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Report: Possible XM layoffs to begin tomorrow

XMA number of XM Satellite Radio staffers have discovered that their termination date has been released on the company's intranet, according to a report from All Access.

The intranet page listed employee information including vacation days, benefits, and a termination date of October 15th.

Many XM employees have already left the company (out of respect to the many that have been affected, I refuse to identify those individuals, though some have issued their farewell letters fairly publicly. Note: George Taylor Morris' reasons for leaving are said to be personal, but the point is that his leaving was public - and others shouldn't be).

All Access ended its report with "The list could be long."

[All Access]
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tick tick tick...It's sad and I'm not surprised. What is going to happen was what was predicted on Day 1 when the merger was announced.

If all the music channels become mainstream, then you lost me as a subscriber and that I thought I would stick around.

and after seeing the new XMp3 receiver, I was thinking I might upgrade my receiver. Now that some of my favorite channels are going away, I have nothing to record or listen to.

oh well....guess I be upgrading my ipod and mp3 library. :(

This is a page for XM channel 40 . So have all the XM channel 40 dj's been fired ?

Yet more of the spirit and soul of what made XM great being squeezed out. Lovely.

No surprise here. Everyone knew this was coming as soon as the merger was announced. Still, it sucks to get shit-canned.


Although it's a "take it as you will" situation, George Taylor Morris' reasoning for leaving is sickness.

I'm sorry that's just wrong. Hard working people at XM are canned because of the merger.
I don't know the DJ's names. But to fire someone for months/years of loyal service is F'ED up!

Earl's first...

"But to fire someone for months/years of loyal service is F'ED up"!


Welcome to America , I worked with thousands
of other LOYAL EMPLOYEES of a major comsumer electronics firm that went from employing over
100,000 employees to less than 100 employees
over a period of 10yrs until the company
was bought out by LG electronics for
rights to their HD TV patents.

"But to fire someone for months/years of loyal service is F'ED up"!

Maybe you should have thought about that when you were all blindly supporting the merger. But you were all more concerned with your stock price than peoples job. How's that stock price doing now? Oh, right.

This is part of bringing you more choice.

Gary Parsons created XM, and then for some unknown reason, set about to destroy it. It is very odd behavior. Most people who work hard to create a business treat it like family. Having sold a couple of businesses in my life, for me, it was very hard to do because I had so much work, so much invested in them.

Maybe he got tired. Maybe he misjudged. Maybe he was just bamboozled by Mel. But if it isn't clear to every XM stockholder today what a mistake this merger was, I don't know how it could be made so.

Yes, costs are being cut -- so is quality. We are ending up, as many feared, with Siriotized XM, and that's a damned shame because it was XM, not Sirius, that revolutionized what radio could be.

Maybe one day Parsons will explain his actions. I'd sure like to hear it. I'm sure it will be, "Oh, we believed the shareholders would be better off after a merger". Clearly, this isn't the case -- XM shareholders who hold stock today are seeing their shares trade at $2.34. I submit that would not have happened with XM as a separate company. Of course, you never know what he knew that the public didn't.

There was a lot of debt but XM's management had shown great resourcefulness in dealing with a rough balance sheet. But losing your people -- Lee Abrams, GTM, etc., you just cannot recover from that that easily.

Anyway, I've long since quit giving a shit. I don't listen to XM music anymore at all and use it only for news/talk at this point. After the election I'll probably can one of my subs leaving only the the OEM subs in our cars.

It is just nothing special anymore.

This is either the beginning of the death of satellite radio or the beginning of its golden age. I just can't figure out which.

What did you think was going to happen.. when they said "eliminate redundant positions" it wasn't just music programming and O&A (soon I'm sure) it also means the pencil pushers as well..

Finally! Took them long enough. I just hope it's enough to make an impact on PROFIT!

Something BOTH companies NEVER did...

make a profit!

You know, profit, cash, the stuff that makes it possible for companies to provide the service.

Just please leave The Virus and XM Kids intact, and everything will be OK. I know that's an odd mix, but I do believe that is where the most talent on the satellite can be found. Please keep Absolutely Mindy and Kenny Curtis (although I thought he had been given a corporate title within Sirius)

Same old crap, one company merges with another, annouce the first week that nothing will change, then the third week, they are wacking people to save money. They definitely need to be careful, listeners have XM or Sirus for a reason, cutting out the character of XM will loose listeners.

i think you might see them "overcut" costs just to show good balance sheets to creditors and show the street they can be a profitable company almost immediately(2009)Then they can always hire as revenues increase and grow the company on a more economical way

Well hope everyone is happy..

It was forewarned that this was the future if Mel was allowed to rip his way through the companies. This is what he specializes in. He has no real interest in the companies, it was just the challenge.

He will be gone in a year or so. Leaving the new company with a probable de-listed stock & generic bland programming causing listners to leave. Not to mention a nice bonus that will more than compensate for the shares he purchased & lost on.

Golden age for sat rad? I think not. More like death knell.

What is happening with the music channels is going to be the downfall of the service. I've had XM for years and as soon as I can go to a cheaper all talk option I'm dropping all the music. It's not nearly as good as it was when I first got the service and it's only getting worse. They may get 18 million subs by merging but how many are going to cut their service to either all talk or just music? I think Mel & Co are going to be shocked when they see the numbers and declining revenue. I loved SDARS but quite frankly the past 1 - 2 years it's sucked balls and I can't recommend it or give it as a gift anymore. If not for O&A I'd be long gone. Perhaps if they fought for FM mods and innovative recording options a la the Inno as hard as they fought for the merger we'd have 2 companies worth subscribing too. If the hardcore, longtime fans are abandoning the service it's done. Must be the NAB's fault right?

Here is my thought on that. If the merger had NOT gone through. Then either XM or Sirius could have failed, then MUCH MORE people would be out of a job.

The merger has been a friggin' disaster. Shares are worth less than toilet paper and now they're going to fire hundreds leaving a skeleton crew behind to keep what's left running. The 'Best' of XM but no baseball? Thanks but no thanks. I feel bad for those poor mopes about to be axed at Sirius/XM. Lousy time to be unemployed. Happy halloween.

I just don't know what anyone expected from the merger if not this. They clearly stated up front they would save money by eliminating redundant channels, and that means half the combined number of music channels, basically. So, they're doing what they said they would. More choice, you know?

This is, of course, not where the real cost savings is to be found. Ultimately, they have to eliminate the duplicated infrastructure and the first step in that direction is to QUIT USING IT. Before they can quit using the duplicated infrastructure they have to get rid of the duplicated programming.

Mel wants to eliminate spending any more money on duplicate infrastructure and just flip the switch and turn SIRI's off altogether, leaving only XM's to operate on. This is when you start to realize REAL cost savings.

They will figure out some way to deal with the legacy Sirius receivers IMO that will be acceptable to OEMs. And when they do, the SIRI bandwidth will be eliminated. Eliminating half the music channels is the first step in the process.

Let the merger synergies begin! Sorry to all Xm'rs who are being let go, but you made Xm a company worthy of buying. Now the merged company can move on, without duplication, and most importantly, without destroying each other in the process. Looks like a bright future ahead for satellite radio.

So who is on the intranet list??? anyone willing to post who is getting canned?

I feel bad for those losing their gigs at XM. Gary and Mel, thanks for killing the best music broadcast service ever created. And a special thanks to Joe, for starting the ball rolling...idiot!

Those of you who bought into Mel's BS, and continue to hold stock...I have no pity for you.

Stack Pointer, good to see you posting your thoughts again. After having six subs, we're down to two...and thinking seriously of canceling them.

Not looking good for XM Music Lovers., looks like XMU is gone, Beyond Jazz is rumored to also be a goner. This could very well be the straw that broke the camel's back. Wonder if Bill Hutton (Lucy) is going to be on that list?

A shame. XM had the potential to do so much, then they blinked and let Sirius capatalize on being top of mind. Now, looks like soon XM will cease to exist.

I know, two seperate brands, but when you let (according to 75 people go from XM programming, well, XM exists soley in name now.

Glad I didn't buy the XMp3. Get ready for the Churn boys and girls. This stock hasn't even hit bottom yet, the beginning of the end of this company is upon us.

XMU is not my style of music but it is the favorite channel of one of my daughters. This is going to be very disappointing to her. All of this is no surprise to me but it is very, very sad.

I met Billy Zero once. He really impressed me. He was completely devoted to his work. He was a passionate employee. I am now retired but back when I was in management I would have treasured a fine employee like him.

btw I was a shareholder of both SIRI & XMSR and I voted no to the merger.

I first read about this on the new Digital Radio Central forum.

The fact that the employees found out by accidentlially going to their benefits site is really sad. Seeing a "Planned" layoff is almost as bad as your Security badge not working to let you know you are no longer wanted!

It's time for the bailout money to be used to save some jobs!

As long as XM's 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's channels stay i'll be happy

Someones decades channels have to go... Why not just combine the playlists for Sirius and XMs decades stations and still have just one channel for each?

I also say keep the 40's and 50's channels as well.

The channels may stay, but personalities will likely change...

Kandy Klutch's last Facebook status update sounds like she's among those that will be departing...

To all getting pink slipped, I feel bad. But to those saying this is a bad thing, I can't disagree more. SLASH THE PAYROLL! It's taking too long as it is. Hurry TF up.

XM's 80's channel , hasn't been the same , since Bruce Kelly and Heidi Selexa left .

( You think they would keep Rick Stacy , Kandy Klutch , and JoJo , over Mark Goodman , Alan Hunter , Martha Quinn , and Nina Blackwood ? )

I knew this was coming. Prepare for perhaps 50 channels of consultantized, heavily managed, commercialized crap under several different clever nicknames, like "Left of Center."

This will be the exact same shit you can get on terrestrial radio; only it's all probably gonna come out of NYC and just get repackaged.

Satellite Radio and its mishandlers: prepare to meet Lord Karma.

Kandy's latest facebook status makes her departure official. All I can say is that whatever is replacing these great XM folks had BETTER be as good, if not better than, what's being replaced. But knowing how Sirius' music programming has been in the past, I'm not too optimistic.

ALL ACCESS is hearing about a significant downsizing in the programming staff at SIRIUS XM SATELLITE RADIO. Word has it that as many 25 folks are out from the XM staff, including:

'50s Channel PD KEN SMITH, '50s Channel MD MATT THE CAT, '60s Channel PD PAT CLARK, '80s Channel MD/afternooner KANDY KLUTCH, Cross-Country PD JESSIE SCOTT, Decades Channel Sr. PD KURT GILCHREST, and Cafe PD BILL EVANS, among many others.

Ok, so now she can neither confirm nor deny... I'd say that's already been done though.

I still see thousands of jobs posted on employment sites. (networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to jobs)

good luck to those searching for jobs.

Most of the forced reductions have already been done engineering/admin side. What remains to be seen is the DJ and Channel side.

Total window dressing, period. There are Senior Exec's leaving XM taking millions of dollars when Leaving. Nate is getting $10 million, CFO $7.6 million and other's that have been there for less then 2 years getting 2-3 million each.

The estimate total is 25-40 million. If he was serious about it , he would cut is HQ and move to the cost effective DC location. They are paying millions in Rent in NYC. He should also state the he will not take any pay until the company turns a profit.

Do not buy into the smoke and mirrors, the street isn't


Of course "the radios would still work" .... it is the character that once made XM that is now lost.

This ranks right up there with watching the Yankees lose game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

To all the XM staff that unfortunately had to deal with this, you're in my prayers.

To chime in from the dance cluster, BPM took a dive after Alan Freed left last year. After that, XM showed its love for dance again and designated The Move as last year's dance channel sacrificial lamb (every year it's guaranteed that one of the dance channels will take a XMas hit for holiday bandwidth)... and for the last couple months The Move lives online only, to "return soon." Return? Sure. Plus, The System was not listed on a post-merger channel lineup released last year. Chrome just last week notified subs that all specialty programming is canceled - exactly the shows that made it mildly tolerable in what schizophrenically was allowed to morph into a vast wasteland of 3 minute radio edits of top-40 disco, much of which is heard on other XM channels.

The writing has been on the wall a long time. The best days of satrad are long outta sight in the rear-view mirror of the sputtering Yugo that SiriusXM is today.

(I, too, was a shareholder who voted against the merger.)