SIRIUS Stiletto 100 & Stiletto 10 Details... Leaked?

Friday, August 18, 2006 at 7:10 PM

Sirius StilettoSIRIUS Satellite Radio held a private showing of their upcoming 2006 holiday-season products yesterday in NYC. Well, the folks at Dealerscope have published details of what I assumed was embargoed details - but maybe it was just a "no photo" event as they say in the article.

Whatever the background, I didn't attend - or sign anything - so I'll gladly post all the deets right here.

First off, as suspected there's two units coming out - the Stiletto 100 and the Stiletto 10 - shipping in September and October, respectively.

The Stiletto 100 offers 100 hours of total storage capacity, as well as storing MP3/WMA files. It also features WiFi capability and a unique antenna headphone (included) that is supposed to supplement reception.

Also provided are two lithium-ion batteries - one full-size version with 4 hours of live satellite radio listening and up to 20 hours of pre-stored-content listening and one slim version that has half the power of its full-size counterpart. Other included accessories are an AC charger, earbuds, and a PC cable.

The Stiletto 100 will MSRP for $349. 

Meanwhile, the Stiletto 10 - which is also black and features the same touch-sensitive iPodish wheel - will only provide 10 hours worth of storage. This lower-end device does not support WiFi. The Stiletto 10 will MSRP of $249.

Also on display was the Stiletto Vehicle Kit which will be available in September for $69.99. A Stiletto Home Kit is also being made available in September for $69.99. This raised an eyebrow or two for me - no home kit, and no vehicle kit? Something tells me there's more to this Sirius Internet Radio than previously thought.

Docking stations with speakers will come in several versions: the Sirius Executive System (SLEX1) with an MSRP of $149.99 and available in October; and two models through Directed: the SLBB1 Boombox also will MSRP at $149.99 and also available in October, and the Soloist which we've seen already.




Hey Ryan, I was told (and others) that the Stiletto 100 came with the car kit for $349 by Crutchfield.

Wow !

I'll take 2.

the price crutchfield listed was $399.99 with car kit. if you call them, they will tell you its actually $349.99 for the radio, and an extra $69.99 for the car or home kit. Because Crutchfield misprinted it, they are offering an instant $20 discount if you buy the SL100 and car or home kit at the same time.

total price will be $420.00 if you want the radio with a car or home kit. most people will buy this radio as a portable only device. if you look at the inno, its current price is $349.99 with home kit. add $50 for headphones, and $30.00 for an extra battery, and you're at $430.00, and the inno will still have 50 less hours of storage, a smaller display, and no wifi.

Crutchfield may be going on early info but that is what I read also. We shall see....

But why does Sirius give car kits and xm give home kits? I guess XM knows you listen more at home and doesnt want to make you buy a home kit to use it where your at most.

ahigee you are a funny one. Most of America doesn't listen to the radio at home. I don't need to look up statistics i simply need to state that its 2006 not 1926.

Ahigee said, "But why does Sirius give car kits and xm give home kits? I guess XM knows you listen more at home and doesnt want to make you buy a home kit to use it where your at most."

you really are clueless huh comic book boy? ask your local retailer what the attchment rate is on home kits with other sat radio products. then go to the home theater section and ask what the attachment rate is when a customer buys a Yamaha receiver and only needs the $50 antenna to get reception. you'll be surprised to find its down around 10-20%

oh you know what an attatchment rate is comic book boy?

Ahigee...worst poster ever!

I dont think they would be selling it without either a car kit or home kit. I would assume one or the other would be required for charging the batteries.

Personally im glad my inno came with the home kit. Ive got an xmdirect in my head unit so the inno never gets taken in there anyway.

I still think it hurts both companies not to include both the car and home kits and still charge such a high msrp.

Doesnt change the fact that I think this thing looks stupid and is going to be too cluttered with software to work right. kind of like a verizon razr. pieces of garbage.

One more thing. Didnt they say something about having special antenna headphones to boost signal? It didnt say they were optional anywhere. are the headphones going to be required, or will the just be helpful?

Too cluttered with software? Now, either you have been given an anvanced stilleto or you are full of it. Say it looks bad, but come on, we don't know its not going to work based on a picture.

Headphones, by the way are not required, but are there to help when users have problems with signal using regular antenae.

Sounds like the XM fans are getting worried.

Opinion= Required

Sirius lacks repeaters when compared to XM. They have added alot more as of late but it's still not as many as XM has. Lack of repeaters means not so great reception in closed areas. I have my antenna facing straight through my ceiling facing west and I get perfect signal with XM, when they want it to be in clear site of the sun and facing south. My inno gets great reception in my house without an added antenna. The closest repeater is about 5 miles away to the south.

It is becoming more and more obvious that ahigee works for XM in some way, shape, or form. That is all good, but means the opinion must be taken with a grain of salt.

To defend a home kit included saying people listen to satrad more at home is just a really stupid argument. Radio is definately a vehicle product first. You may use it at home only, but the majority of people are buying these products to use in their car. That is why XM sells ALL there other plug-n-play items with a car kit. This was a mistake on XM's part, charging such a high initial cost and then forcing the majority of satrad listeners to purchase an additional kit for car use. It has alienated the majority of new customers from the Inno and like products. This product has become more a=of an upgrade item for current subscribers.

I do think the repeater situation favors XM now but sirius is adding many more fast. The Stiletto is an awesome looking piece of electronics. The size is much, much smaller than everyone thinks. It is actually less total cubic inches than the Motorola Razr cell phone

The Stiletto 10 has a Starmate Replay like control, not the click wheel thing that the Stiletto 100 has.

Satellite Standard has a photo of both units posted.

I kinda think the Starmate Replay-style control is better aesthetically, but whatevers clever.

Droo, That is not what the SL10 looks like. that was someone getting very creative with photoshop.

however, the starmate controls do look kinda cool on it. hopefully someone from sirius r&d is reading this.

Will I be able to cut my finger on the sharp edges like I did with the Inno I took back to BB for bad reception ?

If so, I'd like to suggest that a box of bandaids be included.

Dimensions as per Crutchfield:

Stiletto: 2.25 x 4.50 x 1.00 = 10.125 cubic inches

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