SIRIUS Sportster 3

Friday, August 18, 2006 at 3:40 PM

Finally got a decent photo of the upcoming SIRIUS Sportster 3 that was part of yesterday's announcement.

SIRIUS Sportster3 

As a reminder, the Sportster 3 uses the same architecture as the SIRIUS Sportster 4, but without the replay functionality. A nice entry-level option for those who are cost conscious. Expected to be available next month and MSRP for $119.99, all the needed accessories to hook into your car are included.

Personally, the cool-blue display plus the Replay functionality (which you have to wonder how you lived without), is more than enough reason to upgrade to the higher-endSportster4.



Hmmm...that looks JUST like the "Streamer 3" posted back in June on GSI, here:

What's up??

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