.

No details are available about the reason for eliminating Carlesi's position.

FMQB notes that while Carlesi's sudden departure will likely be a subject of conversation when O&A return from vacation on September 13th, there's another topic looming: Opie & Anthony's continued fate on satellite radio. 

O&A's contract with the Sirius XM Radio expires on October 1st according to Opie's Twitter. (UPDATE: It was originally reported that O&A's contract expires at the end of October. Thanks to @wackbag, @PhillyOAndAPhan and @EllisFromPhilly for the correction.)

(Best of luck Steve!)


That's Terrible, I'm Sorry.

kinda looks like theyre going to whack the channel. Ron and Fez lost their exec producer and he wasnt replaced. Then they lost East Side Dave and he hasnt been replaced. Now OnA has lost their exec producer. Message from Sirius seems pretty clear.

Who? From what?
Are they the guys who took over after Stern left and then got fired for being #22 in the ratings?

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They aren't doing away with the channel. The company is hemorrhaging money and the suits are trying to save cash where they can.
The channel is fine.

I hope that they don't axe the channel. I will be lost as I spend all day in the car. I subscribed to XM to replace the channel I lost on regular radio. I don't think sirius can even comprehend how many subscribers they will lose if they don't do the right thing!!!!!!

This smells of O & A being consolidated under the Howard Stern channels utilizing Stern program directors under the new contract they are working on.

I've said this in surveys I've filled out to XM and I'll say it here. If O&A are no longer on the satellite radio platform, I will unsubscribe from the platform after having it for over 8 years. At that point, anything I can get from XM I can get for free from my Slacker player and for a nominal fee from my Droid phone that I'll be picking up in November.

Although I'm not entirely convinced it's going down this road, since with Stern's recent hint that he may no longer be on the platform, or on a very limited basis, it'd be a VERY bad decision to let O&A go at almost the same time.

Axe O&A, they aren't funny and Jim Norton is just annoying.

Sucks that A guy with a new kid gets axed

These chumps are done. I thought they were aready done since you never hear about them. I guess I was wrong.

Deja vu - terrestrial radio. Get rid of these bitches along with Oprah and Martha and pay money to talent. O n A are no talent hacks that couldn't cut it after Stern and if he leaves they won't be able to cut it once again.

Hello Podcasting!

no you idiot. that was david lee roth. O&A was fired for a bit they did

I can't say this comes as much of a surprise. I think fans have felt this coming for a while. At first I thought Steve was being a real douche about things but I then just realized this was a group of people that just needed to make a change. It's unfortunate that Steve C. had to be the one that was on the outside after all his years of hard work. I just hope all parties move on and are successful. Good luck Steve.

@Kimmie - No, these are the guys with the #1 channel on satellite, including Howard.

Yet another bad move by Sirius. Doesn't surprise me...this is what happens when the dominant company in a merger acts like they're still on terrestrial radio and not a completely different format with infinite potential. Hire bad radio execs (Jeremy Coleman, Tim Sabien), and that's what you're going to get.

Steve C was a XM guy, not a O and A employee. There was bad blood for some time with the show, this might have been part of the NEW contract that Opie wanted

If Ron & Fez go, you can cancel my subscription.

You must be insane if you think that Stern is going to be signed to any agreement. He's stating that he's leaving because the contract is up in December and there is NO WAY they are going to pay him.

Sirius is being managed EXACTLY like AM/FM radio. They still don't understand that something that is going to make you money is going to cost you money. You will never get a return on your investment at $500 Million, but for pennies on the Stern dollar, you've got rabid, faithful, brand-loyal fans that continue to pay to hear O&A. We payed the extra $2 a month when they started on XM; we destroyed our radios, paid cancellation fees and dropped our service when they were suspended from XM; and we continue to pay the fees for Sirius, even though they have completely destroyed the music platforms to sub-FM standards.

You will see 25-30% of your subs cancel if O&A are not resigned to a new deal in October. Knowing Howard, he'll make an announcement that he's not resigning with Sirius right about the time that O&A leave the platform and claim that everyone bailed out because he said he was leaving.

King of all Delusions.

Could not have happened to a nicer guy.

Blank C.C. copy paste speculate copy paste.

Steve is an incredibly talented guy and will definitely move on to better things. This is probably the best thing that could happen to him or the show. His wonderful wife, his son and their family and friends are all super supportive. You all can say whatever you want about the guy. Steve wasn't meant to ride the coattails of O&A. His talents are many and he will find a way to bounce back quickly.

Opie is a whiney baby. Sorry. The times the show totally sucks is because of his infantile behavior. Ant and Jim are awesome. Hang it up Opie. Hang it up.

I'm not a fan of O&A and I don't listen to them. That's not the point. There are countless people who do and if SiriusXM does away with them, it will certainly have a negative impact on the company. The same thing is happening with Howard and with Bubba right now as well. If all three of these programs are axed, then the company will hemorrhage listeners at an astronomical rate and the survivability of the company would definitely be in question. Whether you like any or none of these programs, you have to admit that they each bring their own form of entertainment.

"Are they the guys who took over after Stern left and then got fired for being #22 in the ratings?"

Are you really that stupid. O&As biggest markets are NYC, Philly, and Boston. All of the real fans were listening to the XM broadcast. Why the heck would we listen to the FM feed? Why dont you calculate all those listeners in the ratings.

Hey, anonymous, was the "doesn'tgetthebitguy" screen name taken? Steve C was a bit, but also in real life he wasn't much of a show booker. If you could trade Steve C for Roland and let Danny and Sam co-produce the show, it would be an improvement.


Too bad. I'll miss all the Steve being gay jokes.

What are you doing in my house?

Steve C charged the company for O and A content, and its hard to know if it was a bit, but Opie and C didn't seem to get along. I think Danny and Sam will do great as producers.

Watchin Opies Tweets, i think XM is making a big mistake. Mel said it was all about content. and I do listen to other stations on XM, but without O and A, I'm more likey to listen Pandora (i just got the new car radio that has it built in) or my ipod.

I don't have the best feeling, its seems XM/Sirius has done everything they can to try and make O and A less popular. They kill 80% of the bits, no more live feeds, Paltalk killed off. I just don't get it. XM still has more subs then Sirius even with 4 years of Howard, and O and A are a fraction of the cost. Also a fraction of the cost of programming like Oprah.

Ummmm....Steve wasn't a show booker? Who was chomping at the bit to get on that show? Q-list nobodies. And when Roland, etc, fail who are you going to blame then? It's not about the booker. The show hasn't been good since WNEW. Afternoon drive. No one wants to hear Opie whine about his blueberries at 7am. They want WOW Wednesdays, Homeless Christmas shopping, and Whiffle Bat challenges, as they drive to happy hour or to see their booty call. Let's call a spade a spade please.
You are right about Steve C being a bit. He's played dumb too long. This was just a stepping stone for him. He slaved for them for more years than people realize. He saw the larger picture, not for just how far his work would help himself, but how it would impact the show and all it's participants and fans. Opie tweeted that he was a soldier. That is an understatement.

and THAT'S how you executive produce.

"You will see 25-30% of your subs cancel if O&A are not resigned to a new deal in October. Knowing Howard, he'll make an announcement that he's not resigning with Sirius right about the time that O&A leave the platform and claim that everyone bailed out because he said he was leaving."

You honestly believe at least a quarter of SiriusXM's subscribers will cancel if Opie and Anthony leave? Wow, this is a whole new unseen level of delusion. I doubt a quarter of subscribers will cancel if even Howard leaves.

They are all getting shit offers because they are not nearly as relevant as everyone thinks they are to the bottom line of the company.

That's terrible. I'm sorry.

...aaand that's how you executive produce.

That's terrible. I'm sorry.

O&A and Howard are being leveraged against each other, in the hopes of keeping them both. If Howard doesn't re-sign (for less money), you think they want O&A gone? No. But they also want O&A to play ball in their own contract negotiations (and also take less money). In truth, neither Stern nor O&A have anywhere to go. There's so little profit in podcasting at this point that it would be crazy to leave satellite (willingly) to do it. It's obvious that management is trying to cut costs when they lose 66% of Ron and Fez's producers and don't even bother to replace them. You want to save money? Cut Bubba, Ferrall, and Rosie loose. Renegotiate Oprah's and Martha's contracts. And stop running your company like it's CBS Radio. I like satellite radio as a concept...I just wish there was somebody who knew how to execute that concept properly.

And exactly how many "Rabid, brand loyal Faithful fans" are there?

You are either delusional or high (not to mention out of touch with reality) if you think that by losing these morons Sirius/XM will fail. O n A proclaimed that they were the future of radio when Stern left and they failed on every single station they were on. Allegedly they're "HUGE" in NYC. How did that work out?

They failed miserably and couldn't generate any money for any of the stations they were on. Bubba is doing a better job on terrestrial radio and he wasn't handed the opportunity of a lifetime like those idiots were.

You claim that 25-30% of the subs will leave if O n A are gone. Are you serious or simply high? 25-30 of their subs would be about 25,000 people - a mere drop in the bucket. If you think O n A were responsible for more than 100k new subs you need to take your meds.

Sounds like O n A are the Queens of all Whining

How did your parents die?


I heard that Pendulum is a giant hit in china and that Foundry is going on tour to place their watermark on Chinese babies. Its just what I heard

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when o and a went off regular radio i went out and bought an xm just so i could listen to them !!! if they are not on xm i will cancel!!! the music stations suck!! more commercials than music now!!!! howard is great if you are not married and dont have a man at home to say its all about me !!!! look at me!!! look what i did ! aint i great!!! frickin homo!!!!!! i have a man at home and dont need it at work ( yes i drive alot) so yes i agree they will lose alot of people!!!! i am not going to pay money for shit radio if i can have it for free on regular radio !!! xm is a bunch of @#@holes!! get rid of howand, opra,fatty pig fatty rosie and martha!!! who actualy listens to that stupid shit anyways????

XM has 10,057,380 subscribers. Sirius has 9,470,068 subscribers. is 25-30% of the XM side dumps there subscriptions that would be about 2.5 to 3 Million Subscriptions. GET YOUR NUMBERS STRAIGHT. All this talk about Howard at 500 Million, but they don't mention that even with Howard they have never caught up to XM. The only "Original" talent XM has is OnA and Ron and Fezz.

Howard fans have to aleast admit the numbers. Loosing both Howard and OnA will have a huge impact because you can get almost all other content from somewhere.

Howard is expensive. I'm not going to bad mouth his show, i honestly don't listen. But keeping OnA at a fraction of what money they pay howard seems logical.

And if XM/Sirius keeps them.. Please let them opperate like they did at XM. The show as much more fun. They did Live broadcasts, Paltalk cameras, nakid women. I love the show however i get it. but its missing 10-20% of that fun factor not because of the boys, but because of the Corporate Mentality

This is what happens when you don't work Monday's

I don't think the show's going anywhere. Opie's probably having some fun with the same idiots that believe they're fighting with Ron & Fez or were suspended because they took a Friday off without telling the listeners.

Steve seemed to lose the respect of the entire staff at some point. I'm not surprised they're letting him go. They have plenty of people working for them. But it really seemed for some time that either Steve or Danny had to go.

i hear steve is cleaning glory holes, YEEEES.

You really think they brought in 3 million subs? I'd like to see those numbers and facts - not your opinions.

Based on that very gracious (and I mean VERY) percentage, O n A are responsible for 1/4 of XM's business?

Simply put, you are full of shit! They couldn't drive those types of numbers, they certainly couldn't get ratings on regular radio in a Stern-free environment.

You miss the obvious Lt. Col.

Let Ferrall, Bubba and Rosie go and renegotiate Oprah and Martha?

You're dumber than you lead on. Oprah and Martha are the two biggest wastes of money on the air and you want those contracts renegotiated? I'm glad you're running the slushy machine at the convenience store and not running a major corporation.

Ferrall and Bubba have proven to be better than most of the other paid talent. Mad Dog sucks and he gets 3 mil a year.

Rosie is probably gone on her own as she's working for Oprah's new TV channel.

Why put money into Ron & Fuzz when they have even fewer listeners than 0.0?

Cancel the Virus channel and I will cancel my 2 XM radios and my online account. I would probably keep the built-in Sirius in my car but obviously cancel the "Best of XM" extra package.

XM has gone downhill badly since the merger.

I have no idea how many people will cancel, but I do know that I will cancel. I listen to 202 and XMU. XMU can easily be replaced.

Part of me hopes they are stupid enough not to re sign OnA...how can i say that and call myself a fan of the bbbboys? Well as someone already mentioned Sirius has screwed up the music programing so bad that the ONLY thing I pay the sub for is OnA...they may as well start a membership based pod cast and get all my money rather than whatever portion it works out too now.

Funny thing is in the pre-Mel days, before OnA picked a platform i was rooting for Sirius because I liked the music channels better at the time...good work Mel.

Who can we E mail to tell them how we feel and I will cancel all 5 of my radios and online with my phone if they go. This is all I listen to who in the hell would they have Jason Eliis????? what is Ron and Fez going to do? they are up soon to right? and come on no more A.F.R.O shows!give us a E mail to write in..

The lawyers are Sirius told them they weren't allowed to do the homeless shopping spree or the wiffleball bat challenge anymore. Apparently "insertion" has no place on a platform that has a channel dedicated to Playboy. But even so, I think they've moved beyond a lot of that shit anyway. There aren't very many things more corny and less shocking than being a "Shock Jock" in 2010, and half the show has become a sort of revival of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. The other half is the retard and tranny jokes we all know and love

Unlike you, I actually research everything I say. Page 40 of Sirius/XM Quarterly report dated 6/30/2010 clear states that “as of June 30, 2010, we had 19,527,448 subscribers; 9,470,068 SIRIUS subscribers and 10,057,380 XM subscribers”. All this talk about Stern and how 50% of all subscribers will Drop Sirius/XM is just plain stupid, because Sirius isn’t even 50% of the subscriber base. With Stern, Sirius couldn’t even beat XM. WHY CAN’T HOWARD BEAT XM! Sirius is obviously the “dominant” side of the merger. I don’t think there is a single XM Executive left. Businessweek just came out with an article that states that 200,000-300,000 subscribers will dump Sirius if Howard leaves. Let’s say one the other side, THE BIGGER SIDE, that 100,000 O and A fans dump XM. When O and A got suspended for a month many fans “suspended” our subs and that number was reported at 50,000 and it was not a firing just a suspension. I don’t know what O and A’s contract is, but I would assume it’s about 5% of what Howard’s is. Economically speaking, and not taking anything else into account, O and A are worth keeping compared to Howard considering the numbers.

i love when howie fans (like NED STAIN) come in here saying, o&a = fail! when did any of you donkey's ever see a ratings report?????... like you clowns work in radio or something....smh!

Right on target!

Right on. If Adam Carolla isn't making any money with his podcast, no one will be anytime soon.

Steve C. is gone. That's terrible, I'm sorry.
The bbboys beat up on him all the time because they liked him. I hope SiriusXM does the right thing and resigns the bbboys. I get that it is a recession and the company has to jew down their overhead, but letting go of O&A would be a huge mistake. O&A bring alot of subscribers. If they don't come back...hello podcasting! Will Steve be missed? Yessssss!

thanks for all the kind wishes. Give me severence or give me men!

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Howard is a washed up has been D-Bag if O & A go so does my 3 subs to XM. Howard was funny in what 92 now he is a miserable old man with hair extensions

Kid or not. The guy is an F'ing loser. Few have any idea of his way of life and for how much of a scary freak he is. One slip away from death or jail. It should not be allowed for one's like him to be a father. Wonder if the wife knows anything of what goes on beyond her eyes.