Sirius Starmate Replay (SNEAK PEEK)

Monday, August 22, 2005 at 8:35 AM

Starmate Replay

An anonymous tipster sent us this juicy product sheet on the upcoming Sirius Starmate Replay, much like the Sportster IR the Starmate Replay will have time-shifting functions for live satellite radio broadcasts. This also marks what is rumored to be the first peek at the 3G chipset product line, so we can assume that some of the functionality seen on this unit may be available for future receivers.

Orbitcast will get upclose and personal with this unit and many others at Sirius' product preview this Thursday, so stay tuned.

Sirius Starmate Replay details:

* Cost: $129.99 MSRP
* Pause, rewind and play 44 minutes worth of Sirius content.
* Sirius GameZone - select for favorite teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL and college sports
* Sirius GameAlert - Prompts you when your favorite teams are on, and when the scores change
* Traffic Jump - one touch gets you back to your local weather/traffic channel
* FM transmitter - up to 100 frequencies
* SIRIUS Seek - Store up to 30 favorite songs and alerts you when they're playing on another channel
* Satellite clock - automatically updating clock with 7 time zones

Very cool. Click to view a hi-res version of the product sheet.



Funny reading the anti Sirius and Howard posts from one year ago. XM now has taken steps backwards and Sirius will not only catch them, but will stomp all over them as they head to the front of the bus!

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