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Rumor: Jay-Z to start a record label with Apple


Jay-ZRumors are flying around that Jay-Z and Apple are about to start a record label, and it's going to be announced at MacWorld. Boy Genius Report says they've even "confirmed" it.

Jay-Z last month stepped down as President of Def Jam Records, which is owned by Universal Music Group. In a statement announcing his departure, Jay-Z said, "It's time for me to take on new challenges."

Earlier last month, in an interview with Billboard, Jay-Z said this about leaving Def Jam, "It's really about trying to invest in the future, trying to invest in maybe coming up with a new model. Because going in hard making records with artists and throwing those records into a system that's flawed is not exciting for me."

"It's not the music; people ingest music the same way," he continued. "It's just that the model of selling CDs has changed. So doing things the typical way is not in the best interests of anyone and not exciting for me.

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Never happen. At least not with Apple as an actual "partner". Every label on iTunes would pull their content. Now, Jay-Z starting the first digital only record label that also has an exclusive distribution agreement with Apple? Yeah, you bet. That would work for both parties.

As bands become more and more frustrated with the labels you will see more of what Jay-Z is doing. Apple is the ideal partner for even the smaller lesser known bands to get their music out to the masses without taking it in the shorts from the labels.

Thing is, if the labels pull their content from iTunes, they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

The labels need iTunes more than iTunes needs the labels. Funny how quickly the tables turn.

I was under the impression that in accordance with the Beatles, Apple wasn't allowed to start their own record label...

I don't think it's a 'record label', just a distribution agreement. He recently quit as Def Jam CEO, if he's smart he has all the rights to his music, and can give those rights to Apple. It wouldn't shock me to see someone like Trent Reznor do the same thing. The Big 4 have to be shitting themselves right about now. Their days as a viable entity of music distribution are severly numbered.