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Sen. Arlen Spector: Merger decision by end of month


Arlen SpectorSenator Arlen Spector (R-PA) today said that while the process on the Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. merger has taken a long time, a decision should reached by the end of the month to his knowledge.

Spector, who is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the comment during an interview on The Howard Stern Show.

The Senator added that the core issue with the delay in coming to a decision was that there are complex anti-competitive considerations and that there generally isn't a sense of urgency over the case.

More than likely, at least in my opinion, Senator Spector is basing this estimation on the public comments made by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. Martin stated, twice, that a decision on the Sirius-XM merger would be reached by the end of the first quarter. Nonetheless, it's encouraging to hear such a statement from someone as high ranking as Senator Spector.

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What does that old fart really know? At this point I believe NO ONE. Until this thing is official...I am not putting any faith in what anyone has to say concerning this merger. :-)

Of course there is no sense of urgency here. Sirius/XM is not paddding their pockets like the NAB and Clear Channel

Chronology of Committee Chairs:

2007-Present, Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vermont

2005-2007, Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania
January 15,2003-January 6, 2005, Orrin G. Hatch, R-Utah

At one time the Senator was Chairman, so we may assume he knows what he is saying.
Yes -- the 'we are not in a hurry' statement makes my stomach turn.
However, one smokesignal for what it's worth.
Thanks for reporting this; thanks Howard Stern for getting theSenator to speak up; the first in weeks.

There's no way the FCC is going to come to a decision this month with only eight business days left. Even if you assume that the recent filings from third parties are final proposals, it would have to take more than one week of deliberations to come up with the official merger concessions.

^^^ eight days is more than one week.

"There's no way the FCC is going to come to a decision this month with ...."

... add to that the workload The FCC is facing due to the sudden inquiry from Congress...
Nevertheless, assume for a moment that the job's done and needs cosmetic preparation for publication, no?

Keep watching the FCC's Item on Circulation which will be updated Friday next:

I think the time is now! Senator Spector is in position where he would be privy to the right kind of information to make speculations on how long it will take for this merger to happen. I don't think he would've made such a bold prediction without knowing something.

fuck him in his fucking fuckhole. does this guy do any work or does he just flit about talking about football and merger styuff that he knows nothing about.

fuck him, and you can write it down.

It seemed almost obvious to me that he was talking about what Martin had said. I wish we had a transcript, but it was along the lines of "Haven't you heard Howard, they are saying it will be decided by the end of the month."

IMHO it was obvious that he was referring to Martin's statement, but who knows. After that, Howard told listeners on at least one occasion an hour or so later that "Spector says they will decide by the end of the month." That is unfortunately not exactly what Spector said.

can something happen that this emense gasbag stern doesn't think begins and ends with him.


Your teacher would be proud.

It's just more talking. Only time will tell.

I know this would be next to impossible but you should put a clock on the page that ticks down to each deadline.. I say impossible because how many rumored cutoff points have there been??

As a resident of PA, I know that Spector has promised many things, and has delivered few of them. Are his past false promises hurting his credibility here? Or is he speaking for an overall scenario which the FCC has already decided on and has not announced?

As much as I like satellite radio with everything going on in the world I,d be disturbed if this was the most important priority.

As much as I like satellite radio with everything going on in the world I,d be disturbed if this was the most important priority.

I can't live without my radio like l.l. cool J. said.

wtf are you ppl talking about. The FCC and DOJ have nothing to do with the economy and "everything else going on in the world". Their only jobs are to regulate laws and rule on cases such as this and it's a complete and utter disgrace that they haven't been able to figure this out in a year and one month. I wish I got paid a hundreds of thousands dollars a year to take my time on projects.

I bet if you took your time bagging one of these DOJ justices’ groceries they would snap your head off.

Good interview today.

This is what the Sen. said:

"And now they are saying that they are going to decide it by the end of the month." "That's why I came here to tell you"


Here's the funny thing... Politicians are running on the fear of a bad economy and are saying that they are the ones that can revitalize the economy. Yet, here we have two companies that want to merge and the only thing holding them up is the government and politicians. Whether they approve or disapprove the merger does not matter. Holding these companies hostage for over a year is what matters. By doing so, the government and politicians (the ones who claim they can help us out of our bad economy) are the ones that are hurting both consumers and investors of Sirius and XM. It makes no sense to me.

Agree with James above. This merger proposal should have been accomplished within a short space of time.

The initial problem and I suspect maybe a lingering problem has been those who want to stop the merger unless they have an interest in the merged company. Of course what that means is those who are claiming "in the public interest" will want to control the merged company once the merger is done.

What happened to free enterprize?

Did Georgetown Partners get their 'special request' filled? This was the delay that came in last fall when the merger was just about done, i.e. opposing the merger unless they were given special treatment.

Free enterprise is not allowing these companies to merge and form a monopoly. Free enterprise is letting the companies fail if they can't manage their businesses and come up with a model that has them making money. Why should the government be doing anything to help them? Both XM & Sirius spent themselves into this situation. The FCC & DOJ didn't force Sirius to spend $1b on Howard nor did they make XM spend $850m for MLB. The list goes on. To expect help from the government for their mistakes is no different from GP trying to get free spectrum or iBiquity from trying to force HD chipsets into SDARS radios.

The monoply argument by the NAB is BOGAS. Anyone can get into the satellite radio bussiness if they want to, and have the funding. The merger doesn't preclude that from ever happening. Let's approve and move on.

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