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Report: Sirius XM laying off 80 people

XM Headquarters in Washington, DCReports are coming in that Sirius XM Radio Inc. is laying off approximately 80 staffers, a number that is a bit higher than previously reported, but one that sounds "pretty solid" a D.C. source tells Radio-Info.

The immediate impact will be felt on the redundant staffers at the music channels, according to the industry website. "It looks like Mel's concentrating on the talk formats, which are the ones where he can sell ads," one soon-to-be-gone XM employee told Radio-Info.

Additionally, an XM source told DCRTV:
"All the great people that are gone from XM radio, may we all RIP... Let's go back and take the terrestial world by storm... Gone but not forgotten: '50s Channel PD Ken Smith, '50s Channel MD Matt The Cat, '60s Channel PD Pat Clark, '80s Channel MD/afternooner Kandy Klutch, Cross-Country PD Jessie Scott, Decades Channel Senior PD Kurt Gilcrest, Cafe PD Bill Evans, all of XM Urban accept three people."

Another round of cuts is said to possibly be coming in early November.

UPDATE: Orbitcast has confirmed that Karla Rodriguez, Music Director for XM Viva (Latin Pop Channel) as well as the Mad Mexican, Music Director for XM Aguila (Regional Mexican Channel) have also been let go.


Terrestrial??? Maybe they could go program a Slacker channel in addition, at least.

Won't happen . FM radio is a dying medium .

What about Kyle Cantrell. XM does country better than Sirius

Can't say we didn't see this coming. I bet they soon, start moving all of Xm's satellite uploading equipement to New York.

Still no surprise. This ALWAYS happens with a merger. Anyone who didn't see this coming is either naive or stupid.

All these people would still be employed if XM had done the smart thing back in 2004 and signed Stern no matter what the cost. Sirius would be bankrupt by now and XM would be purchasing their assets and cut-rate prices.

Ultimately, you have to blame XM management for arrogance and underestimating Howard's drawing power.

Considering what the LA Times recently reported, by going Satellite Howards become much more irrelevant.

Anybody who think Howard Stern killed XM is overrating his power, and is ignoring the fact that a lot of this stuff is hype. Sirius just had a better hype machine. It has nothing to do with Howard.

At lease Stern is suffering now since a lot of that 300 million contract is based on Stock Value.

Mr. Hunt, you are correct.

And Anonymous, FM radio "was" a dying medium, but given the current economic crisis and the fact that Mel is killing SatRad, I can see it making a come back.

I hate to get into this debate, again, but JRT, you are delusional if you think the Sirius "hype" wasn't 95% Howard Stern. And your also delusional if you don't think he saved Sirius. He did.

I agree with the statement that XM would own Sirius right now if they had signed Stern. Now how far in debt that company would be, who knows.

But XM had already made a bad decision by "overpaying" for their deal with GM. They probably weren't interested in overpaying for Stern. So, if you want to discuss where things started to go wrong, I believe it was with the GM deal.

Wondering if there is any reason for there to be a building or any presence in Washington D.C.?

Typical bait and switch by Sirius XM as well. The DCRTV article also goes on to state that Sirius XM has abandoned plans to create two separate lineups for each service.

I'm sure Mel had it all planned out. Have a meeting at XM and take some questions and try to be funny and get the workers laughing a bit and assure them that everything will be OK but in the end pull the rug right from under them.

Then out of the blue, do a 180 on dual subscribers who enjoy each service by creating a watered down version of both. Bastard!

As someone like myself who has worked in commercial radio and who (during one of the college sports seasons) has programming on commercial radio and XM (and this year, on the Best of XM on Sirius as well), I can tell you the same thing happened at my little cluster of stations back in 2004.

Back then, Cumulus had purchased the stations and decided to have a big fire sale and canned half of the staff in our group. This happened two weeks before Christmas.

About five months later, they ended up canning several more to lessen the amount of full-time folks on the programming side to three.

I decided to quit because I was a part-timer at the time and my hours were cut to one hour a day on the weekdays and whatever remotes I could pick up and engineer on the weekends.

Of course, my story resembles one of many throughout the country.

It's the nature of the beast in this awful business. Yes, it's a lot of fun to envision oneself behind the mic but when you have corporate suits who are bloodthirsty for the almighty dollar and the bottom line, it can make one's life stressful.

Best of luck to the folks leaving XM. I hope they are able to find work quickly.

"It looks like Mel's concentrating on the talk formats, which are the ones where he can sell ads"

Also, Sports and Talk formats have the advantage of being current in nature, precluding most advantages in recording for later. When you consider that most music listeners would probably just carry their iPods around, it makes a lot of sense from Sirius' viewpoint.

Eventually, I expect Sirius/XM to simply drop most music channels (saving money on music licensing fees) in favor of being an exclusive or nearly-exclusive Sports/Talk/News service.

No, Internet radio just makes a steady rise. Mostly coming from Slacker with their new and improved portable player.

Talk radio is still up in the air, since formats like Slacker aren't designed for it, and I can never go back to AM because of selection and that horrid sound quality.

So far, I see nothing to cry about. Consider: does anyone believe that the market could support two satrad companies?

Howard saved Sirus, beat XM, bought it up with Mel, and is now taking out the trash. The whiny XM douches in this forum are probably just the people who lost their jobs. Nobody really cares for XMs music channels over Sirius. Whatever you are losing, you will be getting much better radio with the wonderful Sirius channels that will be soon taking over those XM dials.

This is just like the 0.0 bullshit. If they walked today, Sirius might lose 30k customers, if all of their XM listeners walked away. WHO CARES. Bubba gets more listeners in a day than 0.0 do in a whole week. Mel has decided that he is not worried about the crybabies who will throw a tantrum and leave, because they will be back once they see what kinda shit terrestrial is serving up these days.

Mel could miscalculate. After all, XM subs are larger than Sirius Subs, despite all paens to Howard loyalists, etc, are.

It could be as big as 1-2 million subs lost.

Check your ego at the door, please.

I can understand if people are sad that their favorite music channel will be gone, but the facts are that even if the remaining options are "inferior" it's still better than terrestrial radio.

Go ahead and quit, and then try and survive a long trip without your SatRad. You'll be back so fast.

Couple of things:

Has anybody heard about what's in store for Fred (XM44)? That's a tremendous station and I would hate to see it go.

I disagree with ecurmudgeon's point that music will eventually be dropped. I listen to a lot of sports on XM, but the reason I got the service was music. I live in DC metro and the radio here is absolutely terrible. My car was down all last week and I had to suffer through terrestrial radio for a week. Even if they are not a money-maker, the music stations will always be a cornerstone of any radio service (and I have an iPOD that I use heavily for music and audiobooks).

>>> Eventually, I expect Sirius/XM to simply drop most music channels (saving money on music licensing fees) in favor of being an exclusive or nearly-exclusive Sports/Talk/News service.

I've wondered, too, if this isn't a future direction for them. Eliminate or radically cut back the music content -- which is really getting creamed by Ipods anyway -- and focus on trying to cheaper deals for sports pbp and news/talk.

Carry just a very few music channels, perhaps switching to mostly single artists where they can cut a deal with the artists directly and eliminate most of the RIAA percentage. Eliminate Stern and other high-cost items in favor of cheap and home-grown content.

I've been a subscriber in XM and then SIRI since 2003. If music goes, I have no reason to subscribe. I don't think I am the only one that feels that way. I seem to remember XM saying that the top 20 on 20 was the most listened to station.

However, I do agree that they could cut back. 50 stations would be just as good as 70.

FM Radio won't be making a comeback, Internet Radio and your own MP3 players will continue to rise. I had a nice long listen to Pandora the other day. I put on QuickMix (their version of shuffle) with stations like Phish Radio, Porcupine Tree Radio, Grateful Dead Radio, Medeski Martin and Wood radio, and other like bands. Pretty much reminded me of the heyday of Music Lab.

There's also a world of discovery on the Internet, through music blogs and other sources, that's basically what I've been doing since unsubscribing from XM almost 2 years ago now. I did discover a lot of music I never thought I'd be listening to before on XM. Latin Jazz and some favorite bands/artists like Cross Canadian Ragweed. But the service soon lost its luster after the niche channels like Music Lab and Luna were removed for more FM radio type formats without commercials.

I was one of the few people left in the world who would glady pay for radio that was worth paying for, the day it became FM radio without commercials was the day it ceased to be worth it. On to other services like Pandora, Slacker, Flycast and the infinite number of possibilities on the Internet.

Even as a non-subscriber, I'm feeling the effects of loss on this day, especially with the news of Jessie Scott (PD of Cross Country) getting canned, and X-Country possibly going away so that you can here more George Jones and Conway Twitty on Outlaw Country, plus other bands and artists who were outlaws 30 years ago. And let's not forget that talentless goober Mojo Nixon, gotta have more listeners for his enlightening and entertaining show (sarcasm on).

the pd from the boneyard has left the studios of xm

So most everyone at XM is eliminated when it would have made more sense to utilize all of the staff in the building that XM owns in DC and just downsize the staff that works at the rented sirius space in NYC...

Nevermind the fact that the music is far better on XM than it ever was on Sirius, take that from someone who has followed music for nearly all of his life, and a band nerd on top of that.

I knew this merger was going to be one sided in favor of sirius from the very day this was first announced. That is fu-ked up in every sense.

Having worked in companies that dealt with mergers, the merged entity almost always take the direction of the buyer. In this case, since sirius did buy xm, the merged entity would look a hell of a lot like sirius. To me that is no surprise despite Mel Karma's doubletalk of "having more choices" and "radio's continuing to work" and "operate as two seperate entities".

I must conclude whith what I knew all along. This merger is only good if you like sirius. And as a loyal XMer for 5 and a half years, I knew nothing good was going to come of this.

And to Karla from XM 91,

Te amo y siempre voy a extrañar. Usta estará siempre en mi corazón.

Oh this isn't good. The main reason I got my mother an XM radio was for the Latin selection, which is pretty much non-existent on Sirius (don't bother mentioning the mess that is "Universo Latino"). If any of Caricia, Viva, or Aguila go they are certain to lose her sub.

Sorry, espnjason, I don't agree. We can go around all day on this (and so can many, many others) but IMHO Sirius' music channels are almost always better than XM's. In terms of consistency, quality and professionalism. And I'll put up my music credentials against yours any day of the week.

But the point is some people liked XM music better so that's why they got XM. And vice-versa. Now all that diversity is going straight out the window. I hope all the merger-cheerleaders are happy. Somehow I doubt it tho. Mergers are about making money - not making good radio. I don't care what anyone says. Mergers are ALWAYS bad for the customer. Mel is going to chop satellite radio down to the bone to make a buck. You guys should have seen it coming.

And this is just the beginning.

Does anyone have a more complete list of who got the axe? I've heard 80 people. Who are they?

This definitely isn't a good sign...Like I said, Sirius has some okay music channels, but other than Octane and Buzzsaw, not much. Jessie Scott being let go will be the ruin of XM 12...Wonder if last night was the last Road Calls show we'll get; haven't had a chance to tune in today. I'm a bit neutral on Kevin Kash going, though I hope they're smart enough to keep Eddie Trunk...And as far as country, if they're smart, they'll keep Ray Knight, Country Dan, and Bill Anderson...You'd think Jon Anthony would show a bit of loyalty to his country staff; I used to have some respect for the guy. That being said, I may can one radio, but will likely keep my car sub and one for the house because as bad as Mel's screwing it up, it IS still better than Seattle FM. I don't know if that means satellite is still good, or FM just really sucks.

Frankly, since I'm not an investor in SIRI, I hope the stock continues to tank as long as they keep making these types of moves. As many have said, I chose XM over Sirius for the music...Better playlists, better delivery. And no, I'm not an XM employee or a former XM employee.

Toward the end, I could almost see benefits to the merger, but was still a skeptic...Seems our skepticism paid off.

Hopefully all of XM's decades channels will stay, also i'm willing to give whatever the new music channel formats are after the channels are merged.

"Nobody really cares for XMs music channels over Sirius."
written by: Anonymous | October 15, 2008 11:19 AM

They don't??

Try reading nearly any satellite forum, including this one.

MOST people care about the XM one's and very little about the Sirius one's.

Try reading before making such a stupid statement.

XM's music selection was the reason I choose XM. Sirus music was to much like FM radio. That being said, my decision was made by my musical taste. Yours is probably different so arguing over it is pointless.

As a music professional for 40 years, I can attest to many of you here that losing many of XM's superior channels is a bummer.

Yes, Sirius has some gems, but XM was clearly the winner in the music department by both myself and my collegues.

Some of these people getting the axe were legends in their own right.

This is the unfortunate aftermath of a merger (or acquisition). They say sh*t rolls downhill, and indeed it will with my the cancellation of my 3 subs if things don't improve.

Money talks, sh*t walks.

I would argue that your average listener - someone NOT represented on fan boards like this - could give two shits which service has deeper playlists and more variety.

Most listeners who are not hardcore music fans could not tell the difference. They just want their hits and/or decades stations... and the differences between the two services there are negligible. Let's just hope they keep most of the niche stations around for variety-sake (I'm still pissed off that ACDC is pre-empting Punk 29)

As far as keeping the DC location... Puh-Lease!! Given the choice, most Media execs AND entertainment types will choose NYC (the Media Capital of THE WORLD) over a dump like DC...

Besides, Mel and Sirius are located here in NYC and that's where it's gonna be. End of story.

I feel for all the folks who have dedicated hours and years to making XM work and are now out on the street - getting laid off sucks ass - but ultimately you can blame your own pennywise/pound-foolish, short-sighted management for not hiring Stern when they had the chance. He's the main reason you guys just got bought out.

Jon Zellner is the head if music programming for the combined Sirius XM. He was from the XM side. Who's to say that the surviving Sirius music channels will not take on a more "XM" sound?

The hardcore listener is what made SatRad. To hear stuff that you would not normally hear. The average listener would be happy sticking with FM. As far as your Stern comment, overpaying a jock is not a good financial decision. Sirius needed to "merge" (buyout, whatever) with XM or they would have been finished. My point is, XM would have been in worse financial trouble had they signed Stern.

My 5 year XM sub is expiring soon and I will not be renewing. I chose XM over Sirius for many reason, one being better music channels. I've got an HD receiver in my car that also plays mp3's off a USB stick. F paying for radio, Mel is just going to make it full of commercials anyway.

I guess you guys have not heard about the hundreds of XM employees in marketing and sales that have been laid off since 10/1.

Based on the names we've heard (from AllAccess and DCRTV), here's a list of channels gutted:

- 40's on 4
- 50's on 5
- 60's on 6
- 70's on 7
- 80's on 8
- America
- Enlighten
- Escape
- Suite 62
- X-Country
- XM Cafe
- Lucy
- Deep Tracks (and possibly Top Tracks)
- Ethel
- Raw
- Soul Street
- The City
- Viva
- Aguila
- Boneyard
- Fred

Am I missing some?

I'd like to mention that not only are people being laid off in record numbers...those laid off on 9/30 were not paid today. That's a problem. Severance is not a gift or luxury it's a contractual agreement and should be awarded regardless of "process".

What makes you think possibly Top Tracks? Why not Big Tracks?

On an average drive to work with FM I get to listen to about 3 songs...over a 15 minute commute. To be fair, if I dont care about variety If I could endure Latin, R&B, and Rap I could probably have about 10 minutes of music.

Its absolutly mind numbing during drive time with FM radio.

Cue XM...I can listen to music during the entire commute, and switch between styles I actually enjoy.

For those who dig FM you have Top 20 on XM which is basically all FM plays anyways...Playlists ARENT that great on XM and fairly similar to Siri.

Lastly, for those of you whining about cutting jobs at XM (and remember I own XM..yea Sirius XM) why would you pay two people to do the same job??? Why would you provide the EXACT same two channels? Is there really a reason for a 40's channel on sirius and one on XM?

Maybe they could put a little work into copying XM's style on sirius music channels, but this company wont exist without the moves they are making right now!

@Anon: I was under the impression Top Tracks was programed by George Taylor Morris. It's not (according to XM's website). Joe Bonadonna is 46 & 48's PD. Sorry.

I agree completely with MikeHunt. I think the majority of listeners don't care about deeper playlists and just want variety and commercial free music. I'll go one step further also: I personally NEVER listen to the music on XM because the few times I have listened, it seems like they are playing really obscure songs I've never heard. I would much prefer a shorter playlist with more familiar songs I can enjoy. My sister-in-law agrees with me and I'm quite sure we're not the only ones. I bought XM for the sports (MLB) play-by-play, but am looking forward to the Sirius music channels.

Again I agree with many of the sentiments here.

And ESPNJason, MusicMaster, you guys are dead-on.

I am also considered a music "master" by my friends, and XM was clearly the better music aficionado service, while Sirius is a more professional FM music/DJ service.

I don't how well you can combine the two different approaches to music and come out with a result that will please the masses. This is why owning both services was so great. You get the best of both worlds. Now combining them, that choice is taken away.

Absolutely correct!

It pains people to hear that, but signing Stern is what put the final nail in the coffin as far as being a profitable company within a timeframe that didn't alienate the stockholders....they simply wouldn't have held on much longer. Sirius *HAD* to merge with XM or it was over for them...Stern or no Stern. Mel would never let his company be bought out, so he did the best thing he could do. Buy the competition. The best competition is NO competition!

Your crazy if you don't think Stern was the reason behind Sirius winning out. You might not like him,but his drawing power was huge. When he announced he was going to Sirius within one week 50,000 people left XM and went right to Sirius. I was one of them. XM thought they could draw people with Oprah. That was a huge mistake. She drew no one at all. You sound like a Stern hater and thats ok,but he still was the deciding factor. XM thought they could charge $1 or $2 to hear O&A. That didn't work out at all. No one cared about O&A. Thats why staions are droping them on regular radio and whishing they had Stern back.

This is the price for doing business, I hope you all know that if it were Sirius music channels getting the axe we would be getting many angry sirians, however I do think that management is smart enough to let the polls speak for themselves. I know that Sirius removed Fox news from their line-up and got many more than a month later it re launched Fox News. I have never had XM however I'm told from friends of mine that Rock on XM is inferior to Sirius 23, some even cancelled and changed, I guess its difficult keeping everyone happy hopefully all of you folks will speak your mind rather than canceling you subs.

The Best radio on radio is becoming the worst radio on radio. They cant act like Clear Channel because its a different model. We PAY for the service.

I don't dislike Stern, I used to enjoy him when I listened to morning shows--but I agree with George Carlin when he criticized him and said he takes advantage of people.

I don't believe that he alone can decide the fate of a radio service. I think more people are buying into the hype, that radio really overpaid for him (and XM overpaid for Oprah) while the LA times had a pretty good article explaining how his draw has weakened.

I think my reaction is more towards the fans like the AC who buy into the ego stuff and think he's the reason XM died, and that XM should have bought Stern. There is still the huge debt issue. I also have the issue with the whole O&A vs. Stern stuff that happens here all the time.

"Eventually, I expect Sirius/XM to simply drop most music channels (saving money on music licensing fees) in favor of being an exclusive or nearly-exclusive Sports/Talk/News service."

If they do that, then I'm gone. I got XM to listen to a wide variety of music, especially stuff that I don't already own. And that variety has led me to vastly expand my CD collection as I find new stuff I like. The only talk I listen to on a regular basis is the XM comedy channels. Sports, for me, is visual -- TV only. Most talkers bore me and I won't pay for any of them.

True, terrestrial radio is a wreck. But if Kamarazin simply repeats the same strategy that destroyed FM and AM (more commercials, tiny playlists, same talkers simulcast everywhere), then I'll just have to take use digital copies of my CD collection and play them in the car. There's no way I'd ever get bored then.

The whole point of Satrad is picking up smaller groups of listeners for each sub-genre and combining them into a mass audience. Reducing that variety to top 20, sports and Howard will lost many current listeners and increase Satrad's dependence on expensive Sports leagues and Howard. So you'll have to spend more to keep an even smaller audience. Not a viable business strategy -- especially in an economic slowdown.

Eddie Trunk will be safe one way or another. He worked with Siris XM VP Jeremy Coleman at a station here in New York for years and years.

I agree with Michelle, Let everyone speak before you cancel.I know some points are totally valid.Why pay rent for a building when you own one.Then again whats the bigger talent draw NY or DC.I am a Sirius subcriber and am in no position to compare music channels of both services as I only had one.I am pleased with the music offerings on Sirius, I listen to Alt 21 BBC radio 1 Sirius 1 5 6 12 so there is plenty of music for me including world Sinatra and classical and jazz. FM cant touch this stuff.The news/talk/entertainment channels are like no where else..We all know management reads this stuff so speak up and let them know what you want. Fox News was brought back in a right quick hurry.Im happy to have XM public radio added to NPR BBC and WRN. There is something out there for everyone all 19 million nationwide.Lets see what happens next month as the way the axe is falling somethings coming right quick. I for one will never cancel my sub!!!Theres to much out there for me and IM hooked on it.IT beats anything on FM and nowadays TV.Sit back and look at the broad scope of things.Satellite radio 4 ever!!!!

It's amazing how some people think that NY is the center of the creative universe. Certainly not for radio. Southern California is center of the creative universe, and why locate in an expensive sewer like NYC, when LA make a hell of alot more sense. Anyway I lived in the NY metro area, and then moved to the DC/Baltimore area in 89. NY radio sucked the big one from a musical standpoint. There may have been a day in the past when NYC was cool, but it's a shame now. Philly has more taste than NYC. NYC is a corporate bought city, actually just like LA, and radio sucks. DC/Baltimore had a station WHFS in the 80s and 90s, and WRNR in the late 90's to now, which has no counterpart in NY. I aint talking college radio, but a true commercial station with character like the stations set up on the Lee Abrams (XM music architect) in the 70's. Lee moved on from XM, but the channel Fine Tuning still remains and it's the sort of unique station he said would stay, but conceded that the merger would combine common programming. The music channels aren't going away because if they did, then they would lose support from Direct TV and Dish Network which both carry only the music channels. I used to have Sirus on Dish, and I think the First Wave channel is better than any of the 80's channels on XM. XM never got the jam thing down, and Sirius' Jam channel will not go away. What about the Vault on Sirius, and Deep Tracks on XM, well since the Vault recognizes progressive rock with it's own hour every night, I vote for it. But for classic rock, XM's Top tracks is tops. Beyond Jazz on XM, is the most exclusive jazz station in the US. Hands down overall, in my opinion, XM music programming does reflect a comprehensive and eclectic product which is appropriate for a pay service. It used to be better, before the war with Sirius and Stern, caused XM management to get sucked into mediocrity. I only hope is that result of combining eleminates enough overlap, to then afford the original diversity of XM combined with First Wave, and the Jam channel from Sirius.

>> Your crazy if you don't think Stern was the reason behind Sirius winning out.

First, Sirius didn't "win out". Everyone lost. It was obvious from minute one stockholders had lost out. It is now pretty obvious subscribers have lost out. The only people who didn't lose were management members who bailed with nice golden parachutes for running these turkeys into the ground.

But you are also confused if you think Stern was good for the industry. He killed it. Flat out. SIRI's paying Stern 3/4 billion wrecked the industry. Now, he did give Sirius a small, temporary retail advantage, and XM's management was just stupid enough to believe that made Sirius worth as much as XM. But the hiring of Stern by Joe Clayton clearly destroyed the future of satellite radio. Most of us, including me, didn't see it at the time, but in retrospect there is simply no doubt about this.

Zellner worked for Mel Karma at CBS radio and he had a history of taking his marching orders from Mel. He was the one that originally dumbed down the XM variety and playlists a couple of years ago. Thus I was never impressed with him nor of his new role.

Remeber this?

"We've even said we won't have less employment here in the District than we already have," Karmazin added.

Found this in the archives...

Paying $ 500,000,000 for Stern is one of the reasons this merger is going on . You can't keep , " giving up the farm " , on these content deals . XM made a wise choice by not signing him .

Yes, $500 mil is too much for a radio host but they overpaid for the show they gave to Oprah.

If it wasn't for Stern Sirus would have went under and XM would have bought the remains. Stern basically put Sirius on the map and saved them. There was no hype to it. Stern uncensored.... That wasn't hype. Sirius made stern the face or satelite radio. Whenever anyone talked about it they said Sterns name and Sirius. Thats what they wanted and thats what they got. So basically instead of paying for press they paid Stern and that brought more press than anyone could have imagined. Thats not hype that was an excellent business decision.

I would disagree with you on that point. As a dual-sub, I can attest to the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each service. XM trumps Sirius on almost every music category. As in my earlier post, XM just let go the people that made their Latin channels great. My mother will certainly cut her sub if she loses Caricia, Viva, or Aguila. She's one example of the niche that SatRad needs to cater to. XM also had the best rock channels. Alt Nation is cool, but it's too FM-y. I prefer Lucy, Fred, and Ethel. One of Sirius' strong points musically for me is electronica. XM just doesn't cut it against Chill, Boombox, or Area 38. But then again, that's another niche they have to cater to. If I wanted top-20 ad nauseum I'd get an HD radio.

My subs
XM:1 (mom)
Sirius:3 (me, 2 bros)

There are many poly-subs like me. Mel risks alienating us.

// Shot across the bow

Spoken like a true Anonymous Coward/Sirius employee/Howard Stern Jocksniffer. Doesn't matter, because even if someone wins, they still lose.

The biggest loser: the listeners, ultimately.

I didn't mean to be Anonymous. No I'm not a Sirius employee. I'm just keen enough on bussiness to when a company makes a good business decision. I think your a little pissed because your an XM subscriber. I understand that. If it was the other way around you would be loving it. I'm sorry yoor losing your channels and I'm sorry your pissed off about it. Again if XM would have signed Stern then it would be the other way around. I'm not a Stern jock sniffer(What are you 12??) I'm just stating the facts. I get it you hate Sirus,Stern and losing out to XM. Come one XM subscribers made out better that Sirius subscribers. The XM best of is terrible.

if sirius/xm goes bankrupt that will be the end of it

X-Country, like most of the music channels will run through Oct. least that's what I was told by someone within...then again, some jocks apparently are staying until Nov. 5. I'm not sure if the 31st is the target date for the flip...I will miss XM-12 as well; it will be replaced by Sirius' Outlaw Country I understand. Not as good in terms of diversity and quality I'm afraid.

I'm not sure I need to hear Mojo Nixon drop the F-bomb every other word.

Ed, I don't hate Sirius, nor do I hate Howard. What I despise is this sweeping wipeout of a lot of good channels, to be replaced by some that I feel are really not up to part with what Sirius has put out there.

I'll give you another example: Sirius' blues channel basically just plays standards, they don't go deep into the great artists' catalogs, and the few times I've heard it, they don't play much that's new.

If the music channels are gonna pull their weight, they've gotta open things up a bit.

A business decision? Yes, in the short-term they'll cut costs, but what about the long-term situation? I would be concerned that Sirius XM is gonna sound just like corporate radio, with tight playlists, no variety, no new artists, and the same old...and who is going to pay for that, when they can get the same content for nothing?

The reason I brought up the jocksniffer comment? Perhaps it's because of your unflagging belief that Howard alone saved the world of satellite radio, and the "0.0" cracks on Opie and Anthony (and based on that, how are you?).

With these decisions I hope they do go bankrupt or bought out by someone who knows how to program music stations. I know Sirius doesn't have a clue.

Everybody forgot the real reason channels have to go, remember the allocation for public access. And remember how the Domocrats wanted to take %25 percent of the bandwidth. Thankfully, they didn't get their full way. But wait, things could change once Obama gets in office. Maybe the idea is to layoff employees now, so that when you rehire them next year, you'll get a tax break.

I just got an HD Radio and our Chicago station is playing killer tunes from the iChannel. It's an internet station first but I think they have stations in other cities along with Chicago. Good Stuff. They're playing a real good set of unfamiliar artists...I don't think I've ever heard of any of them...But I know about them now and I like them but the most important thing to me is that they're playing good music and not the same crappy songs over and over on alternative radio here on the regular fm stations.

regarding music channels--when i first was interested in satellite radio, and chose XM about 4 years ago, I did so because one thing that I didn't like about Sirius while listening to online trials was the repetitiveness regaarding the playlist(hearing songs more than once during a shift at work).

I dont know if Sirius has gotten better since then, and will wait to see what happens.. but I know that since merger rumors began, the playlist on the channel i listen to most has become more shallow. and we have seen a steady increase of single artist channels since merger talks started (i guess i dont recall many on xm before the merger).

I never did listen to music on regular radio. Prior to XM, I did a good job keeping my ipod updated and also searching for different music to listen to on the internet that wouldn't get any airtime on regular radio, so the "if you don't like it go back to regular radio" argument wouldn't work with me.

As our stock is going to crap why can't the people that have made so much money like Howard Stern and Martha and many others buy some!!!! With the opportunity given you you should give back! I do not have to "get naked" to stem this point..... and if I have to on your show I will bring others and for every naked girl you should have to invest in the company that made money no object to you.

Hard to believe that tosers in suits ruined FM radio, & now SatRad, a medium still in it's infancy. Suits....Please F Off and let good programmers and folks that want to actually show up to work to do a stellar service for the masses do there job......Tosser suits belong in Hilton Head playing golf......I've subscribed to XM for Music, mainly FRED, ETHEL (ethyl???)(yes please...)& LUCY. To find these 3 important parts of my life removed is like a best friend being hit by a f'in truck....and on Thanksgiving no please, please, Clear Channel and all like minded suits...PLEASE, for the love of GOD, Please F OFF!!!!

Hey DC, you *cannot* be serious about "professionalism" on Sirus-not if you listened to Outlaw Country that was supposed to replace my favorite X-Country. That "Mojo" guy who with a fake fake fake hick accent yells "Ouuuttlawwww Cuntry!" and describes himself (aptly) as a booger eating moron? Apron Shrangs" with Elizabeth someone who goes on and on about "I'm gonna tell you how to make a pie!!!"? That's not professionalism nor interesting it's pandering to the lowest lowest common denominator. Most of what they play now is the dregs of FM country-John Anderson's "Jest A'Swangin" for example probably the worst song in the world mixed with some old songs that are listenable. The dj's are mostly talk radio types who play a few songs-more examples "The F Man" Fred Imus brother of the talk radio Don Imus and a couple gross, boring types who natter on and on about a variety of topics, oh and incidintally play a few songs. Johnny Knoxville and his "cousin"-I am by *no* means a prudish person and one of the things I loved about satallite radio was uncut versions of songs but Knoxville's idea of "good music"-the "Pussy Song" which was a repitition of the word "Pussy"-that is professional? Of course the argument can be made that Knoxville has made a career out of stuff like that and he has-his audience is 14 year old boys and that's fine but it's not an alternative *country* channel nor is it relavent in any way to music-except as a horrible warning. Sirius has in general cut the things that made satalite a great alternative to FM. They have dumbed down every genre-is it still better than FM, maybe but with internet radio getting more accessable every day I can't think that people will pay for FM music even if it is commercial free and from everything I've read people are voting with their feet-and leaving in droves. There was a good reason XM had more subscribers than Sirius-if Sirius had really been better it would have been opposite! Regards, Andrea Garrett