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Sirius Starmate 5 found at the FCC

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Sirius Starmate 5UPDATE: Check out the newly unveiled Sirius Starmate 5!

The fan favorite Sirius Starmate 5 (ST5) satellite radio receiver has landed in the halls of the Federal Communications Commission, giving us a sneak peek into what's to come, albeit accompanied by some not-so-sexy FCC testing photos.

According to the FCC submissions, the Starmate 5 will feature:
  • Sirius Replay: Pause/rewind/replay up to 44 minutes of live radio
  • Memo function: Store up to 30 favorite songs and artists, plus a favorite sports team or NASCAR car, and be alerted whenever they're on.
  • Wide-angle 5-line display
  • Built-in wireless FM transmitter
  • Remote control
  • Universal dock
Reading through the product manual (PDF), it doesn't look like the Starmate 5 will feature the same multi-color display functionality that it's big brother the Sportster 5 enjoys. That's unfortunate, because I love the color-changing capability.

One interesting thing to note, though, is that there's some question as to whether this radio will be capable of receiving both Sirius and XM due to a comment made by the FCC in its correspondence with the testing firm. Judging from all the documents submitted to the FCC, there is no other mention of dual-mode/interoperable functionality, so I don't think this is the case.

But see for yourself. Check out another photo of the Starmate 5, and read the correspondence letter after the jump...

Here's all the components that will be included with the Starmate 5:
Sirius Starmate 5
And here's the correspondence letter:

From: [REMOVED] FCC Equipment Authorization Branch
Applicant: Wistron NeWeb Corporation
Correspondence Number: 50455
731 Confirmation Number: TC163912
Date of Original E-Mail: 04/09/2008
Subject: Bandwidth test

We need you to do another bandwidth test. You need to put a real radio signal and not a tone. We used the satellite radio signal coming from either XM or Sirius. This may require you to test outside. The items indicated above must be submitted before processing can continue on the above referenced application. Failure to provide the requested information within 30 days of the original e-mail date may result in application dismissal pursuant to Section 2.917(c).

Now obviously this is a Sirius device, which is all the more reason why it's odd that the FCC mentioned "either XM or Sirius" for their bandwidth test. But quite honestly, I think it's just poor wording.

Thanks Tim!

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I don't see any difference between the Starmate 5 and the 4.

So, is this any different than the Starmate 4?

You have to buy it to see the difference. Here's a hint, it's in your bank account.

Unless the difference is that it is interoperable... but I doubt they'd bother going this far before the final FCC approval of the merger...

So these models have built in FM transmitters? No need for an external device (like a SureConnect cable) or FM direct? XM sub here and just wondering. Thanks.

WOW - That is so COOOOOOOL. Another radio to collect dust at retail. I know, let's open a bunch of friggin carts in airports and malls and turnpike rest areas and sell them to people. Circuit City and Best Buy and Wal-Mart and those guys sure as shit can't.

Just whaht we needed - another freakin' radio.

That's great!

NAB and Clear Channel scum are involved ...

They are just proving that SIRI and XM had made no attempt to make an interoperable receiver,.

NAB will ask to see the interoperable receiver developed and proved to be working in the marketplace BEFORE the FCC approves the merger.

Oh yeah, its gotta also be capable of HD and analog terrestrial radio broadcast reception as well.

That will take another 400 days ...

It's a dual mode receiver- you can receive complaints from both Stack and AC.

Maybe SIRI and /or XM could devote a 24x7 news channel to solely chasing down NAB and Clear Channel scum news ... That could be interesting ...

Call it the NAB channel.

I'd listen to it ! Have live interviews outside the FCC building ... interview people like Jesse Jackson ... that would be cool !

Ranger...they have had wireless fm transmitters for several years now. The strenth is weak. FM direct makes for a much stronger signal. But hooking it up with a mini jack or RCA's sounds much better.

um, 44 minutes of recording time?

didn't the skyfi2 have that in 2005?

Weak FM transmitters in the new radios is exactly why I'm holding on to my original Starmate Replay for as long as I can. It works so great I can pick up the signal all over my house (without the whole house transmitter device). I haven't tried going outside with another radio but I bet it has the range to reach out there as well.

wow, another pnp radio.

Did you guys ever think that Sirius couild broadcast XM channels over their sat and XM could do the same? That would give subscribers both companies before new hardware is made.

"It's a dual mode receiver- you can receive complaints from both Stack and AC. "


I'm very surprise that the FCC found this at their headquarters since they are unable to find their ass, with both hands, in a dark room.


Why would they include two rulers in the set?


Not sure why they would use a square... maybe it wasn't the size of the starmate they measuring but the size of Gary and Mel's ... compensation package?

It looks cool, but the remote needs to be bigger!!! It's only slightly larger than the device itself...

I bet they've been listening to Howard on it, even tho they won't admit it.

I googled the company named. They didn't build the radio? Am I right? Probably directed? line here grabbed my attention...

"well adapted to managing technical integration and product design across different product lines."

"I googled the company named. They didn't build the radio? Am I right? Probably directed?.."

No, you are wrong Wiston NeWeb builds the radio and then Directed Electronics distributes it.

"Did you guys ever think that Sirius couild broadcast XM channels over their sat and XM could do the same? That would give subscribers both companies before new hardware is made."

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone. This blog dies after THAT becomes general knowledge.

The comment about "XM or Sirius" just means that when they do the acceptance tests they are usually done with the satellite signal. It's their way of saying "Don't use a test signal generator with a tone, use the actual satellite signal; that's how we test devices for XM and Sirius in the past."