Sirius S50: Tainted by the RIAA?

Sunday, November 20, 2005 at 5:50 PM

Sirius S50I've been getting dozens of reports about the first buyers of the Sirius S50 coming across some very unexpected (and disheartening) features, and it's causing a bit of an uproar amongst a few. Apparently the Sirius S50's manual was also updated (DOC file) to reflect these changes as well.

Here's the breakdown of changes that're getting everyone's panties in a bunch over:

  • Recordings are limited to a maximum of 1 hour each.
  • Only shows (yes, that's right only shows - not music) can be saved with a scheduled recording.
  • You can record individual songs - not schedule a recording - after the song ends, the recording stops.
  • Scheduled shows are limited to a maximum of 20 with a maximum of 2 hours per each recorded session.
  • If you attempt to schedule more than 20 recordings, you will be prompted to delete an existing scheduled recording or to discard the new recording schedule.

Note that there is a distinction between scheduled recordings and "a la carte" (for lack of a better term) recordings. This definitely seems to have the reek of the RIAA all over it. While no 'official' announcement has been made (why would they?) it looks like the RIAA's stranglehold on the 2006 license renewals has made Sirius implement some last minute concessions to the S50. If that's the case, that really... sucks.

Who knows how this will affect the now delayed Samsung neXus and Dell DJ Satellite?

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!) 

[via Sirius Backstage]

UPDATE: Sirius has issued a firmware update for the Sirius S50 that fixes a lot of these complaints. 1-hour blocks are now 2-hour blocks, and you can easily make this 4-hours with a simply doubletap.



I was wanting to purchase the S50 on the sole idea of their NFL package. I wanted to take the unit with me to the games so that I can hear and see updates on all of the other NFL games going on during gametime.

From everything that I read, this will not work. Am I correct in that I cannot listen to live content unless it is docked in a car or home unit?

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