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Satellite Radio Subscribers expected to beat 20 million by year end

Predicted Satellite Radio Subscribers for 2010
Sirius XM Radio Inc. has just announced that they are upping their guidance for subscriber additions and are now predicting to reach approximately 20.1 million subscribers by the end of 2010.
Mel Karmazin made the announcement today at the Liberty Media 2010 investment analysts meeting.

At that projected growth, that means that Sirius XM is predicting to add on 1.3 million new subscribers in 2010 alone. That's some mighty healthy growth, and if reached, that would be an all-time record high of net subscribers for the company.

Full subscriber and financial results for the third quarter of 2010 will be released by early November. 


If Sirius has net additions equal to last quarter, wouldnt they have hit 20 million in this just past quarter? Is this indicating a low 3rdQ??(mel always underpromises)

This week, I tried to add the XM Radio Online. Every step along the way was PAINFUL. Four of the five Customer Services Reps couldn't answer a single question. Examples: after trying the 7-day free trial, I opted to the add the service. Couldn't use the same user name and password for the 'free trial' and paid service. Asked for email confirmation and instructions to change user name and password THREE times! Never received an email -- told that the Rep had to submit a special request from the IT dept. Asked for the # to the IT dept because I didn't want to sit on hold (10 min wait time) for a sixth time. The Rep gave me the internal extension (x44902). I asked if he had a # for me to use. "This is the only # that I have in my directory" OMG!!!!!!!!!! Needless-to-say, I cancelled my online add-on. I don't know how SiriusXM is going to grow with such awful customer service!!!!!!!!

Sirius XM will blow right through that 12.1 million number by mid December.

Like I said about a month ago on this blog, call off the fused name, it is so darn lazy. There is no relevancy in keeping both alive and forget it, this merger will not make this history books.

BUT you can build something out of the two, just call it SXM, like I said, downright sexy!

Number "fudge o-rama" I say.

Well now that the wonder twins o n a have resigned I'm sure we'll eclipse 22 million in no time. After all, they are the future of radio and the greatest talents in the world.

Hey Carin, what happens is that XM does not have a media player anymore. is all through sirius media player now and you need to go to sirius's website, provide an e-mail you haven't use yet so the system sends you a username and password for your 7 day trial. if you go with the 30 day trial you'll be asked to put a credit card which free subscription you can cancell before the 30 days are over. if you decide to keep the CC on file, it will charge you 12.95 a month.