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Rumor: Sirius to be available on Xbox 360


Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Radio Inc. is rumored to be entering into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to provide its Sirius Satellite Radio service to the Xbox 360, according to VG Chartz.

The feature is planned to be unveiled during the huge New Xbox Experience re-launching event on September 25th, according to reports.

For a "modest monthly fee" users will be able to run Sirius through the Xbox 360 with no additional hardware needed. Users will also be able to pay for the service with Microsoft points.

Additionally, members of Xbox live will get a free week to play with the service, and Sirius is said to be accessible while playing in a game.

[VG Chartz via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

Thanks Dave & Ken!



Yeah I hope those who already subscribe don't have to pay a modest fee basically no fee. Paying with MS points nice but I already pay for Sirius it would be nice to be able to put my login info in and use it.

And your welcome for the post hehe (yeah using my old email address on the one I sent to ya but different one here still get emails haha)

If you can't wait, check out for how to put it on 360.

It'll be really cool when it's also put on iPhones tomorrow.

put it on the ps3 please

BTW, if they do make subscribers pay even more, I really suggest you try the solution, since it's free / open source. No double paying with that solution.

Jason Ellis during Burnout Paradise or whatever? I'm down with it. What about NFL Radio during Madden? I smell marketing opportunities.

Does this guy live on the cayman island too???

Mat the only issue with that (and it's an awesome solution) is no playing it during games which MS/Sirus solution would work.

MS will also have netflix streaming on there as well this is no extra cost for this feature either as long as your on certain plans. I would hope and think this would be the same if this Sirius Rumor is true.

I think that if the holy trinity announced that SIXM would be available in heaven starting 2009, the stock would lose a dime.

Has MSFT ever touched anything that hasn't turned to poop? .... Wi is much cooler, Zune was a bust, they bumbled the Yhoo purchase, smoked by Apple daily in new products, Vista was a non-event. I'm sorry, anything with Microsoft in it is a disappointment at twice the price.

Hey Ken,

Actually, it does work, in game. You need to play it as a "playlist". When you do, it streams it through your game.

Hey!! If they can do that with MS and XBOX 360 why not with Sony and PS3?

So I'm paying for my Sirius subscriptions (in-dash and a plug-and-play), Xbox Live, AND a fee to unite the two? No thanks. I'll just plug in my plug-and-play in the living room.

What? A fee? I've been getting XM on my XBOX360 in Media Center free for YEARS.


Just checked a very popular XBOX 360 board (IGN), and nobody is talking about this.

It probably doesnt help that gamers hate VGChartz. Likely because of the state of the gaming industry. Nintendo's domination and all.

But anyway. Probably further proof that satellite is stale.

Partnering with Microsoft will pretty much any hopes of making any kind of official deal with Apple.

And for those of you that don't get it, no, an iPhone app is not a partnership with Apple. It's just a third party application. Nice, but mainly something that will just be used by existing subscribers, not bring in new ones.

I would be smart to use both gaming systems. Such as XM thru the PS3 or both Sirius & XM on both systems.

There have been a number of times when I'd like to be able to play XM through my 360. Not enough to pay an additional "modest monthly fee", though. Luckily, there are some workarounds. They're just a real pain in the ass to get working, but they're out there.

I said NEW hardware

You're serious? Everything Microsoft touches? I guess Bill Gates got rich on Apple stock then I guess.

So, what's the happs? Is this going to happen or did it happen or what?