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Radio censoring the word "satellite" from Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow lyrics

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom PowFM radio stations across the country have been censoring the word "satellite" from the hit Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow" according to a report by The State Press.

Instead of the lyrics "here we go, here we go, satellite radio" the radio-edited version of the song garbles the word "satellite" - censoring a word that is both family-friendly and unoffensive.

That is, unoffensive to listeners at least, but apparently offensive enough to warrant nationwide censorship by those in the terrestrial radio industry. If you needed further proof of the travesty that regular radio has become, this is it.
This isn't a case of restricting advertising from a competitor.

Satellite Radio is a medium, much like AM/FM Radio, Satellite TV, Cable TV and Internet Radio are mediums. There's no proof that Sirius XM Radio Inc. paid the Black Eyed Peas for product placement within the song (if they did, I'm sure it would have included the brand itself - and the lyrics probably would have read "here we go, here we go, Sirius XM Radio now available at your local Best Buy or online at").

It's one thing to prevent a competitor from advertising on your airtime (i.e., like seeing DirecTV ads on cable, or Comcast ads on your satellite TV). That's understandable.

But this is a case of editing the original music that the artist intended for the benefit of terrestral radio's own agenda. No where does the FCC define the word "satellite" as offensive. It's offensive to only one group: Radio Execs.

Maybe it's the power of suggestion that regular radio is afraid of? Or the influence that the Black Eyed Peas would have on their listeners with a single word? Or maybe it's a way to get back at for his association with the musicFIRST Coallition?

Or maybe it's a combination of all those factors. Either way, it's clear that FM radio doesn't view the artist's music as a priority - regardless of what they tell Congress - only their own agendas.

And that's offensive.

Below is a clean version of the song, and the lyrics to "Boom Boom Pow" that the Black Eyed Peas originally intended. This is what the FCC would allow on the air, without the word "satellite" censored.

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow lyrics:

Gotta get that [x3]
Gotta get that that that, that that

Boom boom boom (Gotta get that) [x4]

Boom boom boom (That) [x2]
Boom boom boom [x2]

Yo, I got the hit that beat the block
You can get that bass overload
I got the that rock and roll
That future flow

That digital spit
Next level visual ****
I got that (Boom boom boom)
How the beat bang (Boom boom boom)

I like that boom boom pow
Them chickens jackin' my style
They try copy my swagger
I'm on that next **** now

I'm so 3008
You so 2000 and late
I got that boom boom boom
That future boom boom boom
Let me get it now

Boom boom boom (Gotta get that) [x4]

Boom boom boom (That) [x2]
Boom boom boom [x2]

I'm on the supersonic boom
Y'all hear the space ship zoom
When when I step inside the room them girls go ape***, uh

Y'all stuck on Super 8 ****
That low-fi stupid 8-bit
I'm on that HD flat
This beat go boom boom pow

I'm a beast when you turn me on
Into the future cybertron
Harder, faster, better, stronger
Sexy ladies extra longer, cuz

We got the beat that bounce
We got the beat that pow
We got the beat that 808
That the boom boom in your town

People in the place
If you wanna get down
Put your hands in the air drop the beat now

Yep yep
I be rockin' them beats (Yep, yep)
I be rockin' them beats (Yep yep yep, yep)

Here we go, here we go, satellite radio
Y'all getting hit with (Boom boom)
Beats so big I'm steppin on leprechauns
**** on y'all you with the (Boom boom)
**** on y'all you with the (Boom boom)

**** on y'all you with the..
This beat be bumpin' bumpin'
This beat go boom boom

Let the beat rock
Let the beat rock
Let the beat r...

This beat be bumpin' bumpin'
This beat go boom boom

I like that boom boom pow
Them chickens jackin' my style
They try copy my swagger
I'm on that next **** now

I'm so 3008
You so 2000 and late
I got that boom boom boom
That future boom boom boom
Let me get it now

Boom boom boom (Gotta get that) [x4]

Boom boom boom (Yeah) [x2]
Boom boom boom [x2]

Let the beat rock (Let the beat rock)
Let the beat rock (Let the beat...)
Let the beat r... (Let the beat rock, rock, rock, rock)

Thanks Chris!


Opie and Anthony briefly mentioned it on their show but it's worth bringin up. In Canada the same thing is going on with the song. Just like you mentioned the CTRC have no offensive rules against "satellite". I think it would be great if the Black Eyed Pea. Went after the radio industry for editing the song. This is why satellite radio will win in the end.

I'm more offended by their lack of talent. This reminds me of those dumbasses that changed french fries to freedom fries after 9/11.

Ron & MikeEater 11-3

you should also mention that the same radio stations that censor the words "Satellite Radio" have a song in rotation that can be heard at least 20 times a day titled "Birthday Sex." Though not offensive, they could easily change the word "Sex" to "Kiss" for radio play. i can only imagine the shock of parents when their 3 or 4 year olds start singing the chorus "Birthday Sex" while sitting in their car seats.

HUH??!! What is the FCC stupid (what don't answer). WHY would they bleep the words "Satellite Radio" from the lyrics??!! Are they THAT afraid of Satellite Radio as a competition that they want to remove any reference in songs?

hoo hoo robin i invented satalite

Up until a few months back, Sirius XM had the same version playing on SH1. A few of us inquired with the company why they were playing a version that sensored "satellite radio". Shortly thereafter, we got the version we listen to now. I think it is pretty clear that terrestrial radio is fearful of Sirius XM.

It shows pettiness and paranoia to sensor legal lyrics out of a song, but all forms of the media -- terrestrial and satellite radio, TV, the Internet, etc. -- function as "gatekeepers" to decide what we get to see and hear. If this censorship of a song pisses you off, and it should, how do you feel about "censoring" entire artists and/or genres of music? Satellite radio does that, as does terrestrial. Opie and Anthony have rebroadcast their interview with Mel Karmazin in which they were told they could not say anything bad about Howard Stern.

The bottom line is, you don't have freedom of speech when you're talking on someone else's microphone. The removal of lyrics from a song is nothing more than one more example of this theme that's visible everywhere you look in the mass media in any form.

I noticed this when the song first came out on FM radio. What is troubling though FYI...........I was listening to Pop2K on SiriusXM and their using the EDITED VERSION WHERE the word "satellite" is bleeped out!!!!! Isn't this RIDICULOUS!!!

I actually wrote an email to the channel asking them to use the version with "satellite" in it. Hopefully they changed it. If not, that's just sad.

that has to be the most dumbest thing that I have heard... way to go clear channel....

Nice spelling.

Howard Stern mentioned it back when the song came out.. This is really old news :)

As xcountry said, it's just petty and rather childish. I would assume they'd ban Steve Earle's "Satellite Radio" entirely, though my doubts are any commercial station beyond specialty shows would play that song, or anything he's done in the past few years anyway.

The BEPs can use that for publicity, I'm sure...nice job,'ve just created more bad press for yourself by acting out like the spoiled brats you are.

Melvin charges when people use the word "satellite" so FM Radio is being smart by dropping the word from ever being used, so that they can also drop the Melvin scheme.

This is just from lyrics.
Stax Records, originally named Satellite Records, was founded in 1957
There are many songs with "satellite"
in the title.
Even some bands have "satellite" it its name like Perry Farrell's Satellite Party.

Is regular radio going to not play any of these?
Satellite Party (band)
ACDC - Satellite Blues
Collective Soul - Satellite
Def Leppard - Satellite
Depeche Mode - Satellite
Dave Matthews Band - Satellite
Elton John - Satellite
Elvis Costello - Satellite
John Coltrane - Satellite
Perry Farrell - Satellite
Sex Pistols - Satellite
Smash Mouth - Satellite
The Hooters - Satellite
XTC - Satellite
And more..see
On Xm 202 every show.
Ron And Fez close playing
Satellite Of Love by Lou Reed.
This song has been covered by many others also.

Well, if Sirius themselves were playing that version then I'd be willing to be that was the 'official' radio edit of the song provided by their label for distribution to radio stations. The songs are provided to the stations already edited for air, they don't leave it up to each station to do their own edits...

Yeah, what idiots - "Satellite Radio" is a generic term referring to all kinds of radio served via satellite, right?

Lets list them:

...... (crickets)

Regardless of the generality of the term, "Satellite Radio" = SiriusXM.

Until another competitor comes to market, they will have to live with it, and so will we.

Another side effect to the merger.


For what it's worth, the record company did the edit and simply called it the radio version. Since most stations are accustomed to playing "radio edits" the labels give them no one realized what was "censored" until some bloggers started to write about it.

Not an excuse mind you, but also not the vast conspiracy some seem to think radio is a part of.

Fake Caller you obviously didn't invent the word satellite as you can't even spell it. It was even spelled for you in the story.

Typical for an o n a drone. Put down the bong and let go of your PS3 and crack a book you moron.

What's up with all the SatRaders paying attention to what happens on FM ? I use a combo of SatRad and Slacker (more Slacker)and it has been about 2 years since I've had to be subjected to Fm . Is it because Sirius is Fm without comercials ?

It wasn't edited on all terristrial radio though, when the song 1st came out, I heard it on the then Now 1027 out here in Vegas with the word satellite not censored...

I should point out that F is correct.

People forget that the hit BEP song "Let's Get it Started" was an edited version of "Let's Get Retarded" (as in stupid/drunk etc.) But the former edited version ended up being more popular. You didn't see BEP making a stink about that.

Even if the "censored" version was requested by corporate radio, I think SXM should play whatever version is more popular.

I have no problem with that.

Please one thing is the word Satellite and another thing the words Satellite radio....Even though what the FCC did was completely stupid.

i got a feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night that tonight is gonna be a good night
that tonight is gonna be a good good night.

BEP rock !!!

I personally think that radio stations edit because they don't want to lose their radio audiance

I would like to ask why SH1 songs are censored???

Funny, because "satellite" is censored in the song in Australia too, and as far I know we don't even HAVE satellite radio in Australia. Nice job.

I work in the radio industry, and I wondered this very thing when I heard it.
After a little research, I discovered that the word "satellite" is censored in the OFFICIAL CLEAN EDIT that's distributed by the B.E.P.'s label Interscope Records. This is the reason why ALL radio stations censor it the same way, because we play the version we receive from the label.

The reason for the edit is unclear, but it has been commissioned by the label and the artist, so what can you say?