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New Sirius XM Sound Dock works with both Sirius and XM radios

Sirius XM Sound Dock

The new XM Snap! isn't the only new device that Sirius XM Radio Inc. will be releasing this year. The satellite radio provider will be introducing the first ever dual-service dock / boombox which will work with both Sirius and XM radios.

New "Sirius XM 2.0" Satellite Radios due in 2011

New Sirius XM Radios Today during the Sirius XM Radio Inc. Q2 earnings call (live blog notes here), CEO Mel Karmazin announced that they will be launching "Satellite Radio 2.0" in retail stores for the 2011 holiday season.

"Our next generation of satellite radios are expected to offer more choices for the consumer and contain functionality that does not exist today."

Sirius Stiletto 2 heads into extinction

Sirius Stiletto 2
There's been no official word from Sirius XM Radio Inc., but sources have told Orbitcast that the Sirius Stiletto 2 is being phased out.

Retailer stock of the Stiletto 2 is definitely dwindling, though TSS Radio and Amazon still have the receiver itself available.

Additionally, accessories are getting extremely hard to find - TSS is showing Stiletto 2 Car Kits as being out of stock, while Amazon has only a few left. The availability of Home Kits are even more bleak: it too is out of stock on TSS, and Amazon is showing 2-4 weeks shipping. UPDATE: TSS tells us that they'll have the Car Kits in stock in the next week or so, and Home Kits are coming in the next month or so.

What is the PowerConnect FM transmitter?

PowerConnect FM
We first saw the PowerConnect FM transmitter during the product showcase at Sirius XM's NYC headquarters. But more and more new satellite radios are coming out with PowerConnect (like the XMP3i), and some people want a full explanation of what exactly the PowerConnect FM transmitter does.

But first... a little history lesson.

Up close and personal with Kia UVO

One of the interesting emerging trends at CES 2010 is the new approaches to in-vehicle interfaces, and the new Kia UVO powered by Microsoft Auto is illustrative of this movement.

Sirius XM offers big discounts in its year-end sale

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

Sirius XM Radio has kicked off a year-end sale currently running through December 31st, 2009 which offers some nice discounts on some real good radios.

The basic gist is that you can save up to $50 on Sirius radios and up to $80 on XM radios. Plus they're doing free shipping for any purchases over $50... not bad.

BMW lowers Sirius option price, enhances user experience with iDrive

BMW 3-Series 335dBMW has given its Sirius satellite radio factory option a little love with an expanded channel line-up and a price reduction for 2010 model vehicles (excluding 5 Series, 6 Series, and X3).

Plus BMW has improved the user interface with its latest generation of the iDrive controller.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Satellite Radio

Buying a satellite radioSatellite radio is without a doubt one of the most cost effective forms of entertainment on the market today.

Think for a minute about the amount of content that Sirius XM Radio makes available to consumers and the price that they are providing it at. It's pretty hard to find any other form of entertainment that can even come close to satellite radio when it comes to getting the most "bang for your buck."

But the amount of features packed into these radios can sometimes be confusing for consumers looking to buy a satellite radio. Have you ever bought a new device only to find out that you could have purchased something that did a lot more for only a few more dollars? I think we all have.

It's with that in mind that I've put together this "Ultimate Guide to Buying a Satellite Radio" to help sort though the confusion.

As new satellite radios come out, I will continuously update this article to provide and maintain a consistent point of reference for anyone looking to buy the best satellite radio receiver possible.

Sirius Stratus 6: Sirius XM unveils new A La Carte radio

Sirius Stratus 6
In addition to the XM Onyx just unveiled, Sirius XM Radio Inc. have also taken the wraps off the Sirius Stratus 6.

Despite being an entry-level unit, the Stratus 6 has some features not seen in other radios - like support for "A La Carte" channel selection packages (you can also still get every programming package currently available on the Sirius network, including "The Best of XM"), plus the new PowerConnect FM transmitter.

A peek inside the MiRGE radio

MiRGE RadioOh sure, I got to manhandle the MiRGE (the first truly interoperable satellite radio, ever) at CES 2009 a couple months ago, but what I really wanted to do was smash it open with a hammer and peek inside at the guts.

But thanks to the boys at the FCC, no hammer is necessary in order to do a virtual autopsy.

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