Sirius Applies for Repeaters in Hawaii and Alaska

Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 6:41 AM

Sirius coming to Alaska and Hawaii?Sirius Satellite Radio has filed an application with the FCC (PDF) to install four new repeater towers in the states of Alaska and Hawaii.

This is the first time that a satellite radio company has expressed serious interest in covering areas outside of the continental United States. Each repeater is expected to be under 2000 watts of power, so the WCS theoretically shouldn't have an issue with it.

Below are the proposed repeater location:

  • Anchorage, AK
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • Juneau, AK
  • Honolulu, HI 

[View FCC Application via Satellite Radio TechWorld



how will they get a satellite signal to them? Internet? Does XM have the ok for repeaters there as well? XM was OK'd to install 1200 and only put in 800 or so. Will XM move one spare sat to cover Hawaii? Is this Sirius's answer to XM's ability.
Whatever it is .. its getting interesting.

One of the biggest complaints with Sirius now is that they're filing for repeaters now, but they should concentrate on their current repeaters first.

Perhaps the 4th stationary Sirius sat will cover Hawaii and Alaska. Otherwise, it's a good question.

I know that southern AK can barely pick up the existing satellite signals. Not sure how Fairbanks would fare, but given the small size of most Alaskan cities, and the lack of an extensive road network, a few repeaters here or there would probably be quite enough as long as you stay in town most of the time.

That said, HI would be a stretch, but again, they've got high mountain peaks. One repeater might be able to serve a pretty wide area.

What is the range of a repeater? I'm in rural AK, over 400 miles from the nearest of those cities. I actually have XM and it is crystal clear, but I think this is sort of a flukey thing. People in the anchorage area are going to go crazy for satellite radio. I bet they get one of the highest penetration rates in southcentral ak that they have in the country. I'm surprised they're doing Juneau. 30,000 people there.

I am a current subscriber and I am moving to Anchorage, Alaska and I am happy to hear that I am able to get Sirius some time in the future. What are the proposed timeframe/s?

What's the latest on timeline for a Sirius Satellite repeater in Hawaii?.... When can I listen to satelliet radio again?......

I'm currently using XM in Wasilla, not in vehicle due to the problem with signal, but in the house and it is working great. I will try Sirius soon to compare signal, just for heck of it. Having Sirius repeater in Anchorge would be sweet... Hopefully they will put it on the top of mountain or on the roof of Hilton tower. It is only 40 miles away.

Followup. I looked coordinates for proposed Anchorage antenna site and numbers are W 149-53-46.00 and N 61-12-54.84. That address will point in Anchorage to tall building in corner of G Street and 8th Anvenue. Look yourself in Google earth.

I too would like to know the situation with the repeaters in Hawaii. I have been waiting to hear more about this implementation every since they were approved for the repeater (going on a year now).

Just like AJ says its been a year since the FCC approved it. I'm tired of listening commercials over regular radio.. PLEASE SAVE ME HURRY!!!

Any updates ye? I'm ready to buy a receiver and never look back.

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