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Report: Primosphere wants Sirius-XM spectrum; Forecasts 30 music channels

Satellite RadioPrimosphere was profiled recently on Radio & Records about their latest attempts to get back into the industry as part of the Sirius and XM merger.

Partners Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch, who also operate Q Prime in New York, told R&R that they want the FCC to live up to the original rules and have at least two different license holders. And they want to be one of them. 

The company was one of the original SDARS bidders alongside Digital Satellite Broadcasting Service, CD Radio and American Mobile Satellite Radio Service. Each paid the government $70,000 for two "satellite slots," recalls Burnstein. But while CD Radio and American Satellite, which became Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc., ultimately won the spectrum, Primosphere never had its original $140,000 deposit returned, according to Burnstein.

On the current proceedings, Burnstein told R&R he could not get a read on the FCC merger decision based on its recent meetings, but it was clear to him that FCC officials are "uncomfortable with a single provider."

What about the minority owned Georgetown Partners? They have had a similar request and numerous meetings with the Commission, but Burnstein says: "they don't have any standing in this."

"We have a legal standing even if it is by a thread," he said, adding that Primosphere doesn't need funding and could be up and running with newly built studio space within six months. However, Primosphere would need the merged entity lease some technology for uplink and downlink capability for its programming to satellite receivers.

Primosphere's programming would be advertising-based and would offer about 30 channels of mostly music programming, forecasts Burnstein. He says Primosphere's "will come at this from a music and programming perspective."

Burnstein's goal - while admittedly "a little bit idealistic" - is "to serve the underserved."

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30 out of 300 channels to let this thing go through? That's what 10% , and there are nomore concernns of a Monopoly. I say do it. give up 30 channels. Right now there are atleast 15 channels that no one listens too. (Hip-hop)






Jesus H Christ!

You LOST your bid. Buh-BYE.

Give them half the spectrum. Scale back XM and SIRI to half of the whole and let them compete head to head. Interoperability shoul be a requirement carried over from the existing requirements. Maybe, just maybe, Primosphere could create a simple, no-nonsense sat radio service that doesn't go out and blow exhorbatant amounts of money on programing that no one really cares about (NFL, NHL, English Soccer, Oprah, etc.).

Maybe Slacker could be the content provider - now that would be compelling radio.

WHO would choose Primosphere? WHO?

XM/Sirius would have NFL, NHL, Howard, Oprah, Bob Dylan, on and on.

Would YOU choose a commercial filled primosphere? Uh....yeah....right.

Why not just choose FREE radio then. Doesn't make sense.

And Primosphere stealing half XM/Sirius spectrum when they already have to give up some to minority groups most likely just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

It WON'T happen. It CAN'T happen.

Let them buy their OWN new spectrum and shoot up their OWN damn sattelittes!

Primosphere could get 8 of the 30 channels just by hiring some minorities.Also they could pick up some more channels from both XM and Sirius if they pared down their single artists channels to just one and put them on a rotating schedule.There are also some others that I'm sure could die out if the bean counters checked on whether anybody listens to them.

I don't have any problem with selling them half of the existing bandwidth as long as the price is fair.

I also don't have a problem with leasing them half of the existing bandwidth, uplink, & transponder space as long as they pay a fair price based on what XMSR & SIRI have had to spend so far.

I am all for it !

Then it would NOT be a MONOPOLY !!!

We have competition !!!

Go for it !!!

What a gift horse !!!

Pinball wizard,,, They are only asking for 30 channels. If 10% of the spectrum and 30 channels, is all that is needed to let the term "Monopoly," go away why offer to give away half of 300?

LEASE it and be done with it. Let the mouths of the naysayers be SHUT once and for all. If Primoshere wants to compete, let them compete. TIME is wasting, let's roll!

Yea Primosphere!

Yea Primosphere! You'll do satellite radio the right way - for the listeners; not for the CEOs, the Howard Sterns and stockholders!

30 out of 300 channels to let this thing go through? That's what 10% , and there are nomore concernns of a Monopoly. I say do it. give up 30 channels. Right now there are atleast 15 channels that no one listens too. (Hip-hop)

--- What an ignorant statement. I listen to the hip hop channels on sirius plenty, shade 45 in the afternoon for the all out show, those guys are hilarious. There is always someone listening to the specific genres, that's why they have them on satellite radio, to provide to a wide range of audience. You my friend, are an idiot.

Primosphere can go f_________k themselves!!!!!!!!

NO DEAL!!!!!!!!

And another thing you dumb bastards! THE DOJ HAS ALREADY RULED THAT THERE IS SUFFICIENT COMPETITION! There is already enough "FREE" competition out there!

FCC needs to stop all the ass kissing and get this done with the concessions proposed by Sirius and XM, including the 8 minority programmed channels.

The new company will have tough competition from wireless broadband in the very near future. This is the same conclusion the DOJ arrived at. Stop the nonsense Mr. Martin and get this done, now!!!!

Primosphere's proposal for 30 music channels funded by advertising would canibalize the subscriber based satellite business. How do I come to this conclusion? I'll explain. Part of the appeal of satellite radio is the niche programming. Many subscribers such as myself, only enjoy certain genres of music and we're willing to pay for it. Primosphere wants 30 channels for an obvious reason, niche programming. IMO, many listeners would opt for a free, advertising based service over a fee based service if they could still get the music genre of their choice. The new fee based service may then be forced to follow suit to survive. Not only would this harm consumers, it would be devastating to terrestrial radio.

Excellent point!

The last thing terrestrial radio needs is the primosphere proposal.

If I were the NAB, I would be up in arms about this!

wow--Cliff Burnstein. This could be interesting. He was one of the first tastemakers out there to call Steve Kingston out for bringing his FM Zombie brand of programming to XM and ruining the once stellar Ethel. The spirit of Lee Abrams lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool no problem 30% of the total cost of the last 10 problem hope they have about 10 billion dollars...

Keep up the ignorance..... Qprime is a MAJOR entertainment management company, they have access to MAJOR content. As Sirius has proven while whippin xm's ass CONTENT is KING when it comes to pay radio. xm and sirius are going to have to drop 1/2 the infrastructure anyhow this "merge" MONOPOLY sure is not going to pay the HUGE cost of keeping all that bandwidth hot, probably the one and only legit reason why xm and sirius have yet to make a dime is infrastructure costs. The DOJ got it wrong, it is a "merge" MONOPOLY the FCC should get it right and take back one of the licenses as part of the deal and re-sell the licenses and bandwidth to other groups which have management in place which have a clue when it comes to the entertainment business. Direct competition is the only way satrad is going to continue as a valid industry.

NO! to "merge" MONOPOLY
NO! to ignorance

Yeah, this merger was such a great idea.

In the end, just let me know where MLB home plate ends up so I can subscribe to that provider (presently XM)... If primosphere just wants to do music (with commericals!), then I have absolutely no interest in them.

Not everyone get`s satellite radio for the music (although both XM and Sirius have done a good job on that front).

keep up the ignorance AC! your immature games have continued to show your failure to show truth! why is it that these blind FM radio warriors make no sense! why is it that every day those awful posts you type at NAB HQ appear with no legit facts????

yes! to "merger"
NO! to ignorant AC boy

NO! to desperate, blind and ignorant satrad "merge" MONOPOLY fanboys like iLL Rated. Yeah a good comeback when ever anyone says something truthful and not of your own opinion it's calls for censorship, banning, and the NAB label. Come on desperate, blind and ignorant satrad "merge" MONOPOLY fanboys you took the bait hook line and sinker, your cheerleaders for higher prices, less choice, less content, and a MONOPOLY, to think all those of us who can think have seen that direct competition over these few short years of satrad have seem the proof of the benefit of direct competition.

wake up desperate, blind and ignorant satrad "merge" MONOPOLY fanboys that especially includes you iLL Rated.

to NAB Boy:

how are we desperate, blind and ignorant when everytime someone makes a comment you bash them!.... then when we comment back you say u have the freedom to talk!
your comments have NO TRUTH! and honestly you have no common sense!
its quite evident that you have no intelligence when you leave out the sources of your so called Facts! where did you get your alleged price increases?....probally from NAB HQ!

so write back! waste space on this page! lie to the people like the NAB does best!!!!