SIRIUS' Mobile Satellite Video will be Live

Monday, April 24, 2006 at 1:33 PM
Sirius Satellite Video

TWICE points out that Mel Karmazin said at the recent Morgan Stanley Global Automotive Conference that SIRIUS' Mobile Video service will definitely be live. There has been some speculation that the satellite video service would be a cached service, where the user downloads the content to storage for playback later.

"We want the consumer to have some live TV channels in the back seat. Your kid is watching Disney or Nickelodeon [in the home] and you go into the car and pick it up, right in the car," said Mel Karmazin.


When asked whether SIRIUS is partnering with Disney or Nickelodeon, SIRIUS Senior VP Bob Law said, "We are talking to people like that." Law also said that SIRIUS will likely unveil their satellite video technology at the International CES in January and launch the service shortly thereafter.

This contradicts earlier reports that SIRIUS' Mobile Video is on schedule for mid-2006.

When discussion the programming on SIRIUS' video service, Law said, "It's definitely going to be some live relevant broadcasting. It's not going to be something that could be duplicated by a DVD."




Well, if they want to show it why don't they SHOW IT??? God.
I'd like to see some satellite images for my coursework :S

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