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Sirius and Chrysler extend partnership

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Dodge Challenger SRT8

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and Chrysler LLC have extended their relationship through September 2017.

Sirius is currently available in most Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge models. This agreement targets a factory-installed penetration rate of more than 70% of Chrysler vehicles.

"Sirius is proud to extend our exclusive relationship with Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge," said Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin. "Chrysler will be selling millions of vehicles with Sirius and we look forward to a very significant number of Chrysler customers becoming part of our already very satisfied Sirius family of more than 8.3 million subscribers."

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My 2008 Dodge Caliber came with Sirius free for a year. I don't plan on continuing my subscription just because I have XM and love it and my XM sounds better in my car than the factory Sirius.

If you do buy a NEW car with XM or Sirius, make sure you spring for the High Fidelity "premium" sound system like the Chrysler Infinity.

It does make a huge difference !

XM needs to remain competitive and do the same thing as the merger has failed as it would have passed by now if it was going to happen. in the coming months it will be revealed that the merger is not to be and XM and SIRIUS will go back to hating each other.

This is about Chrysler extending till 2017, another 9 years. It also states a targeted 70% penetration. But if you want to bring up the merger (good try) you are sooo wrong. The merger is a done deal and it's the terms of the deal that are taking so long as this merger will be the framework for others to come so the DOJ and FCC want to make sure it's worded correctly and legally accurate. They will merge, they will save billions, and us shareholders will make a lot of money. But back to Chrysler... they love Sirius and so does Ford. After the merge, Sirius will have something like 90% of the OEM's worldwide.... not too bad! Sirius will be a huge cash cow in the years to come... you ca bet on that.

Being the only satellite service they will start with low sub prices, but in time the rates will go up, jut as in any other monopoly. I hope the powers that be come to their senses and shoot this down as the consumer will end up with poor service and higher rates. Monopoly's are bad for consumers.

Slightly off topic, but...

It's a shame about that Retro Version of the Dodge Challenger (pictured) which Ryan used in this posting. According to the Dodge reps at the LA Auto Show in December, that model was killed by Cerberus after buying Chrysler. They also killed the Chrysler Imperial. Too Bad.

Well, don't I look like a big, fat idiot.

Yes, the Chrysler Imperial is dead, but the Challenger was actually launched recently.