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Radio Ireland: Sirius XM celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's DayStarting tomorrow at midnight, Sirius XM Radio Inc. will broadcast the soundtrack for St. Patrick's Day festivities with a limited-run channel: Radio Ireland.
Drink a Guinness and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the true sounds of Ireland. Radio Ireland will feature artists like Celtic Thunder, The Chieftains, The Dubliners, James Galway, The Wolfe Tones, The Pogues, Flogging Molly and many more.
The special limited-run channel will air for 27 hours, starting on St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17th at 12 midnight ET on Sirius channel 113 and XM channel 15.


Considering most people celebrated St Patty's day over the weekend, this is a little late.

I wish they would make this a permanent channel!

This news made me cream my shorts ! Those sirius Xm programers fuckin Rock man ! Just kidding they suck midget cock, I'm surprised they didn't U2 didn't take over a channel for a whole month.

This news made me cream my shorts ! Those sirius Xm programers fuckin Rock man ! Just kidding they suck midget cock, I'm surprised they didn't U2 didn't take over a channel for a whole month.

I agree, I'd much rather have to Radio Ireland all year long then 3 Christian channels

What no Loreena Mckinnett?????

She's a Celtic princess and expresses the true spririt of Celtic culture.

I celebrate St. Patrick's day on the 17th like it should be.

this is, uh, huge, huh

In celebration of St. Patricks Day SiriusFM promises to continue
the following Irish traditions....

1. Plenty of Mornin' O' Talk Shows on the music channels
2. More Rep O' Tition on their music channels
3. Lots of SHAM Dj's talking over ROCK music
4. Poor Sound quality that would entices ERIN to GO burn her BRA

I remember this on XM before and it was great. Real Irish music on St Pats Day and no goofy dipshit with a fake accent between songs.

I wish they would do a U2 channel


That rates a 10' out of 10'! And that ain't no BLARNEY - Steve O'

This should have really started this past Friday. Would have been great for festive events over the weekend. Way to drop the ball Sirius XM... but then again what else is new.

don't encourage him.

Too bad you can't listen online. I tried the official player and the Yahoo widget, couldn't find it.

I made a mistake....

Loreena McKinnett is the QUEEN of Celtic music. I have every one of her CD's and have seen her live twice. Gonna pop in "Book of Secrets" CD right now.


NJRonbo you are the Master!!!!

Actually your post rates a 10.99999!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Gonna have a Guiness with my two fer one wings special at my local watering hole tonight!!!

NEVER EVER pay full price fer wings!!!!!

BTW, I did get a request for a customer survey from SiriusXM (due to me complaining about the poor excuse for comedy channel "Raw Dog").I got on the link & it stated the time for response had expired (becuase I had been on military duty for over a week). Looks like they are saying "if you don't respond within 7 days you must be OK with our programming and you'r over it". How lame is that??

Mel, Greenstein, & Zellner: Please, just please go away & take your know-nothing programmers with you

I love the placement of this channel, right in the middle of the country music channels. Channel 120, Specials, used to be where these limited runs were. Sirius XM, making satellite radio more user friendly.

...or to help promote / add listeners to The Village (XM15)? Has Eddi Reader been played yet?

There you go NJRonbo with his sophmoric lame attempt at humor...This of course would be the highlight of his act on the radio. I asked before, but obviously he doesn't us Ronbo your 4 hour show on a classic rock channel..Love to know what he does for a living, so a thread of comments could be started about how ridiculously lame the job he does is! Remember Ron, you are one of 20+ million, so to expect that Sirius-XM would be like your personal I-Pod is a bit naive! Whaaa..they didn't listen to my instructions...whaaa!

I wish we could go back to getting 72 hrs of St Pats Day programming. Oh well, XM has merged with Sirius.

I wish XM would go back to Special X for Christmas. That was great funny and vintage Christmas programming.

Oh Travis Galliher, if you don't like the Christian programming, don't listen. There is no need to take off the three Christian stations to make room for an Irish Station. There is room for both. I am not alone, I am sure I am not the only one liking The Message station.

Is anybody getting the upgraded 128k online stream yet?

do you remember the good

Amen Joe, and kudos to you! I'm tired of NJRonbo. Hell, I miss some aspects of XM's glory days as well, but I still think satellite radio is far better than any other broadcasting medium out there.

And with the state of this country right now, I HAVE FAR BETTER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT AND SPEND MY TIME ON.

NJRonbo, get a life son.

Dear Mr./Ms. "Anonymous,

It is people like you who need to "get a life". I know nothing about NJRambo except that he like a lot of other disatisfied SatRad subscribers know "shit from shinola" which obviously people of your ilk do not.

I and other like minded subscribers were the backbone of the early subscriber base. We were tired as shit of the pittiful excuse that terra radio had become(there are some rare exceptions like WNCW-FM/88.7(western Carolinas based NPR station) or WXRC-FM/95.7/"The Ride" out of Charlotte,NC which has a huge fan base in a 100 mile radius if you're lucky to pick it up. (independently owned by Mr. David Lingafelt who still has the BALLS not to bow down to corporate mindspeak or be bought out;Thanks sooo much Mr. Lingafelt).

But I digress.......Back to the point... We found SatRad and were THRILLED as HELL at the greatest thing to happen to radio since the golden days of "underground FM" back in the late 60'-early 70's. Then came the merger and things went to hell in a handbasket. I don't know you from Adam's housecat but you are saying that we should accept sub-standard programming JUST BECAUSE terra radio sucks even worse. To me that seems like saying you're glad you've got the clap because herpes is worse.

"State of the country"/"get a life" you say??
When I left for Afghanistan back in May 2002 I had been a XM subscriber since Feb 2002. I entrusted my trusty "Lil 'ol Skyfi generation 1 to my teenaged son. Two additional tours after that did the same thing.

Yeah, I reckon I have a life. It's just that radio worth a damn is important to me and people like NJRonbo,xcountry,etc. Good tunes without a bunch of various types of bullshit is all we're wanting.

Sadly, "sheeple" like you just don't understand.

Good for you man!! Complacency never made anything better. If you can't feel passionate about something, then what's the point of it all?

PS- Thanks for serving/protecting our great country.

shove it up your asses and cancel, hating douche-bags. we don't want you as fellow subscribers