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Rep. Markey launches bill for HD Radio mandate in all Satellite Radios

Rep. Edward MarkeyRepresentative Edward Markey (D-MA), not content with a Federal Communications Commission inquiry on the subject, is has sponsored a bill to force HD Radio chips into  Satellite Radios.

The "Radio All Digital Channel Receiver Act" (H.R. 7157) would mandate that devices designed to receive both Sirius XM Radio Inc. service - and terrestrial radio - must be able to receive HD Radio too.

Of course, the FCC launched a Notice of Inquiry on the HD Radio mandate just last month. But Markey can't wait to let that play out it seems.

"Millions of Americans today rely on local broadcast radio for news, public safety bulletins, sports, weather, traffic and other information," Markey said in a statement.

"The recent merger of the only two satellite radio providers, XM and Sirius satellite radio, has underscored the importance of ensuring consumer access to a diversity of sources for digital radio content, in particular content originating in their local communities," Markey added.

Markey's bill is co-sponsored by Charles Gonzalez (D-TX), Greg Walden (R-OR), and Lee Terry (R-NE) - three staunch Clear Channel supporters.

[HR 7151 (PDF) via ArsTechnica]


What happened to the story about Howard Stern showing up in XM program lists at

Maybe they should add a $700 million bailout package for SiriusXM to that package.

Does it also specify that Sirius XM receivers be included in all HD radios?

It disappeared - maybe the goons from Sirius XM told them to Cease and Desist . . .

This country's economic house is falling all around, and this joker has nothing better to do than to continue to carry water for the NAB lobby. His point is entirely groundless. "HD" radio has no bussiness being on ANY satellite owned radio. Vote these phoneys out of office.

Charlie Gonzalez's congressional district includes San Antonio, headquarters of Clear Channel.

Why saddle HD Radio with SiriusXM which will be history before this time next year? Satradio is going, going, GONE thanks to Melvin Alan "Mel" Karmazin's "merge" MONOPOLY. Paying for radio is for suckers.

What an absolute travesty that he has time to do this. Even if you agree with this guy, and not with 99% of people who think this is moronic, you should STILL be pissed off. This man should be working with those trying to fix the credit markets. The fact is that if he is paying attention to *anything* else, he is acting maliciously.

Absolutely NO excuse to be focused on this. Treasonous.

Let Mr. Markey know how you feel about this on his site:

I can't believe that with the economy tanking, that this is what is important to this guy. who really cares?!?

Now call me crazy, or maybe I'm the only one... but the factory XM ready radio in my Honda has AM/FM and a CD player. Why would it also need HD? Aren't most, if not all, factory satellite units also AM/FM ready?

Apparently Eddie Markey thinks the country is doing great and doesn't believe the country's financial problems warrants his attention. I guess we all have our priorities.

Good-luck, building such interoperable receivers!

Doesn't this asshole have anything better to do?
Here is our government hard at work again
I wonder how much Clear channel and NAB are lining his pockets to peddle this crap!

Phil thanks for the contact info. The email is sent!

im reading the bill and it loos like it mandates fm and am signal recievers. I don't see mention of HD chips.

am I missing something?

I was misinformed. I heard HD radio commercials a couple of years ago and assumed that HD meant high definition, but apparently the HD trademark is as misleading as the commercials I heard.

I have been a satellte subscriber for the last 2 years so I have little exposure to or interest in "HD" radio.

“HD Radio” is the proprietary trademark for iBiquity’s in-band on-channel (IBOC) technology, which was selected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2002 as the only current digital audio broadcasting technology for AM and FM broadcasting in the United States.[3] According to iBiquity’s website, “…The ‘HD’ in ‘HD Radio’ does not mean ‘high-definition’ or ‘hybrid digital’. Other systems such as DRM may be authorized in the future. FMeXtra is FM only and only a handful of FM stations in the USA transmit with FMeXtra:”

What a complete GOOFBALL!

With the economy in the tank hes doing this.
Mmmm wonder whos stuffing his pockets with money. Glad your doing OK asshole.... tell your striper girlfriend I want my dollar back.

Figured I'd post here since I listen to Sirius and XM online and Comcast is going to put a stop to that. Let's hope the FCC takes care of them.

look at my reasponse
Thank you for sharing your views with my office. I appreciate your taking the time to write. Due to the high volume of email messages my office receives, we are unable to respond to messages from outside the 7th district of Massachusetts.

Snick422. Sorry to hear your comcast problems. Just another reason that I got rid of them when they raised prices, dropped channels and had an uter lack of tech and service help all while posting a $500 million profit in one quarter. Yeah we need a wind fall profit tax on oil companies who make less profit than media outlets.

Sorry for the rant comcast blows. If it wasn't for hockey I would have dropped them sooner but Verizon saved A LOT of Philadelphia hockey fans.

Now this is just plain silly..

The bill only targets radios that can receive AM/FM AND Satellite. This means that a satellite-only receiver (such as any PnP radio or portable satellite-only rig) is exempt from this legislation.

Think about it: there really aren't any satellite radio receivers that are capable of receiving both terrestrial and satellite. I can only think of one - the Tivoli desktop radio with Sirius.

Here's the key fact: Even the "satellite ready" car stereos don't actually receive satellite radio. The satellite radio signal is received, decoded, and converted to audio by a separate receiver that's connected to your car's stereo via an aux-in jack (and remotely controlled by your car stereo.) Without this external box, the car stereo is incapable of receiving satellite signals, so this legislation doesn't apply to our car stereos, either!

The same goes for all the home theater "satellite ready" boxes: the receiver is actually an external box.

So this bill can only possibly affect one product on the market: the Tivoli unit... and that thing already has a huge margin built in to it... if people are going to buy an overpriced desktop radio, they probably will spend the $15 IBiquity tax. And if Tivoli doesn't want to add HD to that rig, all they have to do is go to an external solution like the Connect & Play antenna (Or whatever Sirius does that's like that.)

So basically, this guy has written a bill that has absolutely no effect on the market. Way to go, Congressman!

"Think about it: there really aren't any satellite radio receivers that are capable of receiving both terrestrial and satellite. I can only think of one - the Tivoli desktop radio with Sirius."

Our 2007 Fords came with Satellite Radio, which can receive analog AM/FM, also. Seems this would affect a lot of Satellite in-dash radios. True?