RIAA's Time-out for Time-shifting

Monday, November 7, 2005 at 4:24 PM
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Samsung neXus and Sirius S50TWICE today has an article (reg req'd) about the RIAA's push for incorporating a time-out function for time-shifted devices, like the much desired Sirius S50 and the sought after Samsung neXus and Dell DJ Satellite MP3/Satellite Radio units. And while the RIAA declined to comment (go figure) the Samsung cited in a email survey to customers:

“a recent push by the recording industry” to make time-shifted satellite radio content on planned flash-memory MP3 players “expire” on the player 90 days after it is recorded. For an additional cost you could be allowed to transfer the content to your computer, but if the fee is not paid, the content on the player would become permanently inaccessible after 90 days.”

TWICE goes on to talk about how this coincides with the delay of the Samsung and Dell units, but that the Sirius S50 continues to march on because it complies with the 1992 Audio Home Recording Act.

It seems that XM is taking a more conservative approach in releasing these devices, possibly because both Samsung and Dell are involved (and one or more of these parties are taking the conservative stance) while Sirus and Directed seem to be of the same mindset.And, from what it seems right now, this mindset is giving Sirius the edge.

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