SIRIUS Starmate 4

Friday, August 18, 2006 at 4:22 PM

More hot photos from yesterday's announcement... this time, the sleek next-generation Starmate.

SIRIUS Starmate4 

Beautiful. The Starmate 4 is the higher-end of the next-generation of SIRIUS Starmate (with the Starmate 3 being... the lower-end version). Maintaining the same wide-screen style of the Starmate Replay - great for long song names, and including a 5-line display - the new Starmate has a much slimmer profile than the previous gen. I love it.

Available in October, the Starmate 4 will MRSP for $119.99 it too will include all the vehicle ammenities required. 



Looks much nicer than the 3!

Thats the best looking sat radio ive ever seen. it looks like the star mate will continue to be the #1 selling PNP for a looong time!

It looks like XM's days of having the best looking radio's are numbered.

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