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Opie fiancée/Bam Margera sex tape "shocker" - where's the proof?

Opie's fiancee LindsayThe holes in the New York Post's story about a supposed sex tape featuring Opie's fiancée Lindsay (pictured above) and Bam Margera are widening... a lot.

Chaunce Hayden - who was quoted in the Page Six article as saying  "They're doing the nasty - and I mean nasty" - amazingly admitted to FMQB yesterday of actually never having seen the video. Apparently, he based his entire account of the contents of the video on the word of a single disgruntled ex-employee of the Opie & Anthony show.

"If that doesn't show that Chaunce has some sort of agenda, I don't know what else to tell you," said Opie on their show this morning.

The smoking gun was revealed this morning when Bam Margera himself called into the Opie & Anthony show, and denied that the sex tape exists.

"I think it's nonsense... if I filmed it, I filmed it myself. I never even heard of those dudes," said Margera referring to the ex-employee who supposedly bought the rights from Bam. "I would pay $100,000 to see it myself."

The conversation continued on to discuss how ridiculous and unsubstantiated the claims made by the New York Post were.

Opie thanked Margera for setting the record straight, "You're a stand up guy Bam. I greatly appreciate you coming forward... I just appreciate that someone did the right thing for once."

"I totally 100% believe that it's not true, and I'll match you on the 100-grand," added Margera.

Opie & Anthony even were more than happy to plug Margera's show on Sirius Faction (ch 28) which airs 7-8pm on Mondays.

The sad part is that the New York Post obviously didn't even bother to verify the story by simply contacting Bam Margera. The fact that Page Six even quoted Chaunce Hayden's account of the contents of the video - when he didn't even see it - is truly a lapse in journalistic integrity.

But then again, "Page Six" and "integrity" aren't necessarily synonmous with each other.

Photo Credit: Speaking of integrity, I don't know who took the above photo but it's the only photo of Opie's fiancee that I know of. So if you're took it, please contact me so I can give attribution.


fake hack bit!!!! the sirius plugs confirm this

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FUCK Opie.....Citi just initiated Sirius with a BUY and a price target OF $8 FRIGGIN DOLLARS!!!!

I had always wondered what Lindsay looks like. It must really be "always sunny in Philadelphia".

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Good for "Opie". This wasn't a fake radio bit and I have a feeling the actions of his lawyers will speak volumes to that.

WTF does this and Artie Lange have to do with SatRad? Who Cares?

Is orbitcast trying to emulate X17?

"WTF does this and Artie Lange have to do with SatRad? Who Cares?

Is orbitcast trying to emulate X17?"

Gee, I don't know, both guys are associated with two of the bigger shows ON SATRAD. Douche.

I still say bit.


Are you that stupid. Citi didnt intiate a buy. First Citi doesnt own any part of Sirius and wouldnt pay triple what the company is worth. It just goes to show how much knowledge some of you idiots have.

"WTF does this and Artie Lange have to do with SatRad? Who Cares?

Is orbitcast trying to emulate X17?"

You must be new to Orbitcast.

Ryan has the capability to bring us the intelligent news as well as the garbage, all in the same breath. I love it. :) :)

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what does O&A & Howard have to do with SDARS? without them half their sub base would cancel and game over for both companies.

So did Bam deny that he's had relations with this young lady, or just deny that there is a tape?

Yeah she is looking for exposure, yet ONE picture of her exists on the internet...

"fake hack bit!!!! the sirius plugs confirm this"

No way was this a bit, Opie really goes out of his way to make sure his chick is NOT involved in the show. As opposed to the other shock jocks girl who seems to be forced down our throats every minute, pushing her career aspirations.

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"Yeah she is looking for exposure, yet ONE picture of her exists on the internet..."

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I think the whole thing is a hoax. Not the Bam story, the story that Opie is nailing that hottie...

"As compared to horseface...."

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I fucked this slut's ass

I fucked this slut's ass

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ONA always win in the end. Do they?

ONA always win in the end. Do they?

Wasn't Chaunce the same douche who had a source with direct knowledge that Arite was being fired from the Stern Show? Why does Page 6 continue to give him even the most obscure pieces of celebrity?

bam bam your not the man,mate all the other celebs who release sex tapes put you to shame

i watched it on www.redlightworld.com so if anyone would like to check out the other sex tapes there and see what i mean .

bam please do it better next time.