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Sirius pulls Bubba The Love Sponge show replay

Bubba the Love SpongeWe all know that the relationship between Bubba The Love Sponge and Sirius XM is on the rocks, but today the situation appears to have elevated.

This morning, Bubba was a bit "heated" over the situation with the company. But when it came time for the replay to air at 3pm ET, fans were surprised that they didn't hear this morning's replay.
A representative for Bubba The Love Sponge has confirmed to Orbitcast that indeed "Sirius pulled the replay." Reasons for exactly why they did so remain unknown.

Bubba The Love Sponge has less than 14 days left on his contract with Sirius XM Radio Inc. Last year, it came down to the wire before a renewal was announced.


Remember all the shit he said about 0.0. How they wouldnt be signed by SiriusXM. And if they did he would leave.

Must have said they were done on satellite like 4 times this year.

Dont come back with O.0 off FM crap. Thats the best news for 0.0 fans IMO.

ATTN BUBBA FANS. Im laughing at you.

I had the chance to hear Bubba's show this morning (maybe his last, according to him) and was hoping to catch up on what I may have missed while doing my job within the trucking industry as a rep for many companies, including Sirius-XM. I know from personal experience and talks with those in the trucking industry, that Bubba is right, when he states that the management of Sirius-XM has no clue to what is going to go down when he leaves. Much of Sirius success in obtaining XM was the power of Howard Stern, his two channels, Nascar and the NFL. Martha, Oprah, those two idiots O & A, combined, don;t have the pull that Howard and Bubba has and they are soon going to find out, how bad, they messed up.

Fuck Hope Miller (aka Brooke Skye)!
Fuck Patrick Reilly!
Fuck Patrick Donnelly!
Fuck Scott Greenstein!
Fuck Mel Karmazin!

I am willing to work his shift cheap.

and you forgot.....

fuck bubba the cum bucket

yeah, we're all terrified of a post-bubba world.

Sirius has 100% blew it, absolute morons for letting this guy go.

Goodbye fat boy I guess sucking Howard's dick the last 3 years didn't work out for you. Howard doesn't care about Bubba and his hack radio voice.

What power did Bubba ever have?


Sirius is doomed if they do not re-sign Bubba, he has shown time and time again the amount of listener support he has in some of the things he has done. He will say for the listeners to google a certain thing and it will be #1 in google trends..Yesterday he didnt even tell people to google anything and he went up to #17 just because they pulled the replay. On September 26th he told people to go out and Google 3 things, Scott Greenstein, Bubba The Love Sponge and Tony Stewart*&sa=X&date=2008-9-26 all three are in the top 11

I canceled today, and from what I'm reading I'm far from alone.

Terrible management Sabian totally clueless or just a suckup?? Either way he's a big part on bring down subscriptions in the coming weeks. In my opinion.

Amazing how smart these guy's think they are and how they have screwed the #2 internet presence out of the picture, and he was begging to stay !! Ya Sirius doesn't need Bubba they need Martha, and Jamie Foxx, and the endless list of wasted $$$ is sickening.

I'm BUYING Cox stock Monday - looking for a HUGE POP and of course Sirius will most likely lose another 10 - 15 %. LOL

Time for some staff cuts - I wonder who's at the top of that coming list? Tim/Jarad time to update those great resume's - drove most inventive and popular radio show back to terrestial radio.

Of course Bubba might be on 200 - 300 stations in the coming years and Howard could be asking him for airtime !!

Huh? Who? Goodbye Bubba. SiriusXM is doomed regardless fanboys, Bubba is a C*NT!

4 out of 12 positive comments for bubba the suck boy
he stinks and i dont like him

Bubba fans = Tools

Bye,"BUBBA"... don't let the door hit you on the way out. I hope they get some real talent on channel 101 now, so I can find a reason to listen, for once. Oh, and I agree with your statement on Martha Stewart... 9 million IS rediculous for what is essentially a TV rebroadcast.

Go and enjoy censored radio LOL

Bubba sucks d*ck!

He is nothing without Howard!

Do O&A have any fans that don't sound like perpetual 12 year olds?

It's a shame the sirius is going to lose a talent like Bubba. Like him or not, he puts forth the effort to make a show interesting and funny.

I guess they can't afford talent when they pay money for useless crap like Oprah, Martha and the Foxx Hole. Oh and when was the last time Oprah or the real Slim Shady actually did anything on their channels.

The O & A dorks can gloat all they want. Oral and Anal are still hacks and will always be second hat even after Howard is gone. As for their FM greatness, how many stations dropped them in the last week? The market was handed to them when Howard left yet they couldn't produce which shows how inept they really are.

Ramone, listening to his radio show is worst than sitting thru a Ben Affleck movie. Ramone, this guy even sounds fat on the radio!

Way to burn the bridge, later Bubba. I wonder what the over/under will be before you screw up in terrestrial radio and get fired! LINGER LONGER!

Well I have emailed and called Sirius, simply to voice my opinion....I bought Sirius for the music, mainly for my son on trips.....At first I listened to music for maybe 3-4weeks, since then my channels never go off of 100-101....Like most of the listeners I listen to Stern in the AM, and Bubba from 2pm on....Here's the deal, all my buddys love Stern, but not 1 of them bought Sirius because of him, I think because he has been out there for so long, but then they hear BUBBA....And it all changes, they have never ever heard Bubba, and buy because of the "newness" of him, if that makes since....I will listen to Bubba via the internet on his regular show and listen on future markets and technologies.....I WILL CANCEL SIRIUS.....BRANNON- GENERAL SALES MANAGER

Like him or not Bubba has a lot of fans. Him leaving Sirius would leave a hole in the Howard Channels.

It looks like O N A will be the most shocking talent after 2010 on Siriusxm. Good luck with that.

Martha, Opra and Opie I'll pay 18mo for that, NOT!

100, 101 , 24 and 29 were the best channels.

Damn it was fun while it lasted. Oh well, back to downloading of the Stern show.

i love Howard, he is the reason i got Sirius, but for the life of me i dont understand what he sees or saw in BTLS. dont get it, let me clarify, i do get it but its just not good, not funny, what can i tell ya!?! BTLS stinks on ice, BTLS stinks and i dont like him.In this genre of radio, there are 3 reasons to have Sirius/XM one is Howard the second is Opie and Anthony, along with Ron and Fez(most underrated guys out there) and third is Jim Breuer oh and shout out to Ferrall(shake it up), but BTLS is worse than Rich Vos's new teeth.Good Riddance BTLS, you suck and nobody likes you

Like it or not Bubba is just not that valuable. He brings the Jerry Springer crowd. His show cannot bring advertising and it so nasty it hurts advertising for the channel. Sirius-Xm is trying to set a viable business model. You need subs and advertising. You are not getting both with Bubba. He is toast.


haha buying COX?? you think bubba leaving sirius will pump a stock up?!?!? some of you guys are just too cute. Bubba is not a giant radio name as much as some of you think he is. He's got a few locals in FL and that's it. that's not exactly a powerful name in radio. let me see his show get #'s in a MAJOR market. something tells me that if his show was such a success on SIRI, they'd probably do what they could for him so he'd stay. the fact that he's basically looked at as expendable means that he's NOT a major factor on sirius' talk platform. lets recap shall we? 1 - small markets in Florida. 2 - sirius feels he's not worth it. 1 + 2 DOES NOT = a stock bump ;)

He has not resigned .... that is a repost from 2007

Isn't it funny how all these people who hate on Bubba,seem to find time to read the news on him and then leave a comment about him. Hmmm sounds like a bunch of under cover fans. If you don't like him, then why waste you time trying to downplay him. What, do you waste hours googling Bubba blog spots in attempt to hate on him. IM just kinda curious of how many people from sirius have bought the best of xm as compared to those from xm who bought the Best of Sirius.

bubbas show was good at the beginning of his run, since he signed on to testicle radio he has been "phoning in" his afternoon show. I held a stopwatch for an entire show, and between the commercials,bumpers and taped bits there is only 2hrs 31mins of actual show so much for the hardest working guy in radio.

Bubba is the future of radio! Censord or not. He's what's NEW!!! Howard is done, his time is comming to an end. If Sirius/XM doesnt resign Bubba, they will go under once Howard leaves. Howard put Bubba into place on 101 cause He saw radio gold!!! He is wise when it comes to making decisions for his listeners. Bubba was an AWESOME choice and for management to Fuck him over like they have, shows total disrespect. The Bubba Army is gonna shut Sirius/XM Down if they dont come to terms and hire back THE BEST THING IN RADIO, Bubba The Love Sponge RULES!!!!!Sorry Sirius but I will no longer be a subscriber to your service.

I love Howard and Bubba and I think Howard's channels lose a lot if Bubba leaves. I wish Howard would support Bubba a little more. Sure, Bubba isn't as talented as Howard, but but you can't choose this guy for your channels and them leave him out to dry like he is. I don't expect Howard to pay Bubba himself like some do, but if he's really his choice, he needs to raise hell.

I won't be cancelling my subscription or anything, but it's really disheartening. Sirius needs to have real radio personalities or satelite radio won't work. How else can people be expected to pay for radio?

Yeah fuck bubba, he's a hack. they could replace him with Jason Ellis, who is way more entertaining. Jason Ellis is the Future!!!!!!!!!!

Bye bye fatso

Jason Ellis is a roller blader

That was a fucking great show. If Bubba goes, say goodbye to Sirius. The base audience is MOSTLY the Howard channels. They've already skrimped on the regular channels. Cutting Howard 101 means a big drop in subs and a return to commercials on all channels. Mark my words.

His show is just awful, not funny at all. I also think it is funny that he has a lot of NASCAR fans, i.e., politically conservative and he and his staff are flaming liberals. Too funny.

Who cares?

Ellis is a wannbe

Let's see if I can explain this in a way that people can understand. Because all I've seen so far is people crying over Bubba being let go and cursing the management like they don't know what they're doing. Let me shine a little light on the subject for you. The top management at SiriusXM knows EXACTLY what it’s doing.

When you're in a horrible financial situation like SiriusXM is in, decisions must be made. They look at areas where they can make cut-backs and save the company as much money as possible. In this case they took a close look at Bubba's show. They look at what’s called a cost-benefit ratio. (look it up)

The cost-benefit ratio is a simple calculation that depicts the total financial return for each dollar invested in the talent put on the air. They look at how much money it is costing the company to put on Bubba's show; and analyze how much money Bubba's show was bringing in. IE: ratings/advertising dollars and subscriptions attributed to Bubba's show. When the cost-benefit ratio of Bubba's show dropped below a certain number, they decided to drop him.

So you can whine and cry all you want about Bubba’s show being taken off SiriusXM; you can blame Opie & Anthony, Howard or who ever and make any accusations you want. But the fact of the matter is Bubba’s show wasn’t bringing in $$$$ necessary to justify keeping him on the air.

So while I’m sure all of you Bubba fans that are posting here are genuine fans of Bubba’s show... The sad truth is there weren’t enough of you to help keep your boy broadcasting to the satellite radio audience. So the only person, who is to blame for the failure of Bubba’s show, is Bubba. If he did a better show, it would attract more people. More people means more subscriptions, more subscriptions means more money in the company budget. (Do you see where this is going?)

Bubba’s gone, accept it. The satellite radio world is a much better place without him in it.

P.S. to Jeff with his "Nuff Said" comment. Good for you fan boy, you posted a link to an article that fails to site, name or quote any sources of information. Why don't you just post a link to a wikipedia page. That would be more credible.
The truth hurts doesn't it Jeff? Your fat boy Bubba is back to his little local markets while O&A are being heard all across two countries. Jeff = Fail

I for one tried my best to give Bubba a chance, and originally could not stand the fact that most of his show was basically pimping his appearances and selling his stuff. Although I did not like his show, I still would occasionally listen as I am online quite a bit, and so would listen to his replay every now and then at night.

I agree with the other poster above that it does seem that Bubba has mailed it in for the Sirius show since he got on regular radio. So his show is even worse now.

I would like to point out though that Bubba does seem to be very popular. The last Arbitron ratings (I think it was arbitron) they were the second most listened to show on all satelite (before the merger) by a long shot.

If as suggested above, he was not brining in advertising, while being popular, then I can understand why Sirius would not want to keep him. I don't see how that could be the case though.

If he is not resigned, I think Bubba will be hurt the most. All these appearances he does and charges people $150 to go to what I have to assume is a shitty show, all the sales of his merchandise he sells, etc. will be lost.

I feel bad for him, but good for the fans. They will not have to waste money on his bullshit stuff anymore.

I for one will not miss Bubba. Sirius FINALLY has the Radio Classics station online for me to listen to when I have heard all the Howard Stern Show.

If you guys have not listened to that station, you should give it a shot. It is all the old radio shows like Jack Benny, The Shadow, Lone Ranger, Adventures of Phillip Marrow, etc. Very entertaining...

I like bubba's show, but the sum is greater than any of it's parts alone. Combined with Howard, Bubba is an interesting broadcaster. He has intelligent and funny crewmembers (Brent, and Manson respectively) who bring the show high above the level bubba could do alone. If he does go, I will miss the show but if he doesn't want the pleasure of working uncensored than he can keep his high paying terrestrial radio gigs and fade into national obscurity. At least I will be listening.

Bubba is horrible. He sucked when I lived in Jacksonville, and he sucks on sirius. good riddance.

Bubba the Love Sponge is not funny! Not even a little bit. Why would anyone listen to this redneck Fuck?