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Rumor: Price increases to come for Sirius XM (Updated)

Sirius XM Radio
Word has come out over recent days that Sirius XM Radio Inc. is planning a price increase for multiple satellite radio subscription packages, according to a report on Digital Radio Central.

Additionally, Orbitcast's own sources have received word confirming these reports and adding further details about the rumored subscription price increases.

On Digital Radio Central, a contributor with the user name "ken.muise" originally leaked the rumored price increase. He stated that he works for Sirius Radio in the Activations Dept, and that he had "some bad news for our customers."

According to this person, the multiple receiver radio is going to increase in price from $6.99/month to $8.99/month, starting in March.

Additionally, he reported that online listening will no longer be free (except for Lifetime Subscribers). The online packages will cost $2.99/month for most packages ("Mostly Music" or "Family Pack" subscribers will have to pay $8.99/month, according to this person).

Orbitcast's own sources have confirmed some of this information, and added new information on the subscription price increases.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the Mostly Music/News subscription package will be increasing in price to $12.95/month, while the A La Carte package is said to be increasing in price though our source is unsure exactly to what extent. Note that the A La Carte and Mostly Music/News increases look to be in violation of the merger concessions made with the FCC, so I'm not sure how accurate this may be.

(UPDATE: I've checked and double-checked on the above paragraph, and haven't found any evidence that this is true - so I'm calling shenanigans on it and crossing it off. Aside from the fact that they would be in violation of the FCC merger conditions, increasing the A La Carte and Mostly Music/News packages don't make much business sense either.)

This person did confirm that Online Listening will cost $2.99 additional, and that multiple radios will increase to $8.99 a month. Adding further weight to the report on DRC.

Current subscribers will be given a chance to lock-in their rates, according to these people. You can choose to lock in the Online Listening or $6.99 multiple radio price. Notifications to subscribers are said to start going out on January 26th, and subscribers are rumored to have a chance to lock in their rates by March 11th.


[Digital Radio Central]


I hate to sound like one of the angry "I'm canceling!" nutjobs but....

I've been considering ditching one of my two subscriptions for a while now to save a little money, this very well may be the push to help me decide. Thanks for the help Mel!

I wonder what it means for folks like me who've pre-paid for the year.

Good news for shareholders. Might be time to pick up some shares. History has shown that for every one person who whines about these kinds of increases, there are hundreds who figure "it's just a few bucks" and swallow the higher price.

Should lead to some much needed cash for the company. Well played Mel, well played.

I cancelled this past year. Just not compelling enough to stay with all the online content out there. I actually believed Mel when he stood up there during the merger talks and said prices would stay the same or actually come down. I hope Stern enjoys his last couple years. They wont be able to resign him I dont think. Bad bad Sirius.

I can see why they would do it but my subscription ends in March I think it wont be renewed..... With Today's economy forget it.... I think they will lose more people that they will get.

Why would they increase the price of the Mostly Music/Mostly News packages?? Why would anyone subscribe to those packages, then? And'd be a violation of the merger agreement:

"The combined company will no raise the retail price for its basic $12.95 per month subscription package, the a la carte programming packages described in paragraph 1 of this letter, and the new programming packages described in paragraph 2, 3 and 4 of this letter for thirty six months after consummation of the merger."

Now, after 1 year (basically late July 2009), they CAN pass on the costs of the merger, increased operating expenses, etc...but they must itemize those costs/price increases in the billing to customers.

Guess what's coming next...more increases for ALL of us. I'm trying not to bash Mel or the company but other than Elvis Radio and Siriusly Sinatra, I have personally not seen much come of this merger that is FOR the customer.

Mel destroyed Infinity/CBS radio so it is not surprising he is going to do the same to XM/Sirius. I will definitely go down to one sub and eat the online cost. it will still save me $14/ month from what i pay now. nice going Mel. And don't be stupid enough to buy a lifetime sub unless you plan on dying before 2011.

Haha, it was nice knowing you Sirius XM.

This goes completely against what Mel said back in 2007. I gleaned the following off an article on the web.

If federal regulators allow the nation’s two satellite radio services to merge, they will not raise prices and even try to lower them.

That pledge came Wednesday from Sirius Satellite Radio chief executive officer Mel Karmazin during a series of often sharp exchanges with members of Congress. Karmazin, the former chief of Viacom, testified for nearly two-and-a-half hours before the newly formed Antitrust Task Force of the House Judiciary Committee.

“We are absolutely not a monopoly,” Karmazin said heatedly at one point. “We are absolutely convinced this merger will be in the best interest of consumers,” he maintained. “This merger will give consumers more choice at a lower price and more importantly, less confusion.”

So much for the lower prices. Prepare to be nickel and dimed to death.

The price hasn't changed in how long? And the base price will remain the same. Y****A****W****N.... No biggie.

I'm beta testing the Sirius XM iphone app....I will not do that for $3/month. Not worth it. I'll stick with my Slacker app for the iPhone...

I'll pay for online, since the majority of my listening occurs there while I'm at work. Might cancel the least listened to of my 3 subs, though...

If I had to go for a package, besides Stern, I'd be torn between the NFL and whatever rock package there is. Alas, I think the whole thing is far too confusing as it is.

By the way... Has anyone else had major problems using Typekey? Ever since they got acquired, I've had problems logging in. Now it doesn't work at all... That's the main reason I haven't commented much lately.

I did not like the merger idea from the beginning
and since it has become a reality, it has been bad news for most satrad subscribers.

I got an ipod touch for christmas, and have not listened to XM's music after a couple weeks of the channel combinations. Slacker is easy on the computer, and I can listen to it with wifi on my ipod touch with the slacker app. I have been going back and forth about cancelling my subscriptions, since I can download the O&A show online (i currently record the replay and listen to it on my myfi at work the next day. I don't spend a whole lot of time in my car either.

My wife listens to some shows, but mostly online at work, so if there is a seperate price for online listening, then XM/Sirius will lose my subscriptions.

I would imagine if you were in it for the music, there is a lot more enticing alternatives to XM/sirius, especially if there is a price increase.

Thanks Mel, for ruining Satellite radio!

Well, that makes me another one ready to say bye bye to me 2 additional receivers. I'll just keep my 1 Lifetime sub. If times were better, I would say screw it. Times are too tough right now. Smart move Mel. I'll just hook up my ipod in the car now

Wasn't part of the deal with the merger was that they would NOT raise the prices of the service?

@Bryan Yes you're completely right, which is why I called that out in the post for the A La Carte and Music/News-only subs.

But as far as I can tell, the online and multi-radio subscriptions are NOT covered under the FCC merger agreement.

I'm doing a whole lot of digging into this, so anything else I find out I will post here on Orbitcast.

Well it looks like they are trying to raise the average per subscription price. Think about it if they can get 50% of their subs to pay an extra $3 for online that is 30 million a month 360 million a year. And there is your next debt payment. Didn't think it would be that transparent.

I think if they charge for it they need to at least include everything available on the radio. Not good enough to limit to 75% of the programming.

200 channels of JACK (shi7) format and you want me to pay more. Mel, hire back all the PD's from XM, fire all the ones you have now, then when that is complete, fire yourself and never return to radio, douchebag! Where is the PUNK station? Good thing they brought back Boneyard, now you have two hair band crap channels on the platform.

It's time for a Zune...

I recently cancelled my subs strictly for the poor programming (repetition, reduced choices etc) that the merger brought about -- now with this news, there is no way they can woo me back. Slacker is clearly the winner when it comes to music. This is bitter since I was a big believer (and investor) in satellite radio...

I don't think that this is terribly earth shattering news. Sirius needs cash and is betting that people need satellite radio. They are just trying to survive and this is the last ditch effort to raise much needed cash. I do believe that they will nickle and dime their way out of dollars and hasten the end of this medium, or at least this company as it is currently structured.

I have a Slacker G2 player and factory installed Sirius in my car. The other day, when I refreshed my G2, I got new songs from Bruce Springsteen ("working on a Dream") and realized that, other than certain sports and news programming, I really don't listen to satrad.

When I am riding with someone in the car, other than my family on trips, the radio is turned off or way down low.

The demand for this service is just not what it used to be - it's no longer compelling. If it's not compelling at $12.95 with free online listening, why would it be compelling at a higher price?

Mel and his crew have really made a fine mess of this. I wonder if he'll still get a bonus.

This is a terrible, terrible decision. Additional subs need to be CHEAPER. The more radios a customer has, the more unlikely they'll leave. This is the wrong direction.

Two radios, same account, $20. Online I don't mind that they charge, however, they need to give us all the channels. I already pay for the online stuff, and I have to grab my radio to listen to sports in the house. Lame.

Get a fucking clue, Sirius.

And get the channel numbers synchronized morons.

Can someone ask if they are going to do something about the paltalk stream? not fair to pay for a service those people are getting for free

I wonder if they will be giving us the 128kbps internet feed for $2.99 or just the regular 32. That would be cool. Meh $2 isn't much. It's the price of a soda to me.

Wow, $2.99/month for online. I do most of my listening online while at work. I won't pay for that. I'll just have to rig up my Inno at my office too. That's ridiculous. $8.99/month for an extra sub. I was just talking to my fiancee about adding it in her car, won't be doing that now. My iphone is looking more and more like the primary piece of audio equipment for me.

I just spoke with XM. The rumors are true, the price increase is legit both online and family plan rates

a buck a month wont hurt anyone but it WILL create enough revenue to help alleviate the financing issues--Lets say 15 million are "paying" customers, thats 180 million more income in a year

Sirius XM's pathetic customer service and the reduced choice with the merger, and they want me to pay more? Ha! Slacker looks better everyday.

I have 3 subs now, and will probably drop one of them to keep the monthly costs the same.

I suspect a lot of people will follow suit. Way to stick it to the customers Mel. It's what you do best.

If it wasn't for live content like O&A, FNC, Glenn Beck and baseball, I would be bye bye.

At this point, the music is "bonus" content to me....

I can't believe that Sirius has such a whining
crybaby crew of Subscibers.

Sirius has NOT RAISED PRICES in Six Years and
you people are whining like a bunch of babies.

My Comcast service has at least doubled over the past 6 years and they haven't added any worthwhile programming. Sirius has added a ton
of additional programming in that 6 years and
yet they never raised prices.

And, Sirius is only raising prices a mere $24
per year for a second sub ! Big friggin deal

You'll love Slacker. There's actually a wide variety of musical choice on it unlike Sirius XM. Mergers never benefit the consumer. This is not the economy to raise prices in. This company not only lies to the FCC but lies in ads about how many subscribers it really has.

I called last week to cancel (I was at the end of my one-year contract). I said I was trying to reduce expenses-- and they offered me 1 year for $77. That $6.42 a month-- that made it worth it to stay for me... So, I think they are willing to make concessions in this economy.

And if they're giving you the chance to lock-in free internet streaming and/or $6.99 extra subs, I'm not sure what there is to complain about-- after all, they do have to make some money, right?

Just get a LIFETIME and be done with it! I got one in 2003, and now listen for free with one radio, and have three other subs for $6.99 each. Pay annually and usually get 1 month free for each sub that way. No monthly bills. Plus free online listening. Worth evey penny of the $399. cost.

Everytime I hear people say... X dollars a month! I'm not paying that,
(where X probably equals the amount of money you spend for porn a day), I have to wonder.

Cancel, but enjoy that $5 cup of Starbucks, and that Comcast bill.

GOOD BYE SIRIUS! Someone start up a website ... I'll do it if no one else does.

Anyone who has worked with Mel, for Mel, been a vendor, whatever knows how the show goes. Only the regulators believe his shtick. He is a liar, but they call it spin. Mel himself said in an interview on Charlie Rose that the revenue would be going up 20%. Somehow the anti-trust watchdogs missed that interview. If you have followed Mel for the last 20 years, you know how competent he is as a salesman, and how incompetent he is as a businessman. The rates will go up, and the service will go down, starting probably with service interruptions. The interruptions will be blamed on everything except the truth, which is that Mel cuts out all maintenance and capital improvements. Look at his Y2K cover-up at CBS. He expensed $200 MIL in repairs and capital for Y2K because he did not want Wall Street to know how far he had run the place into the ground in the previous few years. Almost that much was spent in the few months of that year after he left CBS, just to fix whatever else he had refused to repair or improve. In the 1800s, people who peddeled useless wares in fancy packages at 'cheap' prices were called carpet baggers and snake oil saleman. He is both. But this time, he is finished. Thank God.

I am a huge fan of Sirius/XM. Have 2 subs, including the BOS for Howard Stern. I was a stockholder until a few weeks ago for the last 4 years and have a pre-paid subscricption for 1 of the radios until 4/10.
At this point, the company is in survival mode. However, if they are going to raise the additional sub fees and charge for online, I will definitely drop one of my radios. I have a MyFI as one of my subs so I still have some portability. I can't see paying anymore than the approx $20 monthly I pay now. I have too many other alternatives to pay for the internet access. With my IPOD Touch, I can now access many other commercial free music competitors(Slacker, Pandora, Internet Radio Apps). I will miss not having the services in both my autos/internet services but even the best customers will start to question the value of the service.

Still love my XM. Thought it was underpriced for what I got anyway. Happy to pay the difference and I hope that it helps keep the company afloat for many more years to come.

If true, XM is going to lose my entire family's entire pack of subscriptions if they go through with this... GRR!

It's bad enough that all of the music stations that I used to enjoy suffer from insipid DJ babble now, but the company expects me to PAY MORE to listen to it?

Forget it. I'll just go back to my iPod, thanks.

This would be adding insult to injury. I've stuck with them even as they've made the product worse since the merger, but I won't pay more for an inferior product. Give me back the channels I had when I subscribed, and I'll be glad to pay more.

I rarely listen online so no harm no foul on that one. I think I can handle an extra couple bucks on my 2nd subsciption - it won't break the bank.

I have 5 subscriptions, but I will reduce this to two. the others were gifts or for radios that have limited use.

I cannot listen to terrestrial, and I am a news junky so as long as Fox and CNBC are availible we will be happy. But if they start charging extra for those we may have an issue.

In the end they will reverse split to desparately stay listed, followed by a slow collapse in stock price and eventual bankruptcy. Mel and his gang will be gone with their millions, and someone can buy the hulk and maybe renovate it back to what its supposed to be, good music with deep playlists, limited sports, news, and limited entertainment all for a very affordable price. If XM hadnt played the content game with SIRI, they would be profitable and have a bright future. Too bad they couldnt see this, but I cannot blame them, Stern sucked the air out of the room and everyone said he would bring his 4 million listners with him, well worth the 500 million dollar price tag. Well, he brought some 200,000 maybe and it wasnt worth 500 million, but it did succeed in ruining both companies.


glad i got the lifetime in '04

If the price goes up one penny I will dump 3 of my 5 units. I am at my price limit.

One for my wife. One for me. One for my daughter. That will be it.

If the price goes up, I am pulling the one from my call (Will use Inno that is at my desk) and the one in the house is out of here (I was going to do it anyway).

As an investor and subscriber, I'm all-for-it! Only thing is, they need to cut-the-other-fat, meaning, re-negotiating contracts! This price-increase should be one-tiny facet in growing revenue streams! What people must understand, is that the great value that Sirius-XM represents, must allow the Co. to "make-money and be profitable"! That's the bottom-line, not only with this story, but with any economic enterprise! There is a balance between a "fair-price vs. a gouging price". The increase outlined above is not exorbitant, by any stretch! I ask you, what product or service has not gone up in price, since 2003? Do you realize that Sirius has never been more than $12.99 since 2003? That's I applaud this move, but with conditions, and that would be executive pay decreases (pending Co. stock performance) and excessive contract-pay, a la Stern! Stern's salary is a disgrace, and his avowal to "focus-like-a-laser-beam" on making satellite-radio all it can be, is hollow and egotistically mandated, when he continues to suck-the-coffers-dry with his bloated salary, in light of the economic difficulties this Co. is facing! In fact, the old duo of Karmazin-Stern, should enable this very thing, by the power of their storied past and co-mingled business relationship! Are we not paying Karmazin millions for the power of his personal-business relationships? If not, then we could get a lot more by paying a lot less, for such helmsman-ship! They both should work to reduce their pay-packages, until their personal sacrifices positively effect the "bottom-line". Any thing short of this is criminal! I'm not holding-my-breath on it happening either, b/c both men are too afraid of "precedence", meaning, if they were to do such, then the "powers-that-be" would be threatened by the precedence they might set for other executives and talent riding on the Common shareholders backs!
But, being an era of "truth-telling" with a Presidential administration aiming toward tackling our problems with more transparency and "truth-telling", I know the outlined need above to be "the truth"!
Add some creativity along with the above two needs (price increases, re-negotiated contracts), and this Co. could stand a chance to actually make some money!

I am a long time XM subscriber. Got them within a month of their nationwide launch. I called this morning to confirm the rate increase. Once I was told it was indeed true I canceled all 3 of my radios. Its not about the money, its about the principal of it all. Again and again we were told this merger would be great for the consumer and we were assured rates wouldn't increase. Using a loophole and jacking the price to the the secondary subs is just sleazy at best. Good Luck to you SXM you are going to need it. Lets see how many more subs you lose over this.

I really think I might be canceling. I can't justify another $3 for this service since I mostly listen online. Also, 3 of my presets were axed (Punk, Boombox and Backspin - ya, I realize its coming back). But with only two "hip hop" stations and one that plays punk (rarely...mostly talk now, although Ellis is pretty cool), Sirius is really limiting the amount I listen to them. Mel is really screwing things up. I don't think this should be the right tactic for them. I still think they should focus on growing their subscriber base, cut prices, offer cheaper packages, better technology, less station overlap. I really can't say that I will be a subscriber by this time next year.

The "Truth" is Howard IS satellite radio.

Even at this new rate, this merger has saved me a ton of money on subscriptions. This is what I wanted all along, and why I've always stood by the merger 100% (sorry guys).

As it was, I had the following setup:
Pioneer GEX-P10XMT in the truck with NavTraffic @ 16.94
Delphi MyFi inside/portable @ 6.99

DEI SIR-PNR1 in the truck @ 12.95
DEI SL100 at inside/portable @ 6.99 plus 2.99 for Premium Internet

Was paying: $46.86/mo for Sirius and XM

Pioneer GEX-P10XMT in the truck with NavTraffic and Best Of Sirius @ $16.99/mo + NavTraffic @ 3.99
Integra DTR-8.8 w/Connect and Play Mini Tuner with Best Of Sirius @ 10.99/mo

That's $31.97/mo. I'll gladly pay $2.99/mo more for internet, if it includes "Premium Internet" at 128kbps.

Granted, I inflated these prices as if I were paying monthly. I'm actually saving more with the "limited time offer" and monthly "lock-ins". My "discount bundle" gets me all of that for $22.96. That's less than half of what I was paying. And, I WAS paying monthly for the last few months to see the direction of Sirius XM.

wow unreal lie lie lie so i still have to pay for my radio and pay more for it as well this is getting nuts ill say this much bubba is not live everyday the only reasion i got this was for howard and as soon as he is done i am as well

ill pull my tuner out and use my dvds and ipod mel has done it like every other azz in big biz
lie lie lie

its no longer a great thing to have siri junk
just plane junk

The country is in a recession. I don't care if the increase is $2/month or $200, you don't raise prices on non-essential goods. Idiots.

Price increases sometimes yield results that go against percieved logic. In New York City, many years ago, a prime example is the Village Voice (a large circulation newspaper which is now distributed free (paid for by ad revenue). When the Village Voice raised its cover price from 75 cents to a dollar immediately its circulation went up. Rather than people boycotting it or feeling ripped off, the perception seemed to be that with the increased cost, the value also increased. They did nothing to change the newspaper, yet the increased price gave it the impression that it was worth more. If Sirius XM does indeed raise their prices, of course they will lose a small amount of subscribers. But, they may gain additional subscribers because of the perceived increased value. And, shareholders should be pleased at the increased revenue.

I think most people who already subscribe will keep subscribing, even at the increased rates. What this will mostly do is discourage people who have multiple subs, or who want to listen online.

I'm not even sure how they'll do the online listening thing anymore. When it was free, you couldn't leave it unattended or Sirius would ask you "Are you still listening?". Then it would shut off if you didn't click yes. This was annoying to me, as I tend to record some shows while I'm at work and listen later. Will they STILL ask you that, even if you're paying for the service? If so, it's certainly not worth the money.

Despite that (and despite my personal feelings toward Mel and Howard), satellite radio is still a relative bargain. But it probably helps that there's absolutely no competition now, and the monopoly can do what it wants. The people running the show are testing to see how much we'll actually pay before we feel it's not worth it to us anymore. I already pay for a Sirius sub and the "Best of XM" package ($17), but at one point (pre-merger) I was paying $26 for two units (an XM Sportscaster and a Sirius Starmate), but it seemed like a stupid waste of money to pay for both when 90% of the channels were going to be the same anyway. Besides, the Sportscaster was the worst piece of satellite radio equipment I've ever used and I was only happy to ditch it.

I pay 57 cents a day for satellite radio now, where I was previously paying 86 cents for two subscriptions. If the price increases to a point where I'm paying more than that 86 cents again (highly unlikely) or if things go poorly for certain shows I listen to (O&A, Ron and Fez, Jay Thomas), then I'm more likely to just say screw it and cancel altogether. The only thing that you can really get from Sirius-XM that you can't get elsewhere is the original content...everything else can just be replaced by an iPod.

If they are going to push a fee increase, they should have waited until after they merged the billing for both services. I have XM factory installed in my car, and two Sirius units at work and home. Under the upcoming increase, I will be paying more. If it was after merged billing, I would actually be paying less as the XM account would drop to $8.99.

So unlike SXM to actually give us advance notice of changes.

I'll be cancelling after my family's spring break trip in early April. I picked it up in June of '07 before a long driving trip. It came in handly on a couple of trips since, but my efforts to listen to it in the office failed because reception was so poor. I've increasingly turned to my Zune and just don't find myself listening to it as much. Only ever listened to the music channels, so the original content isn't enough there to keep me.

Just checked and yeah, looks like you can do everything but cancel online -- that'll be a pain come April. Hopefully it'll go painlessly.

I see your point,but Stern did bring in more than 200,000 subscribers. It was probably around 2 to 4 million. You can say what you want,but he did keep Sirius from going under. I agree he was paid way to much,but it did enable Sirius to win the war with XM. Now that being said it looks like it will add to the end of satelite radio all together. Its sad it has to end this way,but come on you know he brought in way more than 200,000. Also XM helped add to that with The whole Oprah thing. They gave her 50 million and she brought in no one at all and was on for 30 minutes a week. Come on each company screwed up. It's not all about Stern.

To arielsquarefour, my sentiments exactly.

And to the people who are glad they got lifetime subs, are those not for the main, not additional, radios? Or are you paying $400 (or whatever) for EACH radio? I wouldn't even consider a lifetime subscription at this point; if the company goes bust, your money is gone.

As far as price increases, of course we're all used to them, but I don't think this company has fostered much goodwill, especially among former XM people, so that's going to work against acceptance of this. Also, normally when you raise the price of something by this high of a percentage, you at least create the appearance of giving something extra to your customers. But I'm getting worse content than when I signed up, and worse sound quality to create space for "Best of Sirius," which I have no interest in receiving.

When I get my notice, I'll give them a call and request that all my radios be shut off, then see what they offer, if anything. Because the other half of this is that this company has so many people paying less than full price for this service that I feel like a sucker for paying my $12.95 + $6.99 for each of three additional radios, knowing others are paying far less. Why not ask the people paying less than retail to pay their fair share, rather than charge your good customers more?

How is this not a breach of the FCC clauses on the merger?

Save some money... Let STERN GO! I originally got Sirius thru the Stern promotions. But after 6 months or so Stern became boring. I haven't listened to his show in at least 2 years. I would rather listen to music or patriot radio. Say good bye to STERN and save the company a huge amount of money.

Sirius-Xm is worth $15. a month in my opinion for what you get. Slacker, Pandora, etc. really are not competitors and are quite different.

I think it's nuts to charge for XM online radio. I'm not nuts about the increase on the family radios either. But charging for online plus the radios is asinine!

Its all because of Jackson Dell'Abate!!!!

I am a shareholder and a subscriber and I like the price increase. Thx

it still beats anything on terrestrial radio. i'll a a few bucks more... bfd

it still beats anything on terrestrial radio. i'll pay a few bucks more instead of 50 commercials and two of the same songs every hour... bfd.

This cannot be correct. Ryan, you're wrong.

I know this because a year ago, when I was telling people on this very blog, that it was going to create a monopoly and there was nothing to stop them from using monopoly pricing power, I was laughed out of the place by Siriots.

I was told how people would be listening to slacker in their cars, mp3 players, streaming internet as they drive around NYC and there would be no need, whatsoever, for satellite radio. So, if they tried to raise prices they couldn't do it. Everyone would leave.

Now, where are those Siriots today? Probably all over at SiriusBuzz congratulating each other.

So, now we have LESS choice, NOT more. We have higher prices, NOT lower. XM's content is now just as bad as SIRI's was. And XM shareholders have been screwed up one side and down the other.

Could I get someone to explain about the "better service, lower prices, etc."?

If they raise prices, I eliminate two more subs.

If slacker had talk content, satrad would be dead.

i think people need to factor in that while streaming has been free up til now it costing increasingly more due to the artist royalty fee issues. The price increase for online listening is driven by that more than anything else. I'm curious if folks on this board are equally upset with Apple and Pandora who announced price increases for the same reason.

If the Village Voice's price increase from 75 cents to a buck helped sales numbers, how come they're now giving it away for free? One would think if it sold more at $1 than at 75 cents, if it were free barely a soul would want it.

But of course, I see your point - sometimes a price increase causes the product to have a higher perceived value. I don't see that happening here, though. In the first place, extra radios are probably the most "price elastic" of the fees SiriusXM charges -- it's much easier to cut from four radios to two than to dump the service altogether.

This is how you do a price increase like this: Raise the price to $8.99 for each additional radio, but ALSO start offering a "Five for $35" or "Five for $40" plan. How you arrive at that price is you look at the average multi-radio customer's bill and you set the flat-fee price a little higher than that. That way everyone with fewer than five radios goes out and gets another one or two. Big radio sales jump, more subscriptions, subscribers get more for their money, everybody's happy.

But no, they propose a 29 percent price increase to create an incentive for people to have fewer radios activated. Dumb. I think they must WANT to go bankrupt.

i am both as well... subscriber and shareholder... and i am more then willing to sacrifice a large dunkin donut coffee once or twice a month to cover this increase. There are so many freakin whiners on these boards. Have you ever wondered why people who hate sirius so much still hang out on these forums and post their opinions? you've got to admire those shorts!

long siri

How can Howard be satellite radio when I was a subscriber for almost two years before he came over to start his "revolution"?

How is saying "fuck" on satellite radio revolutionary? If Howard is Che Guevera, O&A are Lenin and Marx. The wrong guy is getting all the credit here.

I will be canceling my two subs before my next billing. This country is in a recession and like others I have been cutting items from my budget that my family can live without. People may say its only $2 more, no big deal.! I say go for it, give them your money..I'll be keeping my $2 along with the other $20 a month Sirius use to receive.

For the stock holders

The company is most likely going to file bankruptcy . The stock is at 11 cents and earnings are minus $2.21 a share. They are doing a reviser stock split of 1 share for 50 and issuing 40 % more stock.. the earnings per share will then be around negative $200 a share. Good investment ?

Pssst...I think this site might be financed by Sirius. Pass it around.

"it still beats anything on terrestrial radio. i'll pay a few bucks more instead of 50 commercials and two of the same songs every hour... bfd. "

or I will pay nothing and listen to all of the content on my ipod. i gould listen for a week without hearing the same song twice, rather than get the shallow Sirius playlists that I currently have on my XM Radio.

Hi xcountry!

In answer to your question of the price of the Village Voice - the price increase was about 25-30 years ago. At that time, the Village Voice had already been around for many years.

About 5 years or so ago, they decided to go "free." In New York, there are a few papers that do that. They each print and give away huge numbers of papers, and use that fact to sell advertising based on a huge circulation. (It does not matter that a good deal of those papers go to people who would not normally pay for the paper but then they can proclaim circulations many times what they would have if people had to pay for them.)

Of course, this "free" example was an aside, and has nothing to do with satellite radio.

But, the concept of perception of value I think is a real issue. In a perverse sense, if Sirius and XM are seen as "good enough" to raise their prices during these hard economic times, this might spur interest in some people to look into what is so good about satellite radio and think about getting their own subscriptions.

My subscriptions are for music and all I am hearing since the consolidation is more and more talk on the music channels. Useless talk on Pops. Cousin Brucie. I'll keep the car sub only because terrestrial radio is so bad,but at home I have 15,000 internet stations and a new Grace internet radio. I just read that there is soon to be an internet radio for vehicles. That certainly will not help Sirius XM.

I would typically agree with this, but there are way too many old XM/Sirius subscribers that are not real happy with the channel lineups and are on the fence right now. This may be all thats needed to push them over.

Alot of us bought life time years ago when it was $399. I've been listening for free for about a year now. I agree though it would be pretty stupid to get a lifetime subscription now. It's only a matter of time till they go under. Atleast I've got free service till they do. It was well worth the money I paid way back when.

I am sick of this company, I just got rid of 4 XM subs just because i am so pissed over this. I have to keep my lifetime sub since its paid for already. The channels all suck now, fuck them! I used to pretty much listen to the 80's channel most of the time, but the old MTV Djs are terrible to listen to, They all sound bored as hell and all sound like their XM/Sirius gig is the last thing they want to be doing. Make the fucking channel sound like 80's radio not 80's MTV. XM / Sirius will never see a dime from me again.

***Wilber Sanders | January 20, 2009 11:11 AM | Reply
Just get a LIFETIME and be done with it! I got one in 2003, and now listen for free with one radio, and have three other subs for $6.99 each. Pay annually and usually get 1 month free for each sub that way. No monthly bills. Plus free online listening. Worth evey penny of the $399. cost***

Ummm....untill SiriusXM goes belly-up next year. No, not unless it's refundable.

Merger Progress:

- More programming packages: Check.
- Less programming choices: Check.
- More DJ chatter: Check.
- Less music variety: Check.
- Dual-service Receiver: Check. But why? Both services are practically alike!
- Increased Subscription fees: Coming soon!
- Synergies realized: ???
- Share Price: In the toilet.

I'm still of the belief that XM could have gone it alone and ended up better than Mel has done running the merged company into the ground. Oh well... still enjoying the endless music of Slacker!

It's one thing to raise prices in a good economy, with a content subscriber base, and premium (better) product than your competition; however, I must say that I am severly disappointed in the creative direction of the company following the merger. Specifically, the moronic decision to dillute the music with MORE PERSONALITY BABBLE on the music channels. A bumbling idiot talking over my favorite intro to my favorite song is exactly what I get on terrestrial. You've taken the 1 unique aspect of SatRad and dumbed it down. I can get talk for free. I can get sports for free and I sure as f#ck can get retards talking through music for free. Furthermore, these morons are getting paid correct? How about Mel eliminates a cost that would make Mgmt, Investors, AND Subscribers happy??? This product is only marginally better than AM/FM at this point which given the economy is not good enough.

I'd certainly consider dropping mine if the price went up. The only reason I got one at all was the reduced pricing by tagging off my fathers account. The discount brought the yearly cost under my splurge threshold. I'd definitely drop it if they started charging for online. I usually use Slacker at home anyways but it's a principle thing on that account.

NICE! BEAUTIFUL! Sirius XM... less music, more talking and now we got to pay more! Whats going on!!!

Maybe the comparison to the Village Voice is not so strained after all, since both papers and radio are undergoing hard times.

The lesson I take away from that example, though, is that the lower prices might, in the end, make more sense. I have long thought satellite radio should be priced lower with perhaps 50 percent ad-supported channels and 50 percent ad-free ones. You've just got to get more people in the door, give them an incentive to buy a radio. They've got satellites and other expensive technology blanketing the country with signals that have the potential to reach 300 million plus listeners, and they're getting maybe 10 percent of them. Raising the wall higher just seems ludicrous at this point.

Plus, what's with the five radio limit? One way to increase revenue would be to dump that, or at least raise it to 10. Sure, some people would use this to put friends on their plans so they'd pay $6.99 (or whatever) rather than $12.95. So what? Right now lots of people call in and threaten to cancel or mention some "promo code" and get a $77 a year rate, which is less than $7 a month.

sat radio will go commercial and suck just like FM radio.

it was fun while it lasted.

thanks Squizz for the chance to be heard


sat radio will go commercial and suck just like FM radio.

it was fun while it lasted.

thanks Squizz for the chance to be heard


I'm a dual sub due to buying a used Dodge minivan, If they don't merge billing and allow me to consolidate my XM radios than I will seriously consider doing something to reduce my costs. Whether this is dropping one of my XM radios or doing without Sirius in my van (it has a 20gig hard drive radio, so music I don't need Sat radio for anything but O&A).

>>>> I'm still of the belief that XM could have gone it alone and ended up better than Mel has done running the merged company into the ground.

There is absolutely no doubt about this. XM alone was a far better company with a far better future than XM/Sirius combined.

As one who was extremely supportive, perhaps more so than any other person here, of XM management throughout its existence, I would now have to say that I would never touch a stock that Gary Parsons had even tangential involvement with.

The individual is grossly incompetent to be running a publicly held company. It was obvious to me from the moment I found out they were negotiating this sorry deal that it was a stupid mistake no self-respecting MBA would have made, let alone a seasoned business man.

If you were holding XM shares at the time of the merger they are now worth 50c/share. There is absolutely no way in hell XM would have declined to this level had the merger not been pursued. No way in hell. SIRI might still be at 0.11, but XM would would not be at this level or anywhere close. $8? $10? $5? Maybe. But not 50c.

The merger was ill conceived, and exists solely as a final Hail Mary for Sirius. That XM's management didn't have the gumption to see this is astonishing.

i gotta say, im NOT happy with this shit. how many times were we told that nothing was gunna change rather it would only get better. so far the music channels have gotten shittier, song selections have become so predictable its not even funny and now price increases .. did i just type that .. PRICE INCREASES? they shouldnt have merged. XM was doing alot better and MEL knew it. XM had smart people running the show MEl knew Sirius was in the shitter which in turn gave us SXM

Over 98% Of Paltalk listeners ARE Subscribers Like myself.

I wish all the cry babies would just cancel already and then get a life and not post on a board where they so hate the service and everything about it. If all the whiners would quit the service tomorrow, Sirius wouldn't blink over the lost revenue and subs.

This economy is in an almost complete collapse and the management is doing everything they can to try and cut the costs, right the ship, reneg contracts, debt to avoid filing bank and yet we have all these whiney bitches threatening daily to get rid of the service.

Go away already, nobody cares and then you can listen to your pathetic ipod and testicle radio.

Sirius/XM is very much worth it even with the increases. I do agree the 80's channel, which basically is the old Sirius channel plus Casey, Sucks. They should keep Casey and bring back the old XM format.

I just wanted to give a few facts relating to the agreement on Price Caps that were agreed to with the FCC in the concession agreement during the merger. The company and FCC were VERY Specific in the programs that would be Capped and Offered in this agreement. Only these programs were Capped. They are as Follow:

1. The combined company agreed to not raise the retail rate for its basic 12.95 per month subscription package
2. The a la carte programming: 50 channels for 6.99 and 100 channels for 14.99 per month
3. The Best of Both Programming for basic Sirius, XM, or 100 channel A la Carte subscribers for 16.99 per month
4. Mostly Music or News, Sports and Talk Programming for a cost of 9.99 per month
5. Discounted Family-Friendly Programming: basic Sirius or XM programming for 11.95 per month and Best of Both for 14.99 per month

No where in the agreement is Internet Radio even discussed. So charging for this service is something that can and should happen at any time if they are going to expand to more WIFI compatible devices. Also in the agreement they can charge for additional expenses agreed to under the RATES section, relating to royalty contracts with the music, publishing and recording industry, that can also be charged to consumers after 1 year from the merger, and annually after that.

There isn't any indication that the company is going to shoot itself in the foot with price increases. My take is that their will be additional program subs, with more programming options, not capped by the FCC agreement. I also believe that per the agreement the programs outlined will be available at the current capped prices. So relax an wait for the details and FACTS to come out before going Hyper on the Rumor.

Apparently Sirius CSR's are now confirming $2 increase on family subs and 2.99 charge for internet radio in addition to your basic fees.

I thought they already jumped up prices, I paid 33.34 last month for two radios???? for a monthly deal not quarterly or yearly

Well, i have had and thoroughly enjoyed xm since december 2005 & am now up to 4 radios (i own a limo company), but with the new price increase, i will be dropping all satrad's in all my vehicles. Ever since the TAKEOVER, xm has not been the same. The music channels suck and too many commercials on the other channels.

The economy is bad enough, i don't need to pay another $32. per year for something i don't enjoy anymore.

Anyone want to buy 2500 shares of sirius/xm stock?

It seems like me and my chick are in the minority, but the 2 buck increase isn't really that big of a deal. I'm on quarterly billing so that's an extra 6 dollars per bill 24 dollars a year no worries there. It's still worth it not to have to listen to testicle radio with the same songs over and over. We don't listen online because we have a boombox so were covered there. I really don't see why everyone is whining if you can't afford 8.95/mo then you prob couldn't afford 6.95/mo. It's called a luxury item for a reason. You have 2 choices, cancel or enjoy the service. Problem solved.

my god,all you whining cunts.."im canceling bacause of this/that etc etc"

1)no one gives a shit if you do,so stop posting that you are

2)you wont cancel,and youll just bitch about it

3)stop being a cunt!

For me, I considered the internet service to be part of the base service. I hate the idea of a class action lawsuit, but I really think there will be a basis for one here.

You are a moron and I feel dumber for having had the displeasure of reading your mindless post!You are a shining example of everything that is wrong with people today. Oh ya for the record I didn't just whine or bitch I went ahead and canceled.

XM would have gone into bankruptsy had it not been for sirius--Thats why they agreed to be taken over-All this years debt is XM-How would they have refinanced the over 1 BILLION in debt this year alone? GM? lol

likewise mindless cunts, nobody really cares that you don't give a shit, so we will keep posting.

I really love the people complaining about the complainers. Also, love the "If you don't like it cancel, or shut up" crowd.

no $2 isn't a lot of money. My XM listening has gone down drastically over the past year. My Myfi is prepaid until spring, and my wifes unit is payed month to month. We don't drive a whole lot, and she does a lot of listening online. so while $2 isn't a lot of money, it can be the difference to someone who was unhappy about the programming change--but was hanging on to see if it would get better.

we may or may not cancel. we will decide if the amount we listen to is worth the increased price and the lack of online or the additional cost of online. and then make a decision on either locking in the price or online listening if we do keep it. That decision would be up to my wife, as I have not listened to XMRadio online since a couple weeks after the channels merged.

Excellent points sir. Here here!!!


Even though this won't effect me in any way since I only have one radio in my car and that's the only time I listen to it. I am finally going to cancel my sat radio. They are evil. I was already PO'd at all the music changes this is the final straw. I want to cancel before they go under.

Sirius was in much worse financial shape back in 2003. I remember people were saying they wouldn't be around long then, much less gain any subscribers. They had barely 250k subscribers and a ton more debt than they have now. Well, today they have over 20 MILLION subscribers and they are still growing... even in a down economy. Most all the automakers have long term contracts and now factory install when you buy a new car. Most of the debt is due to paying down the merger, but Sirius-Xm is in a much stronger position because of it. I wouldn't worry much about buying a Lifetime sub.

I feel even with a price increase I will still keep my 4 subs and I do listen online at work.I don't see a problem.Again its pay radio if you want it pay for it if you don't want it ,don't pay for it,more importantly the content is still far superior to FM.Im not leaving anytime soon.

Good thing the Justice Dept and the FCC determined that a merged Sirius and XM would not be a monopoly. What happened to Sirius XM's promises that they couldn't possibly raise prices because of all the other media out there. Were they lying? Of course they were lying, and the Bushies bought it hook line and sinker. Hmm, maybe the NAB and consumer groups were right after all?

I canceled 2 of 3 as I was at the end of the billing cycle last week.

They offered me three months free, but right before that i got hung up on.

The call center is in the Caribbean and if you thought India was harsh try talking to Ms. Cleo on a vonage connection.

Here is the way, 11,000 stations in an easy to use appliance for around 99.00:

Well so far i've head that only the subs for the secondary radios will raise. the main radio price will stay the same.

lets face it, Mel needs money, and he needs it now so we, the subscribers will be the one suplying this money.

Transfer fees, activation fees, invoices fees, fees for changing the packages on a la carte, and now higher subs prices. he will surely get the 1 billion on time..

What a crock of bull! Mel stood before congress and lied to them. There should be financial penalties for that. In any case, I'm cancelling my subscription as soon as the official email from Sirius confirming a price hike arrives in my inbox. I won't be nickeled and dimed to hear Howard Stern phone in another lackluster show. I'll just get them online for free.

Daddy's home, sweetie, and he's coming in with the vaseline.

And Slacker plus is $3.99 a month.

Nice way to totally kill a business! Were going int a depression and he wants to raise prices, if this is true, than he just killed satellite radio, because people are cutting back spending, and this is one more thing to dump.

With the recent CC layoffs bascially killing Fox Sports Radio I may cancel XM soon.

You voted for him... and he will save us all, right? ;)

More job losses coming, nothing will change, American companies will be sold off to other countries (look at Fiat/Chrysler).

It's just a matter of time before nobody has a job, and the US folds up shop.

If you want the people of our country to succeed, then money MUST be giving to failing companies and tight guidelines must be put on the money given. If jobs are created through the government (such as bridge repair, etc., you will see NO improvement. It must be given to the private sector under TIGHT guidelines)

The only solution is to lend money to companies, so they can hire people, etc... Jobs in the private sector is the only solution, and money MUST be given to these companies at a very low rate. ASAP. Otherwise, no tax revenue, nothing but failure.

I attempted to cancel in December because I was not willing to renew at my then current rate. SXM offered me $4.99/month for 3 months which I accepted. I will cancel if I cannot renew at this rate. This is not the right time to increase rates.

No one ever said that prices would be lower or stay the same with this merger. I don't know where you anti-merger people got that're just making up things you thought you heard. Again, no one ever said that! As a shareholder, I have no problem whatsoever with there being an increase. Besides, this might be a good thing for you, the customer. With the rate increase, that's more revenue coming in for the company, and a chance for it to start making money and possibly get in position, where like a year from now, they could bring your favorite channels back!


Your mom's box!

I just cancelled two of four subs today (after losing the call twice). I have not listened to my Helix portable since I got my Slacker in November, and the SkyFi 2 in the kitchen is not used (especially since I stream Slacker to the receiver hooked up to the kitchen speakers).

The increase was not the reason...the programming has changed too much for me. I am beta-testing the Sirius XM app on the iPhone, but not sure I'd pay $3/month for it....especially when the Slacker app for the iPhone rocks and sounds amazing in my car.

Raising prices in this economy does take some balls, however...

ok share are at 11 cent and an increase in billion of stockholders share. so the company need money with low grade programming and less shows. How about they play music cut the DJ and stop being and FM radio. That can save some money!!!! and i pay for that.

None of this seems that bad to me when taken alone but on top of the elimination of channels & the screwing around with the playlists on the decade channels, it is like another slap in the face. I am just sick of all of this. I would gladly pay DOUBLE to get XM back to the way it was before last October!

......and yes, XM & the former XMSR stockholders would be much better off if the merger never happened. Remember they didn't do the drastic dilutions that SIRI did.

Can someone clear this up for me? I have 3 radios right now. 12.95, 6.99, 6.99. Total per month of $26.93. If I cancel 2 of the radios, but keep an online account, my total bill will be $15.94 a month? Sounds like a plan to me. Thanks Mel, I'll split the difference and sign up for Netflix.

Welp.... I have a car dock for my Stiletto 2.. Time to cancel the OEM radio and use the plug and Play.. Mel is dumb.. Sirius XM is not the only ones hurting right now.. People will cancel one sub to off set the price increase. I am not hurting, but one of the merger condition was NO rate increases for THREE YEARS... Anyone remember George H. W. Bush? Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES~! How did that work out for him?? ONE and done.

Honestly.. They should CUT pricing and give the "best of's" free and hope to gain MORE customers.. After the Superbowl I may just shut it all down. The experience is ruined, the channel line up sucks, and the commercials are increasing, and Stern is never at work...

I called to cancel my myfi that quit working and they tried to sell me a new radio. I told them I wasn't happy since the TAKEOVER and got hung up on too! Fuck em!

This is the first price increase Sirius subscribers have had - ever - after over 6 years of service. Not sure what general inflation has been, but if we say roughly 3% over the last 6-7 years, then the price increase is roughly in line with inflation.

When XM increased their prices a few years ago on the base subscription from $10 to $13, they did not experience any substantial increase in churn and more importantly the ability to lock in the rates for a year or more provided XM with a substantial infusion of cash.

This is a good move for Sirius XM -- its subscribers have had a great deal on multple subs and at $9, its still a pretty good deal -- and if it enables to company to survive and be profitable, all the better for its subscribers.

there is no such thing as positive news for shareholders. I rode 68 grand to nothing because EVERY time something "positive" happened the stock tanked.

Mel lied about everything:

no reverse split, now were looking at a guaranteed 50-1

lower prices with more channels.

they butchered the lineup - i dont really care but a LOT of people do.

theyre taking away our internet radio.

this is an all around raw deal for customers.... I never heard of reduced service and increased prices.

Sirius will not survive 2009. I think Mel is doing everything he can to tank the company.

he should run for president...

2 questions... How much is an XMRO ONLY account, and what (if any) channels are not included in the lineup if you go that route?

I figure, I do the vast majority of my listening online anyway. Maybe this will force my hand to pay less?

sure you did!!!!!


forget it

you sir are a cunt and should doosh more often

Just wait and try to cancel!!

I have a grown son who was on our family account. He no longer listens to XM, so I tried to cancel is radio tonight.

No, not because of the cost, etc... the radio is just not being used.


First you call XM, and get to a CSR that wants all your account details. After you mention that you are wanting to deactivate a radio, you then have to be transferred to the retention department. On my first call, the CSR hung up on me after I said that I needed to deactivate a radio.

My second call had to start all over, and go to a CSR that again transferred me to the retention department... thus far I'm about 10 minutes into my second call. At the point that I tell the retention CSR that I don't want 3 months of free service but just want to deactivate the radio, I got hung up on again.

I've have not raised my voice or even been angry with the CSR agents, they've just hung up.

Third time, I asked for a supervisor. That was a mistake to do, as I was put on hold for 14 minutes. The supervisor did little more than put me through to the retention department for a third time. This time I spoke to another lady with a heavy accent that was very difficult to understand. After giving the info on the radio to deactivate, and saying I didn't want all the free offers, I was put on hold again, as their computers couldn't process the data right now, please call back later. Time spent on calls with no fu--ing results > 60 minutes!!

OK, now guys... YOU TRY and call these bozos. I'm sure anyone else will face the same problems that they throw up to make it hard to cancel their service.

How long can it be before complaints start to flood the FCC and FTC about these CSR practices?

LOL - there are 2 or 3 bashers or NAB plants that have a few screen names each having conversations with themselves.

8.99 for 150 channels and people are bitching. It is way to far below the typical subscription price of 12.99. It is still less than 3/4 of the main subscription price.

The internet subscription of 2.99 is to pay for the music royalties if they want to push internet subscriptions, over the iphone as an example.

The price increase with the ability to grandfather in for 3 years will give Sirius a major cash infusion plus higher revenues going forward, which should impress the banks enough for them to get the refi done.

I hate to say this but Mel needs to be fired! He's running this company into the ground! I have subscription to CONTENT! I *SHOULD* be able to listen to what I've subscribed to online. I should not need to pay an extra fee for it. Since Bubba is no longer live, there's no difference between me downloading and listening live. I can live with that for Howard. I use the regular Sirius online because I have a subscription. If I can't listen to my sub online, then it's useless to me.

**LOL - there are 2 or 3 bashers or NAB plants that have a few screen names each having conversations with themselves.**

For all I know there are only 3 people posting here. I keep seeing the name Anonymous and it reminds me of the old days when "Anonymous Coward" used to be default for people too scared to put a name up. No matter what is done to stop them, these losers are going to use fake e-mail and ISP addresses and get through.

It would be ideal if everyone would just put their names (even made up names, like I do) on their posts so we can respond to them properly and have some idea who we're addressing. But they *won't*. Pussies.

same could be said for the crowd who thinks Sirius/XM can do no wrong...
the few Mel plants all keep using 2 or 3 screen names to try to convince us all that this merger was a good thing.

My xm listening has drastically gone down to the point where once we get the price increase notice, we will just keep one radio active that we have in my wifes car, as that is the one we take on long trips. but there is really no value to me right now of having a second radio. I cannot tell you the last time i listened to XM's music, it was shortly after the merger, and I grew quickly tired of the "just the hits" programming of Lithim (and their polished FM-ish channel sweepers) to listen for long periods of time. I get all the hits and more on my ipod, and can go for days without hearing the same song twice.

before merger talks, there was rarely (if any) single artist channels. that shot up drastically at the expense of other channels when merger talks began and even more so when the two merged music programming. Hey there are some bands I really love, but I have all their stuff on the Ipod. There is no reason to have a single artist programming for more than a weekend.

So, what next, they start throwing some commercials on the music channels, and you guys will still have the lame argument that it is still soooo much better than terrestrial radio, and that it's only a few pernnies a day, that it only is a few minutes of commercials an hour, and they need to do it to get cash, and that we can "go back to terrestrial with their 15 minutes of commercials"

Guess what, the changes will come so slowly, that you guys blinded by your love for XM won't realize that it will start turning into terrestrial, until it happens.

Quite frankly, I did just fine discovering new music while not listening to terrestrial radio before XM, and I think i will do just fine not listening to terrestrial radio after XM.

so while $2 won't break the bank, raising the price made the decision to deactivate one sub a lot easier when one of our radios doesn't get anywhere the amount of use it did three years ago. I am sure in this time of cost cutting, people hanging onto 4 or 5 radios will maybe find ways to get by on 2 or 3 and perhaps one. They will not look at it as 2 dollars extra but they will look at how much money will be saved overall by getting rid of extra radios they can get along without.

these "Anonymous" whining little girls are 0.0 sheep

all they do is bitch and whine

0.0 cant bring in subs = Stern and Mels fault

0.0 get dropped in all those markets on terrestrial with no competition = Stern and Mels fault

0.0 put out a mind numbingly boring morning zoo shit show = Stern and Mels fault

(insert scripted sheep reply using
"hoo hoo".."howie".."tell em fred" .."frunkis".."your moms box"..."robins a hole" etc etc here)think for yourself clones,and not what 2 failed djs program you to recite to memory

"tell em fred"

I e-mailed both XM and Sirius. I only got a response from Sirius and they told me flat out that there is no plan to raise rates at this time. Just thought I'd share with you all.


One of the comments i read on this article hit it dead on, Sirius has not raised the rates if at all for like 6 years, can you say that about cable, directtv, phone service, food, gas,(ya get my point?)NOBODY forces you to have this service, if youre that unhappy, drop it, damn, i get so sick and tired of hearing the whining,Sirius XM merger had to happen for sat radio to survive, and when they sift out all the dead channels in both companies,(yeah im talkin to you-OPRAH,Martha,and as far as music, does anyone really subscribe to sat radio for the music???? i know i dont, hell you can get commercial free radio on directtv or comcast right now, so its not about the music channels, its about original content, which they have alot of, and that cant be beat, ive had Sirius since a year before howard came aboard, i didnt get sirius for the music, i got it for Howard for the political channels,raw dog, sirius stars, traffic,now i get Opie and Anthony and MLB, its all good, i think ive listened to the music side only a handful of times,and thats usually hair nation, and now Boneyard with the awesome Eddie Trunk,but i digress, i still get more bang for the buck with sat radio than any other medium this side of the internet, definetly more than cable or sat tv.
P.S. Theres no way Karmazin will let howard go, my prediciton on Howard is that Howard Stern will be become more and more a brand name, that is to say, he will still run the channels, but get more talent to join,(Opie and Anthony?)

Thank You Detto
The same people that complain about this are the same people that pay 5.00 for a latte at starbucks, or 150.00 for cable(where they dontwatch 80 % of the programming) or 8.00 for cigarettes,unbelievable, im not even a shareholder, and i still think ya get more bang for your buck with Sirius XM

What a worthless waste of a post, not to mention hypocritical. You call people sheep then spout off the same 0.0 rhetoric that Stern uses. Telling people to think for themselves when you blindly spout off what your radio god said. Way to destroy this already collapsing thread.

Back on topic, I am not an NAB plant, a shareholder, nor an employee. I am a paying customer who feels that this product is not going to be worth the increase in price. I do occasionally listen online as that was included with my XM subscription and I could not get a signal in my office. I do not like the direction the content has gone and feel it is not worth my money. I was already debating canceling and this will make my decision easier. I will drop at least one sub of my two subs, and maybe both. They have not added anything worth paying for (Morning Mash Up anyone?). Also, to the person who said they did not promise no price increase, go read what Mel said to the congressional committee. It has been quoted in this thread several times already.

Besides O&A, I dont listen to sat radio much anymore. I was a hardcore XM fan until the merger. The playlist stinks, when I am commuting the not really punk station has a crap talkshow form a skateboarder. Now they want me to pay for online...Mel you suck and ruined a great company...go screw.

I can live with a price increase but I can't live with the programming changes. First Wave is a Joke and getting rid of Beyond Jazz was criminal. Price up, choice and quality down. Not re-newing my subscription. Its a shame I only get to vote with my feet but...........

@waitwhat... "If slacker had talk content, satrad would be dead."

"Slacker on iPhone and iPod"

"And here's something I didn't know until this week: Some of Slacker's channels also come with jocks."

Slacker does, now. Slacker and Pandora are finding their way into the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and other devices. Eventually, they should be accessible in-dash, so say adios to SIRI.

I thought my government took a year on this merger to freeze this BS!?! I AM GOING TO THE COMPETITION OF THIS MONOPOLY, TORRENTS AND NEWSGROUPS!

Because the basic rate includes online access (at least for the XM side), adding a charge for it is an increase and thus violates the 3-year freeze on the base rate.

It's time for subscribers to contact the DOJ and FCC about this. With a consumer-friendly administration in place now we may actually get some action.

Raise it any I'm done.

go here for the other appropriate response and complain about the price increase which is clearly against the terms of the merger:

Thank you for contacting the FTC. Your complaint has been entered into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Your reference number is:

I've been an XM subscriber since 2002. Loved it! Have not listened to FM since. I've convinced a number of friends to get it too. I now have it in 2 cars, and a portable, and we stream it in my office. I was totally against the merger. Without competition, of course we'll get raped. I'm already paying $27 per month, and now they want $34.

And the programming has totally sucked since the merger. When I was trying to decide between XM and Sirius, every salesperson told me Sirius was more repetitive. I did not want to hear the same old stuff. I chose XM, and have thoroughly enjoyed the breadth and variety of the programming, and the DJ's were just right. Now if you listen to a channel, you hear the same songs every day!! Variety is way down, and the channels that are from Sirius are just FM rehashed.

This quote comes right off a press release last July, which is still posted on XM's web site: “I am delighted to announce the completion of this exciting merger between SIRIUS and XM,” said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS XM Radio. “We have worked diligently to close this transaction and we look forward to integrating our best-in-class management teams and operations so we can begin delivering on our promise of more choices and lower prices for subscribers.” And if you believe this, Mel will probably refer you over to Bernard Maddoff for investment advice.

And here's a quote right off CNET's web site: "Republican Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate cast the tie-breaking vote after the companies agreed to a three-year cap on prices...". If there's a three-year cap on prices, why do I have to start paying $37 next month for crappier programming? I will probably just let my subscriptions lapse. I am so disgusted with all this big business bait-and-switch. Just like the mortgage industry, no one to police them after the republicans turn them loose.

Everyone should be sending emails to the FCC and Deborah Taylor Tate to protest this dishonest price increase. They said prices would be going down. Just read their press releases and stock offerings about how much money they are going to be making in 2009 and after, due to the merger!! This is totally despicable. Sirius and the FCC have totally screwed millions of listeners.

Well it figures. They have to find a way to
increase that ASSHOLE's (Howard the Fuck) salary.
Everyone should have seen this coming after merger. If they think that increasing everyone's subscription fee is going to solve their financial woes ... that noise they hear will be everyone leaving their service ... just go ask Sprint!

I, like many others was a many year XM subscriber who mainly listened on line. I decided to cancel and not cave in to the irrational price increase. After spending 2 hours on the phone tonight trying to cancel, the representative offered me HALF OFF my 2 radio subscription to stay. I declined and will never do business with this company again. If you must stay, at least call, and demand your subscription for half price. Try for your FREE listening enjoyment.

Sirius XM content is not what it used to be. Yeah, what's a few more dollars... but it makes you think about what you're paying for and if it's really worth it.

Slacker is not better than Sirius XM because it's free... Slacker is better than Sirius XM because it provides superior content.

I have truly loved XM for years. But things change (i.e.; merger). Slacker is truly amazing, it's like XM used to be but even better (customizable)!

And no, I don't work for Slacker.

let your subscriptions run out. Don't renew for 6 months or untill they get rid of MELLON HEAD MEL if they don't change then they will fold and the share holders can lose there money not ours. I only go to 118 and it is become a joke the same radio show 2 or 3 times a day. I enjoyed the programing be for EM since then the moron who now sets what is on 118 I don't listen at all since he would be bored to death as was I when I let subscription run out. I will come back when what the people want is what the people get. Remember if the money don't come in then they don't get paid and they don't show a profit to the share holders and that is who you are dealing with. The shareholders will only put up with no income for just so long until they show him (MELLON HEAD) and anyone else who came up with this deal the door. Back in the 60s and 70s the call was power to the people well it is no different now but now the call is power to the peoples money. Money talks and B/S walks. If the B/S keeps flowing from SIRIUS then we should walk. Replies will be welcomed. Lets get together thats one thing I did not see in any tear jerkng replies that I read. Only well if-maybe-i might next week if they change it i might. YOU HOLD THE PURSE STRINGS OF SIRIUS RADIO IN YOUR HANDS ALSO THEY PROFITS OF THE SHAREHOLDERS who by the way don't give a damn about us, the people who pay to line thier pockets.

I loved my Sirius music channels, the only reason I bought three radios was for the music. This was back in 2005 before Stern. After the merger I noticed the music programming changed dramatically. Unpopular songs result in less royalty payments sxm have to make, high rotation of these bad songs means less even less cost. There has also become more filler each hour. If a DJ can babble 10 minutes an hour this cuts out royalties for 3 songs. Mel is trying to cut costs wherever he can, but at what cost? The music content and quality has diminished enough so that I no longer listen to music on sxm. The extra $$ each month is not an issue to me, not enough where i'd cancel my subscription had I still been getting the quality of programing I had become accustomed to. I have since then become a huge Stern fan which is now the only reason I am leaving my subscriptions on at this time. When Stern goes, I go. 2011 will be a bad year for sxm churn.