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Pioneer Inno XM2go Portable XM Satellite Radio Unveiled!


UPDATE: Read our in-depth Pioneer Inno review for more information on this incredible unit. 

Pioneer Inno XM2go

The new Pioneer Inno XM2go, the sister to the Samsung Helix XM2go, was also just unveiled today at CES. Like the Helix, the Pioneer Inno combines both live XM Satellite Radio content while on-the-go with your MP3/WMA music collection.

Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics says it perfectly with: "In the past, the consumer has been able to do one of two things: listen to satellite radio or listen to music downloaded from their own collection. Now, the consumer can have their personal favorites and also be exposed to great new artists through XM programming. Adding the XM functionality to an MP3 player means you're no longer a prisoner to your own playlist."


The Pioneer Inno has flash memory storage for MP3/WMA files and XM content. The Inno can store up to 50 hours of XM programming (Orbitcast estimation: 50 hours of satellite radio content = 1Gb of storage). At only 4.5 ounces and 3.7 H" x 2.2 W" x 0.6 D," the Inno is extremely light and easy to take along anywhere.

The Pioneer Inno uses a new, state-of-the-art satellite/terrestrial internal antenna for live reception of XM Satellite Radio. It has a full-color, 180 X 180 pixels TFT display and a user-friendly interface for saving and deleting content. Users can build personal playlists using a mix of XM content and tracks from their own digital music collection. The unit has a memory buffer to make it easy to store an entire track heard in XM, even if the user starts storing it in the middle of a song.

Inno also has a built-in, wireless FM transmitter that beams XM to any FM radio. It offers a personal stock quotes ticker and sport score ticker, a category list for saving and playing favorite channels, and the popular TuneSelect feature, which tells the listener a favorite artist or song whenever it is played on any XM channel.

Inno comes with headphones and all of the accessories needed for portable and home use. Optional accessories sold separately include a vehicle kit, boom boxes, and mini audio systems.

The Pioneer Inno XM2go portable satellite radio/mp3 player will MSRP at $399.99 and will arrive at retailers in the first quarter of 2006.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Holy Grail is here.


I have two innos updated to firmware v1.30 one for my wife and one for me around the house. The units display and menu work very well, the battery life is fair, audio quality is good with audio level sub par(to save battery life) with no "real" EQ just a Bass and treble adjustment. The factory earbuds are ok and remove outside noise, I upgraded to Sony’s $100.00 buds with the high and low audio range boosted. Now the ugly, READ PAGE 26 IN YOUR MANUAL, YOU MUST LISTEN TO XM FOR 8 HOURS A MONTH or playback will not work, this is true even if you have PAID for the music via itunes, Napster (for some not a big deal, just keep it on until you want to use it). XM did not and will not care if you have paid in full for two years of service, plus it looks like some or all of this feature may soon end with the pending law suite "downloading music without paying for it", I would not buy this unit if mp3 playback is high on your list, the IPOD or similar is a much better choice, NO MONTHY SERVICE CHARGE TO LISTEN TO MUSIC YOU PAID FOR. You may need the headset with the built in satellite antenna if you wish to use the unit outside jogging, playing with the kids, you can use it without issues sitting as long as you have with a view to the south. In car use is at best fair, audio quality is fair next to a built in xm tuner like the Pioneer I run in my Grand Cherokee, the hardwire kit works inline with your car antenna and a upgrade in audio but still with issues if you travel as the frequency that is not in use in one area may be wiped out in others so you must change the frequency again, this is the setup in my wife's Galant with a Bose 5 speaker audio system. The Pioneer inno is an overall upgrade from my old Airware but not in the same league as a built in XM car tuner.

This will be the Holy Grail when it also comes with at LEAST a 20GB hard drive. Store all your music and have the option of live XM...THAT'S the Holy Grail!